Contact Discovery Services

Build your Critical Marketing Campaigns upon Precise, High-Quality, & Reliable Contact Data

Prospect Discovery Services

Make the most of potential leads, promising prospects, and sales opportunities with end-to-end Business Contact Discovery services from SunTec India. As a 25+ years-old contact discovery service provider operating worldwide, we help achieve organizational marketing goals for clients by gathering accurate customer information, building updated target lists, and identifying key decision-makers.

  • Customized Prospect Discovery Services
  • Quickest Turn-around-Time in the Industry
  • Database Management & Screening
  • Data Intelligence Analysis & Reporting
  • Quick Team Upscaling and Downscaling
  • Reduced Operational Expense

Authentic contact discovery services are the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. Outsourcing contact discovery services to SunTec India enables you to target the most relevant prospects, procure direct marketing data, eliminate low-quality, overused, or out-of-date contacts, and leverage the latest contact discovery tools. Our multi-tier quality analysis cycles, adaptive operating mechanism, and campaign-responsive contact collation approach ensure qualified leads while reducing expense and resource involvement on your end.

Our Contact Discovery Service Offerings

B2B & B2C Prospect Discovery

Get in contact with prime potential customers and your industry’s influential decision-makers through our B2C and B2B contact discovery services. Reach out to verified contacts- managed via a master contact database and updated by our data entry specialists frequently -through detailed prospect intelligence reports to enhance marketing campaigns’ efficiency.

Prospect Analysis

Prospect analysis solutions - a critical part of our business contact discovery services -track every potential contact number, email, and mailing address relevant to your marketing campaign, determine its accuracy and validity, and collect additional data. This information is combined, organized, and studied to define appropriate actions needed to convert the prospect into a paying customer.

On-Demand Lead Generation

Target the right people with our sales discovery process. In addition to prospect contact discovery services, we also provide on-demand lead generation to clients pursuing solid, qualified prospects and engaged leads. Our marketing and sales support services help businesses identify, engage, and retain high-value customers and increase their lead-to-conversion rates and sales performance.

Telephonic Research

Our data research specialists conduct searches on multiple platforms to retrieve accurate and current telephonic details for prospects across different demographics. We only extract, filter, and enter contacts that you want to target in the database for new as well as existing prospects.

Social Media Research

By monitoring every conversation around your brand across multiple social media channels and platforms, we collate a list of potential prospects with a decent likelihood of conversion. The outcomes of our social media contact discovery services are shared with your sales team at regular intervals.

Database Screening

To ensure the effective discovery of usable contacts, we put the prospect database through a rigorous screening process. It helps avoid the inconsistencies arising from missing values, incorrect formats, and outliers, thus preventing bias issues and strengthening forecasting models. A quality score is allotted to the raw data to identify the confidence level of different contacts and separate high-quality prospects from the rest.

Contact Validation

In addition to finding and filtering contacts by functional responsibility, quality, relevance, target market, and business development strategy, we also hire contact discovery services experts who create a consistent supply of validated contacts with the most recent information and real-time updates.

Data Cleaning

A database of prospects can easily go obsolete over a few months, primarily because of change-of-address, changing contact numbers, lost leads, etc. To avoid this pain point while holding your marketing campaign’s efficiency, we frequently cleanse the data and eliminate duplicate contacts, missing entries, and misspellings.

Root Cause Analysis of Bad Data in Company Datasets

A Study Conducted by SunTec India on 50+ Clients.

Why Outsource Contact Discovery Services to SunTec India

SunTec India has been helping businesses across the world in understanding their markets and prospects for 25+ years. Outsourcing contact discovery services to SunTec India is a win-win solution for enterprises as your business gets instant access to the most suitable skill sets and the latest technology. Our team of data mining experts and talented team of data researchers and web miners can build a database of right contacts, decision-makers, and influencers in your B2B target market. Our prospect contact discovery services are not merely based on title nomenclatures; we also pair them with their corresponding functional responsibilities to ascertain that they are highly relevant contacts.

With our B2B contact discovery services, we can build custom contact lists and append the missing or inaccurate fields swiftly and accurately, viz.:

outsource sales contact discovery services

How we Go about Prospect Discovery Services?

Our clients share a list of companies they would like to touch base with and their purview of requirements. We research, examine, and relate those requirements to our prospect database, and accordingly create, append, update, and provide complete contact details like phone numbers, posting address, and confirmed email addresses matching the job roles they have been seeking.

Additionally, for individual titles or rare contacts, you can bank on our highly skilled data miners and researchers who custom build the list for you from the ground up. We employ exhaustive web research and take advantage of industry databases and other systematic approaches for acquiring active business contacts. Besides discovering your contacts, we also verify each record using emails and sophisticated validating tools to ensure data reliability and precision.

As a globally renowned contact discovery services provider, our services are designed to help you solve the challenges related to prospect conversion, email marketing, and lead generation. When you hire contact discovery service experts from SunTec India, you benefit from a wide span of services, including

  • Customized B2B contacts lists
  • Filtered searches using a wide variety of attributes
  • Manual and automated data collection and verification
  • Multiple quality checks to ensure source and data authenticity
  • Data and processing techniques compliant with international regulatory standards
  • Access to 100% recent and relevant information
  • Extensive contact selection criteria, including geography, niche, company size, service areas, designation, role, functionality, etc.

Contact Discovery Services: Get a Competitive Advantage with SunTec India

  • Bespoke sales contacts discovery services, tailored to individual and organizational requirements
  • Remote/offshore contact discovery services with round-the-clock availability
  • Dedicated project manager, transparent processes, and complete control
  • Close collaboration with in-house client teams
  • Access to a global pool of skilled personnel
  • Swift turnaround time
  • Cost-effective deals and competitive pricing

Inspire Conversions with Authentic Business Prospects

Contact discovery is a crucial part of a successful marketing and lead conversion strategy. By gathering intelligent information about the right prospects, SunTec India empowers your business with productive leads and potential growth opportunities. To learn more about our contact discovery services, please get in touch with our database specialists at