Client Success Story

Driving Efficiency with Shopify Listing and Store Management Services for a Leading Home Furnishing eStore

The client

eCommerce Store Owner Featuring Luxury Home Furnishing & Home Decor Accessories

Our client has an eCommerce furniture and home decor store catering to high-end luxury tastes. Though its primary focus is on furniture, the client has three distinct websites. Their product range includes handcrafted furniture, statement lighting products, rugs, and other home decor items suited for luxury spaces. As an interior design destination, their eStores offer a carefully curated collection of aesthetic and unique home furnishings from leading brands.


Shopify Store Management for Furniture and Home Decor Company

With its focus on streamlining its back-office operations, the client needed support in multiple tasks. In 2022, the client assigned us the task of listing products to their Shopify store. Impressed with the quality of work delivered, the client scaled the requirements and engaged our team for the following tasks-

  • Inventory updation
  • Order processing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Vendor invoicing

Streamlining Manual Back-Office Processes and Addressing Revenue Leaks

The client had a huge product catalog to manage and was constantly struggling to streamline their operations when it decided to outsource Shopify store management. By engaging us, they aimed to address the following challenges-

  • Manual Processes & Traditional-Style Working

    The client used multiple sales channels but lacked inventory syncing, requiring extensive manual work. Processes like order processing, shipment tracking, etc. were completely human-driven with no use of automation or multi-channel management tools.

  • Invoicing Issues, Leading to Revenue Drain

    The client faced numerous invoicing mistakes and discrepancies from vendors and manufacturers. Our team was required to carefully audit invoices from drop shippers & manufacturers to identify and rectify errors to protect the client's revenues.

  • Shopify Platform Expertise

    The project demanded deep knowledge of Shopify for product listing and management. We had to delegate a dedicated team with skilled resources who were well-equipped with Shopify platform nuances to meet platform-specific requirements.

  • Time-Sensitive Task Management

    Certain tasks like order processing require real-time attention for smooth functioning. Our team had to work in shifts (morning and evening) to accommodate the client's time-critical operational needs.


Store Management Support for Streamlined Operations and Higher Efficiency

Identifying the client's requirements and challenges, we assembled a dedicated team of 10 Shopify experts. Moreover, as the project needed real-time monitoring and updation to the client, we enabled them to directly interact and coordinate with our team. Just like an extension to their team, we are handling the following tasks for the client:


Shopify Product Listing

The client provides us with a spreadsheet containing product details (titles, HTML descriptions, product type, images, tags, pricing, variations, meta fields, and other relevant details) to be uploaded to their eCommerce site. However, the client's database commonly contains several missing data points and product fields.

To ensure product data integrity, our team performs product data enrichment by sourcing product attributes from manufacturer websites and other online sources. After completing these data gaps, we compile a comprehensive product database for the client's Shopify store and utilize the Matrixify application to perform bulk product uploads directly to the client's Shopify storefront.


Product Listing Optimization

To make maximum impact through their listings, the client has engaged our product listing experts to optimize their listings. Hence, we offer product description writing services to craft compelling yet concise descriptions that convey the essence and exclusivity of the client's luxury products. We further ensure optimum keyword usage across titles, bullets, and descriptions for maximum impact.

As luxury goods demand quality visuals to convey their value, we also perform basic product photo editing (background removal, color correction, and image enhancements) to accurately convey the elegance and visual appeal of the client's luxury collection.


Inventory Management and Updation

The client is currently operating under a manual inventory management model lacking real-time synchronization. To assist the client in their operations, our team receives regular inventory reports directly from the client's vendors. Our Shopify experts accurately match stock levels to the appropriate products for each brand on the client's website. We further prepare the updated inventory file in the Matrixify template and upload it into the Shopify platform.

Additionally, our team diligently tracks discontinued items across all brands. We promptly remove the associated listings from the client's storefront, ensuring that the client's customers only view currently in-stock products for purchase and shipment.


Shopify Order Processing

Our team handles real-time order processing and tracking for the client. We receive orders through email and the client's web portal. For each order, we first validate product availability against current inventory levels. Once confirmed, we check all details including quantities, shipping address, item numbers, etc. Every order is logged in a master Google spreadsheet and entered into the Shopify platform.

Additionally, we are also effectively managing backorders. This involves confirming ETA and ESD, and updating pending orders in Shopify with the latest status while proactively notifying customers. Under this process, our experts also offer shipment tracking services to track shipment progress via the Metropolitan Portal. We post the updates on the client's Shopify platform for easy shipment tracking. We further coordinate with the client's vendor in case we are unable to track the shipment.


Invoice/Billing Reconciliation

As a part of the eCommerce invoice management service, we closely track and monitor all invoices received from the client's various manufacturers, vendors, and drop shippers. Our team identifies any billing discrepancies against the original invoices. Common issues include additional charges for express delivery that were not requested or agreed upon, incorrect quantities, extra fees, unexplained line items, and more.

We document each discrepancy, compile the reconciliation report, and communicate it directly to the client for efficient resolution with their vendors and logistics partners.

Project Outcomes

So far, we have enabled the client to save over $12,000 by identifying discrepancies in invoices from vendors and drop shippers.

With our commitment to providing quality services, the client has signed a long-term agreement and made us their ongoing partner for Shopify listing and store management.

As the client is working on a traditional model, we are now helping the client establish a strong omnichannel presence by integrating their online storefronts and automating order processing and inventory management across channels.

By managing the client's Shopify platform and order fulfillment processes, we have reduced their customer queries and returns by 20%, improving customer satisfaction.


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