Outsource Data Processing Services

Data processing is a meticulous business function that involves capturing raw data from various sources and presenting it in a format that augments analysis. To transform this data into meaningful information, data processing professionals apply a variety of techniques and tools. In today’s business world data processing has become an absolute must for every organization as it expedites strategic decision making. Given the rising salaries of data professionals and the increasing cost of infrastructure, data processing proves to be a cost-prohibitive proposition for most businesses. In such a scenario outsourcing data processing to a reliable service provider is your best bet.

SunTec India: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights with Offshore Data Processing Services

Outsourcing your non-core but critical online data processing services to SunTec India gives you the dual benefit of reduced cost and enhanced operational efficiency of your organization. We help you capture, extract, digitize and process data from various sources and transform it into actionable insights. We're equipped with over 2 decades of experience in delivering data processing and management services to global customers at affordable rates.

Our Online Data Processing Service Offerings

Forms Processing Services

The data processing team at SunTec India is proficient at extracting pertinent information from a variety of forms. Our professionals can process data from all sorts of sources ranging from faxes, scanned images to printed forms and surveys. They can update the output in the format of your choice to add value to your decision making.

Order Processing Services

A seamless and accurate order processing system goes a long way in ensuring your success as a seller. We make it possible for you with our fast and precise order processing services. Our well trained and experienced order processing experts study your individual needs and come up with a customized solution that is reliable and enables you to sell more.

Market Research Forms Processing

With our market research form processing services, we not only absolve you of the onerous task of extracting information from survey forms but also give you bespoke results with speed. We have a specialized team of professionals that excels in processing market research data. They can extract useful data from any file format.

Mailing List Compilation

Up-to-date and accurate mailing lists are an absolute must for the success of a marketing campaign. You can leverage the expertise and experience of our mailing list compilation team to get this labor-intensive job done in a cost-effective manner. Our experts collaborate extensively with your in-house team to compile exhaustive mailing lists quickly and accurately.

Duplicate data is a bane of any organization; it not only eats into your storage space but also leads to inconsistent results. With our data deduplication services, you can get rid of all the duplicate entries and maintain a flawless database. Our data deduplication experts use the latest technology and industry know-how to get rid of all the inconsistencies in your database.

To leverage images in your marketing campaigns and other business development efforts, you need to give the right effect to them. Whether you are a professional photographer, marketer or an eCommerce player, our image processing services can enhance the overall appeal of your images. Our experts are well versed with Photoshop and other image enhancement tools. They can handle large volumes of image data and give your images the desired effect within a quick turnaround time.

Corrupt and inaccurate entries in your database invariably lead to wrong interpretation of information and bad business decisions. The data cleansing team at SunTec India mitigate this business risk for you by systematically eradicating all the inconsistencies in your data.

The data processing team at SunTec India has a proven track record of expediting the check processing of businesses across the board. Extracting key data from electronic checks, scanning business critical information and validating checks is part and parcel of our check processing services.

The data mining team at SunTec India works as an institution of fundamental science, bringing to light new unexplored aspects of your data. The team uses both conventional as well as avant-garde techniques like artificial intelligence (AI) to give you new insights into your data. You can give your own requirements to the team and they will accordingly identify the patterns in your data.

SunTec India helps a wide variety of merchants in processing their credit card transactions. We use internet-based secure systems to check the credit worthiness of the clients availing your products and services. Our team takes care of the full cycle of credit card processing ranging from card authorization, payment processing to billing.

Processing insurance claims with accuracy and speed is our forte. Our specialized team has hands-on experience in processing intricate data from insurance claim forms. The team has developed a meticulous process of processing information in compliance with the prescribed rules. Whether it is ADA insurance claims forms, UB forms, HCFA forms or any other specialized forms, our team can process the information contained in them in your preferred format.

We offer the widest range of survey data processing services to organizations of all sizes. Whether it is digitization of information contained in surveys or its analysis on any given parameters, our survey data processing experts do it all for you. SunTec India uses the latest tools such as intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical character recognition (OCR) to process information from your surveys.

With our data processing services at your disposal, you can expect delivery of results in your preferred format. We duly verify and validate every result before delivering it to you.

We can deliver the data files to our customers by FTP, email or any other format of your choice.

Why Outsource Data Processing Services to SunTec India?

As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we employ stringent security protocols, to guarantee the safety of your information. We access all information via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Virtual Private Network (VPN) - ensuring no data remains on our system. We at SunTec India have extensive data processing experience and are able to adapt our services to suit any business vertical.

By choosing SunTec India as your data processing outsourcing partner, you not only get the advantage of working with an industry leader but also save big on time and resources. The other unique benefits of partnering with us include:

  • 20+ years of experience in data process outsourcing
  • Qualified and experienced data processing professionals
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Multi-domain expertise
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Stringent quality control
  • ISO certified processes for quality and data security
  • Flexible and scalable outsourcing models

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