Success Story

From 64% to 85% verified leads-
How our custom list-building services
helped the client increase their sales

The client

A cloud platform providing online app and cross-browser testing

The client's platform offers developers immediate access to a cloud-based platform that enables them to thoroughly test their websites and mobile apps on 2500+ real devices and browsers. This eliminates the need for teams to own and maintain an in-house testing infrastructure. The platform allows its users to test their software products from anywhere and easily capture bugs and file issues and also notify the right team members.


Custom lead data acquisition

In pursuit of business expansion and customer acquisition, our client needed a team of data researchers to manually research and acquire information on professionals in leadership positions for pitching its services. They aimed to obtain a highly targeted, precise, and customized list of leads from the United States, European Union, and Asia-Pacific regions. Furthermore, the client required comprehensive account profiles that were tailored to the client's requirements, ensuring their relevance for pitching purposes.

We had already used scraping methods and had even purchased a ready-to-use database to augment our sales. However, we found that those methods did not work for us. This time, we were seeking a tailored and highly accurate list of potential customers to target our audience precisely. Having read about Suntec's custom list building services, we thought this could be our best shot.

- Client


Lead generation and segmentation for our client

Scrutinizing relevant profiles

One of the most significant challenges we faced while handling the project was identifying relevant profiles and monitoring them against the client's specific criteria. We had to put a dedicated team of 5 experienced research specialists to ensure we could deliver a highly-relevant customized list of prospects.

Segmenting & prioritizing leads

Lead segmentation was another challenging aspect of the project. We had to segment & prioritize the leads based on our client's requirements, which required careful consideration and analysis of various factors (roles & responsibilities, industry, decision-making power, etc.)

Verifying each profile/lead

Lastly, we had to verify each profile/lead data from relevant sources to ensure that our information was reliable and could be utilized by the client's sales team to make outbound calls and send emails


Breaking down the client's roadmap to success

Identifying leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Apollo

In order to meet our client's specific needs for a comprehensive list of prospective customers, we were provided with specific parameters, including the target industry domains such as Engineering, DevOps, IT, Quality, among others, as well as a list of job titles for which data collection was desired, ranging from director to VP, CTO, Head lead, manager, and developer. Our team meticulously scrutinizes data on LinkedIn and Apollo to extract relevant profile data and compile it in a centralized database.

Reviewing data to identify the qualified leads

Upon collecting data from Apollo and extracting relevant information from LinkedIn, we meticulously scrutinize each individual's profile to ascertain their association with software or app testing. Furthermore, we conduct an assessment of their level of priority and decision-making authority to determine whether the lead is considered to be a high-priority prospect.

In order to effectively identify potential leads for software or app testing, we employ a comprehensive approach that involves downloading lists from Apollo and gathering pertinent information from LinkedIn. We then meticulously review each person's profile to determine their potential suitability for the client's services. We also assess the priority and decision-making power of the individual to determine whether they represent a valuable hot lead or not.

Creating ideal customer profiles/accounts

After identifying the most promising prospects, as a next step, our professionals create detailed account profiles of ideal customers with relevant information: contact details, job titles, responsibilities, etc. The most challenging job here is to collect and compile and create customer accounts in a quick turnaround time without leaving room for any errors.

Building a custom B2B prospect list

As a part of our custom list-building solutions, we provided the client with a highly precise and tailored list of prospects with the required fields- Name, Account Domain, Title, Lead Relevance, Linkedin Profile URL, Priority, and Reason (stating comments on the quality of lead). After preparing the consolidated database, our experts further verified and validated the information against their sources to maintain complete accuracy.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

An indispensable tool for savvy sales professionals and businesses seeking access to LinkedIn's global network of professionals. With unlimited searches, advanced search filters and preferences, users can find their ideal leads' data based on region, industry, function, seniority level, and more.


A database engine that provides quick access to over 260M contacts across 10 million companies. Users can search for companies and contacts using various filters such as industry, location, size, revenue, and more. The database offers 60+ filters to choose from and find ideal contacts or leads.

Benefits of custom list building over purchasing ready-to-use databases

  • Target your ideal audience with specific criteria, avoiding irrelevant contacts that may come with purchased databases.
  • Obtain up-to-date, accurate, and relevant data, avoiding wasted time and money that can result from outdated or incorrect information found in purchased database
  • Ensure cost-effectiveness as you pay only for relevant data, while purchased databases can provide a poor ROI if the information is inaccurate or irrelevant.

Results attained

  • Seeing the results, the client extended our contract from three months to six. Even better, they've now signed us on as their go-to provider for custom list-building services for contact discovery.
  • Additionally, the client has seen an impressive 30% surge in their sales efforts.

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