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Leverage the expertise of our Mobile App Development Company in India that delivers native iOS and Android as well as cross-platform apps that enhance productivity and profitability.

  • Feature-rich implementations

  • Save up to 70% on development costs

  • Innovative development approaches

  • App store optimization

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Modern Hybrid & Native Mobile Apps That Scale Well

Looking to hire mobile app development services in India with cross-platform expertise? Team up with our Android and iOS-certified mobile app development experts to experience industry-best feature integrations, extensive personalization, superior savings, stable deployments, and high-performance app delivery.

The competitive edge we provide:

  • Project initiation in less than 48 hours
  • Expertise across native and hybrid app development toolchains
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Test-oriented development
  • Customer-centric UI designs
  • Lightning-fast turnaround time

Mobile App Development Solutions We Offer

Learn about the various cutting-edge and technology-specific mobile development services we provide for optimized solutions that boost your bottom line.

Android App Development

Android app development resources we utilize:

  • Up-to-date development tools like Kotlin, Android Studio, and Android UI
  • We ensure optimized startup, rendering, memory, and battery utilization for your mobile app 
  • User metrics monitoring and peer comparisons to ensure market dominance
  • Engaging experience across mobiles, tablets, foldable, and ChromeOS devices

iOS App Development

We leverage iOS development resources such as:

  • Latest development toolchains including Swift, XCode, SwiftUI, and Cocoapods
  • Full utilization of WidgetKit for interactive app experiences
  • Machine-learning driven personalization
  • Enablements for hardware-enhanced app performance

React Native App Development

Experience benefits such as:

  • Faster platform-specific app updates
  • Automated library compatibility
  • Security and encryption for critical business modalities
  • Shareable core rendering

Flutter App Development

The hybrid app development benefits include:

  • Tools for internationalization
  • Rapid application development options
  • High-end fluid UI
  • Material Design for widgets

Hybrid App Development

Expand your customer base with the right resources:

  • App development tools like Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native
  • Cross-platform APIs for device-independent high-performance
  • Combining common codebases with independent code for tighter functionality
  • Cost-effective implementation models

IoT App Development

Unlock enterprise-level IoT success with:

  • Advanced Geofencing
  • Cutting-edge gateway and edge apps
  • Behavioral biometrics integration
  • Robust data-source authentication

Explore Our Mobile Apps Portfolio

Our mobile app development excellence has accumulated a global roster of clients in 40+ countries like the US, and UK and across regions like the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Learn how we enable businesses to succeed through app-based solutions.


Luxury Sanitary Ware

We developed a mobile app for Artize, Jaquar Group’s luxury bathware brand. The app consists of detailed product catalogs, a module for creating custom room designs, and a showroom locator.


Home Improvement

The Mawady app is an eCommerce store that ensures a seamless shopping experience for consumers, contractors, and manufacturers to purchase home improvement and gardening tools and source raw materials.

Powerland Commercial

Power Conversion Company

Developed a feature-rich mobile app for a renowned power conversion company, named Powerland Electronics. The app simplifies navigation through its extensive product catalog, offering simplified checkout and streamlined cart management functionalities.

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Why SunTec India Could Be Your Ideal Technology Partner?

SunTec India is a CMMI Level 3 certified mobile app development company in India providing customer-centric mobile app solutions. Hire dedicated app experts from us to boost your business and widen your user base.

Strict adherence to NDAs
24*7 Timezone Advantage
Fast time-to-market
Maintenance & support post-deployment
Multidisciplinary & multi-industry expertise
Various engagement models
Secure codebase
Full process transparency

Accreditations & Recognitions

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Mobile App Development Services for Any Industry Need

We bring over two decades of experience in developing solutions that meet the unique needs of different industries. No matter your industry or sector, we develop scalable and robust mobile apps that make you stand out from the competition.


Collaborate with our eCommerce mobile app services with an in-depth awareness of the specific requirements of online retail. We provide solutions that help you convert quickly, create lasting brand loyalty and build connected experiences across all your touch points.

  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Online Cart Solutions
  • Seamless Channel Synchronization
  • Multi-brand eCommerce Apps


Our EdTech app experts create innovative solutions for breaking down complex concepts and helping students realize their true potential. We develop apps that equip teachers with intuitive tools for instruction and curriculum development.

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Supplementary eLearning Apps
  • Multimedia Learning Solutions
  • Gamified Learning Apps


Our seasoned mobile app development services help you meet the booming market need for more advanced remote healthcare solutions. Create apps that ensure secure patient information exchange, and tracking of vitals, along with robust medical databases.

  • EHR & EMR Systems
  • Online Pharmacy Apps
  • Doctor Appointment Apps
  • Fitness Tracker Apps


Take the entertainment sector by storm with mobile apps for music and video streaming, reliable content delivery, live streaming, gaming, and more. We build highly reliable content delivery systems, scalable and secure databases, and configurations for uninterrupted entertainment.

  • Music & Movie Streaming Apps
  • Games
  • VR/AR Integration
  • Live Streaming Apps

Travel & Tourism

With our travel and tourism app development expertise, discover apps that enable simplified search and listing, integration of payment gateways, and maps. We develop apps for the seamless booking of trains, flights, travel packages, car rentals, and other services.

  • Travel & Tourism Review Aggregators
  • Train & Flight Booking Apps
  • Car Rental Apps
  • Navigation Solutions

Food & Beverage

We house the right talent pool to enable you to create restaurant billing, payroll and business intelligence apps. We also develop mobile solutions for food delivery and advanced restaurant administration.

  • Food Delivery Apps
  • Restaurant Point-of-Sale Solutions
  • F&B Payroll Solutions
  • Inventory & Revenue Management Solutions

Supply Chain

Our app development teams have high-level expertise in developing mobile apps and solutions for the entire digital supply chain roadmap. Avail a variety of supply chain mobile solutions for sourcing, planning, logistics, collaboration, and analytics.

  • Order Processing Solutions
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Supplier Management Apps
  • Lean Inventory Solutions


From hotel booking to labor management and administration, we develop a gamut of hospitality apps and solutions. Establish your business’ presence in the hospitality sector with mobile apps to conduct every aspect of hospitality management.

  • Hotel Booking Apps
  • Concierge Apps
  • Staff Training Solutions
  • Apps for Customer Loyalty Programs


A report published by Avasant Research revealed that 60% of US companies outsource software development with a large portion of this trend comprised of mobile app development. You can save tons of time spent making sense of the business complexities and setting up the right team for the job. Outsourcing this need to SunTec India can be a cost-effective option especially when the app development team is an offshore entity. Your business’ core team can be freed up to focus on improving internal workflows and maintaining enterprise systems. So, to summarise, the benefits a business can gain from outsourcing mobile app development include:

  • Specialized outsourced skills can be utilized for highly-specific use cases or technology implementations
  • In-house development teams can focus on enhancing core business functions
  • Post-production support and app maintenance
  • Introduction to new markets with offshore mobile app development
  • Third-party organizations with larger teams and infrastructure can facilitate extensive scalability for your mobile app

Native apps are developed to be operable and compatible with one particular operating system and not another. They unlock all the functionalities of the devices they operate on as they are developed for that device and platform.

Hybrid apps are developed with a single codebase that can then be compiled and executed across multiple operating systems and platforms. Hybrid app development is considered more cost-effective and low-effort compared to native app development. In other words, hybrid apps can be defined as web apps in a native OS container.

Here are the differences summarised:

Feature Native apps Hybrid apps
Development methodology Platform-specific development Web apps in a native container
Performance Better Slightly lower
Time to develop Longer, when considering the effort taken to develop apps from scratch for separate operating systems Shorter, because of a common codebase
User experience Consistent across a single operating system Less platform-specific look and feel
Maintenance Separate updates for separate codebases Easier to update a single codebase
Device compatibility Access to all features of the device hardware Some device features are inaccessible

While most industry-leading mobile app development companies offer their services for up to $25/hour, SunTec India offers their services at a considerable bargain. Mobile app development services are priced at a reasonable $15/hour at Suntec. Additionally, you can choose from a range of flexible engagement models to hire app developers who can best contribute in driving your app idea to fruition. You can book a consultation with SunTec India to learn how we can implement your mobile app idea.

Conducting thorough market research and studying the proven track record of a mobile app development company can help you zero in on your ideal mobile app development technology partner. However, there are several other factors to consider before you make your decision which include:

  • The mobile app development team must be skilled in technologies like Kotlin, Xamarin, iOS SDK, and React Native along with relevant certifications that prove expertise
  • Demonstrated ability to implement projects using agile development practices
  • They should establish trust by offering the option to sign an NDA, detailing the terms and stipulations of their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Intellectual Property (IP) rights
  • The technology partner must show transparency by updating the customer constantly at every stage of app development and soliciting feedback
  • Project management capabilities should be demonstrated through proper product documentation and wireframes right from the commencement of the project
  • They can also prove their credentials through a portfolio of past projects in the relevant technology domain and industry

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