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eBook Typesetting and Cover Design Services

Have you been losing out on sales because your eBook does not stand out on the retail page owing to its insipid cover design, or readers been pulling out of your title because of poor formatting and page layout?

SunTec holds extensive experience, expert knowledge and skills in typography, designing, grids, layouts and composition, supporting authors, publishers, libraries, and content providers in creating a book that looks as good as it reads.

Whether fiction or non-fiction books, our professionals follow advanced technical processes involved in designing attractive book covers and typesetting author's manuscripts.

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Document Layout, Design, Typesetting and Formatting for ePublishing

Proper formatting and professional typesetting of the text is critical for a book's success. At SunTec, we hold a wealth of experience in typesetting manuscripts / handwritten documents, out-of-print books, etc. Our typesetting specialists use software like Quark, InDesign, Framemaker, LaTeX, Advent 3B2 and MS Word to deliver error-free files. We review the text and make sure that the content fully corresponds to the original document and nothing is missed out, misaligned or changed during the entire process.

From image placement, text and paragraph formatting to well-aligned and clean page layout designs, we do it all proficiently as part of our book typesetting services. Our experts select the right typeface and size, style for chapter titles, column width & indents, correct spacing between paragraphs & lines, as well as wrap text, if required, to produce aesthetically-pleasing interior pages for your book.

Here's how we go about preparing your manuscript for digital printing and eBook creation
  • Setting up your page size and your margins
  • Preparing your text – font, size and layout (standardizing the text size)
  • Managing your chapters - creating chapter headings and ensuring chapters start on new page
  • Including illustrations and photos
  • Checking the consistency to ensure that all fonts, styles and text sizes are the same all over
  • Making your manuscript look professional

Typesetting an Out-of-Print Title or Re-typing a Hardcopy Manuscript

Are you planning to republish an out-of-print title, but unfortunately the original files are missing? We can help you digitize your hardcopy manuscript. Our typesetters work in tune with the editor's guidelines to make sure that the font, paragraph style, line spacing, page numbers, layout and margins compliment the book.

Typesetting Handwritten Documents

Whether you have handwritten articles, books, journals, novel or a diary, we can help you typeset it with utmost accuracy. Our experts follow industry-standard manuscript style to ensure proper formatting and typesetting.

Brilliant Book Cover Designs to Stand Out and Sell More

With book cover design services, we can help you create outstanding covers in tune with the theme and content of your book. Whatever the subject matter or genre of the book, our team of graphic artists and visualizers designs unique, effective and visually-appealing book covers that not only draw readers' attention but also persuade them to buy your book.

Our book cover design includes designing the front cover, back cover and spine. If required, we can also generate ISBN bar code and add it on the book's back cover.

Our book cover design process, includes:

We begin by understanding client's specific requirements, book's theme as well as the target market to further discuss the elements for front and back book cover designs.


Our book cover designers create attractive front and back covers in accordance with your specific guidelines and requirements so that they can be adapted for all book formats.


If you have any others suggestions to revise the book cover design, we will rework on it and deliver you a unique, bespoke design.

Once the design is approved, we convert it into a high-resolution PDF ready image and deliver you through secure FTPs or VPNs.

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For more information about our range of book typesetting and cover design services, please contact us today! You can also drop us a line at and we will get back to you shortly.

"We've had the pleasure of working with SunTec for almost 3 years and it's been a true pleasure. Their work is thorough and timely and they are committed to excellence."Nancy Brown Manager, Publisher Relations