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iRide Featured Packed Winter Sports App


iRide- Globally popular robust and advanced app for winter games like skiing and snowboarding, where skiers connect, compete, share their experiences and tricks with other competitors.

Project Requirement

Connect Compete and Share on iRide The objective of the client was to make an application where all the enthusiasts of snowboarding and skiing can showcase their skills, learn new tricks and share their experiences with fellow competitors, but our client was himself a newbie to the winter sports. The client through this application also wanted to popularise winter games among the masses.

The Challenges

  • An application that aims to provide a realistic and intriguing experience to its users must be feature-packed, support extensive multimedia content including AR/VR, HD videos, images, animations, and many more. Creating such a scalable, robust, UI/UX rich application needs a proper strategy, designing, developing, exhaustive testing, and various trials. The app was to be made for both iOS and Android users and thus must support seamless database integration and migration.
  • Simple profile creation process to generate the user’s virtual ID.
  • Integrating social media platforms for easy sharing and inviting.
  • Seamless and swift database integration of available scores and snowboarding resorts.
  • User-friendly interface that enables fast video streaming and uploading.
  • Rich and captivating gallery to store the best videos and images.
  • Enable personalized checklist for users moving to the snowboard arena.
  • Integrate a reliable and accurate method to rate player’s tricks, performance, and records. Provide a simple and easy process for image and video sharing to build a strong online community.
  • Enabling users to tag locations and add a description to images and videos.
  • Providing high-quality video and animation experience.
  • Accurate and fast-tracking of features like speed, acceleration, elevation, vertical/ horizontal distance, and other relevant parameters.

The Solution

Project managers, expert programmers, and other professionals after understanding the requirements and challenges of the project, brainstormed to devise a strategy to accomplish the project. A suitable pool of developers was chosen keeping in mind the requirement and complexity of the project. Selected developers followed the agile approach and established workflows to ensure that the quality of the work is not affected and the client’s expectations are met.

To build such an advanced app- iRide, our expert professionals used Objective C and Swift frameworks for iOS app development and Java for Android app development.

Developers at SunTec India Ensured:

  • Optimization of the front-end in sync with the requirement.
  • High-quality codes that are flexible and bug-free.
  • Usage of media streaming server (Cloudinary) for seamless media hosting.
  • Integrate Google social login and location API, Facebook Graph API, etc., to help identify user location, facilitate media sharing, enable social media sharing, and secure login.
  • Performance tracker to measure speed, elevation, etc
  • Implement deep linking solutions for user retention and user acquisition
  • Perform comprehensive tests to ensure app quality and efficiency
  • Customized video player that behaves as an excellent viewing platform
  • Filtering results based on location using geo-filters.
  • Implement a foolproof progression system to help users keep track of performance
  • An algorithm-based points system for rating tricks


Video Upload

Users get rewards and points when other iRide users view their uploaded videos of tricks and tips.

News Feed

The app has a feature using which users get notifications when any of their friends in their personalized friend list uploads a new video.

Progression Lists

App has a lot of content using which users can improve their skills and position in comparison to fellow users. The app has advanced and accurate progression lists that help iRiders keep a track of their progress and improvements.

Location Tag

To get more points and rank high on the leaderboard, users can add a description to their trick videos and also tags to the locations. This will help more users to use their tricks which will give more points.

Battle Mode

The system assigns battles or challenges to the iRide users, based on their performance and tricks posted they are given ratings on a scale of 1-10. The player with maximum up-votes is declared the winner.


The app allows the users to post their tricks and tips on the leaderboard so that others can learn from them. More people using and upvoting your tricks, the more points you will get on the


Various advanced features in this app allow users to accurately track and measure their performance in real-time on a variety of diverse parameters like speed, difficulty, altitude, and get accordingly rated for their performance.


The application allows users to easily locate popular snowboarding destinations, get live weather updates, book resorts, and accommodation in a few easy steps.

The Result

  • User-friendly and feature-packed app for enhanced user engagement and retention.
  • Regular updates to better optimize the app to maintain user engagement.
  • Quick and simple profile creation and performance tracking.
  • An active and growing community of winter sports enthusiasts
  • Presenting relevant leaderboards as per the location of the user.
  • Rating of tricks based on a reliable algorithm.
  • Availability of apps on both the iOS and Android frameworks to cater to a wider audience.
  • Real-time and the feature-packed leaderboard to rank the best players.
  • Embedded tracker to accurately measure the performance of players.
  • A well-established progression system enabling users to enhance their skills.
  • A one-stop point for all the information and tutorials about skiing and snowboarding.
  • Enhanced interest, awareness, and reach for winter sports.