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Google AdWords Management Services

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SunTec specializes in delivering Google AdWords Management Services to help our global clientele drive qualified traffic to their website and increase conversions. Our search engine marketing strategists provide assistance right from setting up the account, optimizing to managing it at regular intervals to ensure optimal performance, thus saving you time, improving results, bringing in more business, lowering costs and improving return on investment.

We also link your Google Account with Analytics to continually monitor your Google Advertising campaign, and help you get the desired position for your ads and optimum results for your budget. Further, our professionals also stay updated about the new features from AdWords to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

SunTec's Google AdWords Management Services

Our experts deftly manage AdWords campaign to help the clients gain better visibility on Google, meet their overall marketing goals and increase ROI. As your Google AdWords Management partner, we work in unison with you to understand your target market and deliver solutions bespoke to your requirements.

Our comprehensive range of Google Adwords Campaign Management Services include:

In-depth keyword research

Our professionals conduct a thorough keyword research to ensure that they attract traffic and help you increase sales. We go the extra mile to find long-tail keywords that help you boost conversion rates.

AdWords campaign set-up

We help you set up ad campaigns, use appropriate keywords/phrases, bid on search terms, create targeted landing pages and create attractive ads. Our focus in on helping you increase conversions and generate more leads for less amount.

Effective ads creation

Our experts write precise, engaging and compelling ads, incorporating the right keywords. We also conduct split testing ad text to make sure that they are effective and persuade the prospects to click it.

Constant testing and improvement

We test the different versions of your ads and new ad formats such as media ads, comparison ads and product listing ads to help you improve CTR as well as conversion rates. Furthermore, our experts conduct bid management to find out the optimal bid value and help you maximize return.

Negative keywords list

We analyze non-performing keywords and add them in negative keywords' list so as to reduce your wasted spend.

Landing page optimization

To retain the traffic, we optimize your landing pages and ensure that they are relevant to phrases/groups and that the content is precise and compelling. For this, our professionals create persuasive landing pages that help you attain your sales/lead generation targets.

If you are already running Google AdWords campaign, we can assist you improve its performance with our campaign optimization services. Our professionals will analyze your campaigns, improve the ad copy, use relevant keywords, eliminate non-performing keywords and improve the Quality Score for your AdWords campaign, thus helping you boost CTR and cost per acquisition. We hold experience in working with a wide variety of industry verticals including real estate, technology, tourism, etc.

Why SunTec?

Because we focus on helping you get the right clicks!

Through our Google AdWords Management Services, we help you get:

  • Equipped with certified Google AdWords professionals.
  • Highly optimized Google AdWords Campaign
  • Targeted advertising in tune with your business goals
  • Lower click costs
  • Higher return on investment

We also deliver set-up and management services for video advertising on YouTube and other video sites in the Google Content Network.

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