eBook Typesetting Services & Cover Design Services

Full-Cycle Cover Design, Digital Pre-press and eBook Typesetting Services for Higher User Engagement

eBook Cover Design Services & Pre-Press Typesetting Services

Grow the reach, impact, and sales of your digital content with professional eBook typesetting services and stunning eBook cover design services from SunTec India. As a two-decades-old industry champion, we provide the best cover design services for books, eBooks, magazine, etc., while also offering a digital prepress service that encompasses all your content formatting needs.

With us, your projects get the benefit of:

  • Advanced Digital Typesetting Services
  • 20+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Up to 60% Cost Savings
  • 12-24 Hour Response Time
  • Dedicated Team of Graphic Designers
  • 99.95% Accuracy & Data Protection
  • Quick Project Turnaround
  • Encrypted Data Handling

Don’t wait for us to tell you how our digital pre-press and ebook typesetting services work to improve your bottom line. Explore our comprehensive range of eBook design services and pre-press typesetting services or ask for a free sample.

A Complete Suite of Professional eBook Typesetting Services

At SunTec India, you will find more than basic eBook design solutions. We are a reputed vendor of professional typesetting services with a long and rich array of projects in our bag. Whatever your eBook requirement may be, rest assured that our pre-press solutions & eBook typesetting services will deliver just the outcomes you desire.

Explore our vibrant range of digital prepress services.

Ready-to-Publish Typeset Composition

Our comprehensive digital pre-press and eBook typesetting services deftly assess multiple source file formats and create a final copy that matches your specifications. As one of the leading digital typesetting companies, we provide support for all major typesetting software, like Adobe InDesign, LaTeX, MS Word, Advent 3B2, Framemaker, etc.

Chapter Headings

By using advanced eBook design solutions’ software to incorporate headers and images into the text seamlessly, we highlight the chapter headings for better reception. We also offer to rewrite or conceptualize better headers, in case you need new ones.

Cover Page & Illustrations

With our typesetting and cover design services, you get access to a team of graphic designers and visualization artists who guide your book’s illustrations into a contextually relevant flow while enhancing their orientation and visual appeal.

Media Rights & Permissions

In addition to professional eBook typesetting services and eBook cover design services, we also offer digital asset management. Our specialists scour the rights and permissions required for your publication and neutralize all breaches, thus eliminating any media right issues in the bud.

Selection of Fonts

Outsource professional eBook design typesetting services to us and create impeccable first impressions with fonts that inflict a neat, calm, relaxing, and comfortable reading experience. We choose legible fonts, traditional sets, and strong characters.

Alt Text

The aim of all our digital pre-press and eBook typesetting services is to enhance content visibility and accessibility. Our subject matter experts thoroughly go through the text to create Alt text that reflects the context and relevance of images, illustrations, diagrams, and graphs.

Header & Footer

Advanced pagination software is a critical part of our pre-press solutions and eBook typesetting services. We use it to simplify navigation by adding running footers and headers in an appropriate format.

Lists & Pointers

In both formal and informal types of eBooks, our digital typesetting services’ specialists can create nested bullet lists, customized pointer sections, and complicated tables to convey the right information without compromising the orientation.

Negative Spaces

Our digital prepress service keeps the text easily readable, gives it an independent outlook, and arranges the headers and subtitles, page number, author names, etc. while balancing the white space on the page.

Word Stacks, Orphans, and Widows

We put experienced copywriters and subject matter experts to the task of vetting our eBook text and identifying word stacks (same words at the beginning or end of consecutive lines), orphans (paragraphs that end at the top of a page), or widows(paragraphs that begin at the bottom of a page) to facilitate comfortable reading.

In addition to these professional eBook design typesetting services, we also provide two unique eBook design solutions.

Re-typing a Hard Copy Manuscript

Are you planning to republish an out-of-print title, but do not have the original files?

Our pre-Press typesetting services can help you digitize your hard copy manuscript. Our typesetters work in tune with the editor's guidelines to make sure that the font, paragraph style, line spacing, page numbers, layout, and margins complement the book.

Typesetting Handwritten Documents

Whether you have handwritten articles, books, journals, novels, or a diary, our specialists can help you typeset it with utmost accuracy. Our experts follow industry-standard manuscript styles to ensure proper formatting and typesetting. Plus, we use a hybrid data entry method to ensure that every detail is caught just as it is without leaving any room for error.

eBook Cover Design Services: End-to-End Support at SunTec India

Turn your ideas, content, and concept into impressionable and impressive graphic covers without spending much money, time, or effort into the process.

Just outsource cover design services to our specialist teams.

At SunTec India, we maintain a team of professional graphic designers. Every resource is adept in their field and has the experience of creating impeccable visuals for eBooks, hard copies, paperbacks, web banners, digital audio covers, bookmarks, etc. We use a thorough study into your aesthetics to create a cover that will appeal to your audience and enhance the value of your eBook.

Here’s a quick look into what our eBook design layout services can achieve for your content.

Cover Designs

The cover is your eBook’s summary, its first impact, and its best lawyer. We understand how readers perceive covers and how much it affects a buying decision. That is why our eBook design services create captivating graphics that capture the essence of your eBook into a stunning visual..

Digital Trailers

In addition to offering the best cover design services for books, eBooks, magazines, etc., we also create digital trailers through stills from the content aesthetics and complementary graphic tools to provide you with a new and improved marketing method.

Visual Formatting

In addition to the cover page, our professional eBook cover design services also go through every image and illustration in your book, fixing common issues, changing pictures that need alterations, and managing media rights for everything to avoid copyright issues when publishing.

Types of eBook Software & Applications we Cover

From popular InDesign layout and design services to complex image and formatting-related requirements, we solve everything with a state-of-the-art software support system and highly-trained resources.

  • Adobe InDesign CS
  • MS-Word
  • Power Math
  • Math Type
  • FrameMaker
  • TeX/LaTeX
  • QuarkXPress
  • InMath

Digital Pre-Press and eBook Typesetting Services- Our Process

Here is what happens when you outsource eBook typesetting and cover design services to our tried-and-tested mechanism.

  • Document Scanning and Requirement Analysis
  • Font Selection & Application
  • Text Flow Inspection
  • Media Copyright Check
  • Bullets, Lists, and Pointers Formatting
  • Image Formatting and Layout Correction
  • Quality Analysis
  • Chapter Header Formatting
  • Text Size and Margin Formatting
  • Running Headers & Footers
  • Drop Caps
  • Tables and Index Formatting
  • Content Evaluation
  • Encrypted Transmission to the Client

Grow your Digital Content Empire with Professional eBook Cover Design Services & Typesetting Support

Join hands with the SunTec India team and give your digital content the boost it needs to cross traffic, conversion, and sales figures. Make the most of your content with the best specialists that you can find at the most reasonable prices and enterprise-grade, exceptional quality of outcomes.

For more information about our range of digital pre-press and ebook typesetting services and cover design services, please contact us via an email at info@suntecindia.com. You can also request for a free sample project through our email or by filling this contact form.

Professional Typesetting Services and eBook Cover Design Services: FAQs

Typesetting is arranging text on every page of an eBook to resemble a perfectly printed or printable copy and create a subliminal yet clear visual communication between the book and the reader. The best eBook design layout services, pre-press solutions & eBook typesetting services include formatting and styling of the text, fonts, margins, headings, white spaces, appearances, headers, footers, and cover design.

Typography is mostly about how the text appears and can be designed for better whereas typesetting deals with the overall appearance of an eBook to create a comfortable and seamless reading experience.

You can always typeset eBooks by yourself through any software (like the Adobe InDesign typesetting services tool) or a template.

However, using the template may backfire, since eBooks vary in appearance, and hence, so do their typesetting requirements. You will have to check every page after using the template to ensure zero errors, which is a time-consuming ordeal. You can also use automated software like Adobe InDesign, LaTeX, MS Word, Advent 3B2, Framemaker, etc., but first, take note of what they can achieve and how much they cost.

When you outsource eBook typesetting and cover design services, you get access to high-quality outcomes. Professional eBook cover design services add an enhanced appeal to your graphics. They also ensure that your digital book is readable, scannable, and pleasing to the eyes.

And, if you outsource cover design services and eBook design layout and typesetting service to a vendor like SunTec India, you can save up to 60% costs while getting impeccable results in record time.

Usually, the price of digital pre-press and ebook typesetting services depends on the level of expertise you hireBut, if you are looking for the best cover design services for books, eBooks, magazines, etc. as well as professional eBook design typesetting services and want the industry’s best prices, you must research for high-quality vendors and match your constraints to their offerings. Only then will you be able to get the desired results at a reasonable price.

Here’s how you can choose the best eBook design layout services in your budget.

  • Look for the top digital typesetting companies.
  • Research into their experience, market reputation, and review.
  • Go through their website, social channels, and public portfolios.
  • Shortlist them on the basis of their services and reviews.
  • Get in touch with your top choices and request a sample.
  • Assess the sample and choose the best few.
  • Negotiate with the digital typesetting services provider for the price of the project and set a definite turnaround time.
  • Choose the most profitable offer.
  • Zero Billing Guarantee

The cost of a good quality digital eBook cover delivered on your terms and timelines would depend on the vendor, region, requirements, and the expanse of the project. If you want printed copies as well, it will add to that expense.

Of course, you can negotiate when you outsource eBook typesetting and cover design services.

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