Client Success Story

Here's How we Delivered a 58% Sales Lift and Secured 45% More Reviews through Multichannel Sales Management Support

The client

Online Retailer of Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings Products

With 25+ years in the industry, our client is an established online retailer that offers a complete range of kitchen and bathroom fittings products. The client has a collection from the leading brands (Kohler, Grohe, ROHL, American Standard, etc.) with a catalog size of 1.5 million products. Along with a dedicated website, the client is also actively selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


Managing a New Platform with Remote Access

The client sought our professional eCommerce product listing services but was also concerned about security. They directed our team to work on their server by using a VPN on a powerful product listing software "". Impressed with the results, the client gave us additional eCommerce support responsibilities.

A few challenges that our team had to tackle:

  • Dedicated subject matter experts needed for the project (who could quickly get a thorough understanding of the client's vast product lines)
  • Understand and deal with the complexity of the SKUs
  • Establish a mechanism for working remotely on the client's services through VPN
  • Acquire complete knowledge of the Khaos platform and train the resources thoroughly
  • Deal with challenges like slow work processes due to latency and remote access
  • High-end data security and strict operation control were required in the project

We were looking for a competent team to handle our product listing tasks and other back-office operations. Having found SunTec India has helped us streamline our operations and accelerate our business growth. We appreciate their professionalism, responsiveness, and flexibility.

- Client


Remotely-Handled Product Listing, Catalog Management , & Order Processing Using Khaos Control

We dedicated six eCommerce experts for the project. After rigorous training on the client's SKUs and Khaos platform, our team worked on the platform using the client's VPN access to perform the following tasks:


Product Listing

We used the client's extensive 1.5 million product catalog as our primary source of information to add/update listings (product images, descriptions, titles, and other attributes) to the client's website, Amazon store, and eBay shop. Using Khaos Control, we followed marketplace-particular product uploading guidelines and also optimized those listings. We further added upselling and cross-selling products within the platform.


Product Photo Editing

To optimize product images across channels, we assigned a dedicated photo editing expert to retouch and reformat each image in Photoshop & make them suitable for uploading to different marketplaces and the website. We followed marketplace-specific guidelines (ideal size, format, background, resolution, etc.) to edit the images and upload them within a quick turnaround time.


Catalog Management

Our team performed catalog management to ensure accurate, up-to-date product information across all channels. We closely monitored and rapidly updated key attributes like pricing, images, and inventory to optimize the catalog and deliver a great customer experience. We also maintained a data backup for the client to ensure no data loss.


Order Processing & Customer Support

Our team played a critical role in managing the post-purchase customer experience. Once an order was placed, we diligently tracked purchase orders from suppliers to customers. As soon as we received a PO number, we retrieved the customer's email from Khaos. Using , we promptly notified customers with delivery updates like shipping dates, estimated delivery dates, order status, and any delays. Our timely and proactive order processing ensured customers feel informed throughout the fulfillment process.


Quality Check & Strict Monitoring

To ensure high-quality standards, our team implemented rigorous QA processes to review live website and marketplace changes. This helped prevent any errors in product data from going live. We also provided full transparency into our operations through detailed work reports on our ETMS (Employee Time Tracking Management System) portal. This allowed the client to closely monitor and track our work.

Platforms/Tools Used in the Project

Project Outcomes

With effective product listing, catalog management & order processing, the client saw an overall 58% boost in its sales.

Impressed with the results, the client signed a long-term agreement with us. We have been successfully running the project since 2010 till date.

Prompt and efficient customer support services led to 75% reduced consumer complaints and 45% higher positive customer reviews.

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