Client Success Story

Multilingual Data Entry, Validation, and and Processing Support Solutions for an Italy-Based Company

Discover how SunTec India streamlined multilingual data entry & processing to help an Italian company generate accurate and timely heating system reports.

The client

An Italy-Based IT-tech Platform Generating Heating Systems Reports

Our client is a reputed company having an IT-tech platform based in Italy that works in collaboration with 33 local government authorities. Their primary responsibility is to provide citizens, sector operators, and related authorities with timely reports regarding the installation, maintenance, and inspection activities of heating systems. The company further carries out regular maintenance, verification operations, and upgrade information related to these systems.


Managing & Entering Large-Volume of Data for Accurate Reports Generation

The client's portal is the central hub for all their data and report generation needs. However, there are several challenges associated with quick and accurate data entry in the portal, which can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of report generation.

One of the key challenges is the sheer volume of data that needs to be entered. With multiple data sources, including paper-based documents, scanned images, and digital files, it can be challenging to consolidate and manage the data. This can result in data duplication, inconsistency, and errors, leading to inaccurate reports.

To address this challenge, the client acknowledged that partnering with a professional data support service provider was the best solution. However, they were also keenly aware of the importance of data security and sought a reliable partner with super-secure facilities and protocols. With sensitive information at stake, the client wanted to ensure that all data was handled with the utmost care and attention to safeguard against any potential breaches.

We were facing constant delays in our work due to a lack of streamlined data entry and management. With scaling business and constant inflow of sheer volumes of data, we realized that collaborating with a reliable data management company had become the need of the hour, just when we found SunTec India. This indeed supported our processes and helped us improve the quality and accuracy of our reports.

- Client

Kicking off the Project: Our Approach to Tackling Challenges

Upon understanding the client's challenges and scope of work, we proposed setting up a dedicated team that can handle the project's requirements efficiently. The dedicated team approach ensured:

  • Strong control over the team and quality outcomes
    • Managed resources with strong surveillance (we have a dedicated project manager who works closely with the team to ensure that everything is on track & makes sure that all data security measures are adhered to)
    • Better quality assurance (the dedicated team simultaneously run quality checks for improved accuracy and quality outcomes)
  • A better learning curve (The team is provided with time-to-time training sessions to improve their skills and align their efforts with the project's goals)
  • A cost-effective solution (a dedicated team model is a cost-effective solution for a large-scale project like this)
  • Quick turnaround time (the team works round-the-clock in shifts for timely data entry and processing)

Managing these challenges was crucial to the successful execution of the task at hand. However, two of the biggest challenges were deciphering the ambiguous handwriting on the input forms and preserving the outcomes' technical precision.

Hurdles we Came across

  • At SunTec India, we hold multilingual capabilities in 25+ languages. However, the biggest challenge was understanding the client's industry-specific terminology and data (that was solely in the Italian language). It was crucial to capture this information accurately to generate precise reports for the client.
  • Another challenge we faced was the fluctuation in daily workload, making it difficult to manage deadlines. Since the client had strict deadlines, we engaged additional resources who could support the team during peak periods. This allowed us to meet the client's expectations even during busy periods.

Timely and Accurate Data Entry: Multilingual Services for the Client's Portals

To effectively tackle the challenge of the language barrier & project-related terminology, we decided to conduct training sessions for our team. The client-led training sessions helped us understand the project's objectives, timelines, and expected outcomes. Additionally, we provided specialized training on the jargon related to the project's domain and scope.

To guarantee the highest quality of work, we have implemented a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures both productivity and accuracy rates for our multilingual data entry project. To take the project forward, we have assigned a team of twenty-two data entry experts to meet the project goals and timelines and provide the client with the following solutions:


Data Review & Capture

Our team of experts sift through diverse data sources & find the relevant information from the heaps of data stored in scanned images of paper documents and digital files. Based on the specified criteria from the client, our professionals capture the key data for further entering it into the client's portal.


Data Categorization

Our experts sort and categorize the captured data points, ensuring correct mapping to the relevant data fields in the portal. This process improves the data quality and reduces errors.


Online Data Entry

Our dedicated multilingual data entry experts enter the captured data fields directly into the client's portal, ensuring complete accuracy. The team works within assigned shifts to meet the strict deadlines (delivering specified data entry work within the same day, every day).


Data Quality Check

Our team performed regular data quality checks to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data. We conduct data verification and validation, identifying and rectifying errors and ensuring that the data entered is accurate and consistent to enable the client to generate reliable and accurate reports.

This is not just another data entry project for us. This is a specialized, multilingual data support project that needs our professionals to have a knack for the Italian language. However, despite language barriers, our team proficiently & diligently delivers unmatched data support to the client. The best part is- so far, we have not committed even the slightest of errors that could hamper the client's operations. We hope to maintain this streak throughout the lifecycle of this project.

- Project manager

Project Outcomes

Our team's efforts have helped the client generate timely reports on heating systems and further minimize the chances of errors and duplication, leading to accurate reports.

Impressed by the quality of services offered, the client has made us their ongoing data entry and management partner.

The client's data entry time reduced by 70%, enabling their team to focus on core business functions rather than investing most of their time in collecting, entering & managing data.


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