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Multilingual Data Entry of Italian Heating System Maintenance Forms

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How SunTec Helped a Client Generate Accurate & Timely Heating System Reports With Multilingual Data Entry Service

Globally active organizations are frequently exposed to multilingual transactions and projects. SunTec India, in its lifetime of a little over two decades, has served numerous enterprises across the globe with a wide range of data entry, processing, management, and analysis services. The nature of our services makes it all the more critical for our resources to dabble in multiple languages to ensure efficient outcomes for our clients.

In one such instance, our team helped a client company based in Italy with a large-scale data entry project related to Heating System Reports. In doing so, the client leveraged our carefully protracted and iteratively refined process of data entry & processing. They also witnessed an enormous spike in their information reporting efficiency and time & resource optimization rates.

Introducing The Client

This client is a well-known organization based in Italy that works in collaboration with 33 local Government authorities. It provides citizens, sector operators, and related authorities with timely reports regarding the installation, maintenance, and inspection activities on heating systems. They are also responsible for regular maintenance, conducting verification operations, and upgrading the information accordingly.

Business Problem

The client requires a dedicated team of data support experts who can handle the entry and processing of a large volume of data in any given situation without compromising the quality and accuracy of the outcome. The task mainly requires digitizing data related to the installation, maintenance, and inspection activities conducted on heating systems. The collected data is scattered across forms, stored into a database that is accessed by numerous partners of the client and their millions of customers.

The scope of this particular business problem requires the SunTec India team to preserve data accuracy and enhance operational efficiency while meeting multiple delivery deadlines and concurrently reducing processing time.

Challenge Identification

After studying the scope and complexity of this project, our data entry experts discerned its most difficult aspects.

  • Understanding and entering data in the Italian language
  • Interpreting handwritten documents (potentially illegible)
  • Processing large volumes of incoming data
  • Preserving information accuracy and quality
  • Deciphering and re-entering technical terminology
  • Adhering to delivery timelines without delays

Managing these challenges was crucial to the successful execution of the task at hand. However, two of the biggest challenges were deciphering the ambiguous handwriting on the input forms and preserving the outcomes' technical precision.

Proposed Solution

In response to the challenges this project presented, we created a solution by approaching every issue, one at a time.

  • We amassed a team of credible resources with Italian comprehension and speaking capabilities.
  • In addition to the latest and best digital data capture techniques, we also put experienced data entry experts on the project to make sense of ambiguous handwritten documents.
  • To take care of delivery timelines, we routed the data entry tasks across multiple shifts, thus optimizing the resources and enhancing workflow efficiency while churning out quick outcomes without putting undue pressure on the team.
  • The chosen resources were trained on jargon related to the project's domain and scope.
  • The team received regular updates about the client's core business policies, instructions, and suggestions to keep the progress on track.
  • The digitization and data entry processes were put through multi-tier quality and security assessments to maintain data confidentiality and quality compliances.

We proposed an initial workflow architecture containing these details. Upon approval from the client, we conducted a sample implementation and then scaled the process according to demand. We also followed best practices, such as:

  • Delineating individual responsibilities
  • Employing effective communication plans between the client and our team
  • Resolving conflicting paradigms before process commencement
  • Anticipating the demand for resources in advance
  • Assigning a dedicated manager to manage accountability

Processing Profitable Outcomes

With a team of domain-specialist multilingual professionals, state-of-the-at technological infrastructure, and a broad spectrum of data entry service experience, we managed to achieve the expected outcome for this client.

  • High-quality, precise data entry for Heating Systems in Italy
  • All deadlines covered with time to spare
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Cost-effective workflow
  • Enhanced process efficiency

The client was satisfied with the superior quality of services, and our team was rewarded with a long-term professional relationship with their company.

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