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Product Data Entry Services

SunTec has been helping many online retailers all over the world maintain their online stores at affordable costs without compromising on the quality, productivity or the turnaround time.

Our team of catalog processing specialists has crossed 1000 now. SunTec has experience of over a decade and a half and a clientele of over 1,500 eCommerce stores.

With access to Internet becoming easier, availability around the clock and e-business becoming the way to sell products to wide range of customers across the globe, selling of products through online stores has become a way of life for many retailers. The success of many web retailing stores like,, and e-commerce has now become a way of life and in today's scenario e-commerce/e-business is popularly called 'e-tailing' or 'virtual storefronts'.

With recession looming over like a monster, many online retailers are looking for ways that would help them in cutting costs without compromising on the way their online stores should look. The easiest solution seems to be to outsource E-commerce Data Entry or Product Data Entry/ Product Data Upload, Online Store Maintenance to a third party provider that would maintain online stores at costs that would not break the bank balance yet maintain the quality, productivity and regular updating of online e-commerce stores.

We offer flexible pricing models that would the fit the client's requirements to perfection. We are your full-service providers for Web Content Management, Catalogue Processing, Online Product Entry, E-Commerce Data Entry, Online Image/Graphic Support, and Database Maintenance for your online/e-commerce stores.

SunTec India has hands on experience of working with information from a variety of sources like catalogs (printed or PDF), manufacturer's website, digitally shot images or any other trade source. We are comfortable in working with several industry standard e-commerce storefronts like Yahoo! Store, OsCommerce, MonsterCommerce, Volusion, NetSuite as well as any custom built e-commerce application.

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Our wide range of E-Commerce Data Entry Services covers but is not limited to:

Graphic Support

Processing source images by cleaning up, adding watermark/signature, re-sizing to different size options for thumbnail, normal and zoom view, adherence to file naming convention for images.

Catalogue Indexing

Placing products in accurate categories and sub-categories and indexing catalogues in alphabetical order or client's preferred way to make online stores user friendly.

Catalogue Building

Converting your paper catalogues into digital content and giving them an online presence.

Catalogue Updation / Online Store Maintenance

Adding/updating products and product related information like name, title, price, SKUs, MFGs, description, part number, available quantity, images, shipping; modifying prices or any other related information; scrap old product models; add product information to database and many more such related services.

Content and SEO Support

We can add content/description for your products and images by using keywords that make the product page SEO compatible.

Outsource your catalog processing/online store maintenance/e-commerce data entry services to SunTec India to create a level playing field for your online business.

About SunTec India

SunTec India is your one stop solution for data entry and data capture services, online store maintenance services, product entry for online/e-commerce stores, digital content conversion, digitization services, html/xml conversion services, web research and data mining services and litigation support services.

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To know more about us and the broad range of services we offer at low-cost, contact us on We also offer Free Sample/Trial to our first time clients to develop mutual understanding and understanding the complexities of the job.

"SunTec has been a good company to do business with. They are a professional team with excellent attention to detail and responsiveness to our changing needs. I highly recommend SunTec to anyone looking for a quality, inexpensive option for advanced data entry work. I was able to replace my bookkeeper with a SunTec CPA for less than half the cost. QuickBooks is updated overnight and I always have current records. You can count on SunTec for your accounting needs."

Ben Finklea,
Sprysoft Corporation

"The work done by SunTec India has been outstanding so far. Beginning with the free sample they did for us, they have continued to impress us with their quality product data entry services. Our concerns were conquered when they delivered just the right work on time. I think we're going to continue this association for a long, long time."

May Yeh,

"Thank you for your ongoing support of our online store build. Please know that we genuinely appreciate your efforts and can attribute a good deal of our online success to your product population work. While I realize it is not the most glamorous task, it truly is important to our business."

Kyle Goldstone, Co-founder,
eCommerce Store for Car Parts & Accessories, USA