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Build Immersive Mobile & Web Apps With HTML5

As the number of users accessing the internet on handheld devices multiply, global mobile data traffic is projected to increase sevenfold by 2021. This means that businesses are increasingly in need of websites and mobile apps that perform seamlessly at all times, irrespective of the screen size and resolution of the device.

When it comes to developing highly responsive apps and web pages, HTML5 proves to be the ultimate markup language. In fact, as many as 42% of developers rely on this language to develop robust mobile apps and web pages. Whether you plan to develop an enterprise-grade app or a sophisticated game, chances are that you will need HTML5 services sooner than later.

SunTec India is a leading HTML5 development company offering end-to-end HTML5 solutions to businesses spanning diverse industry verticals including IT, education, eCommerce, media and entertainment, and more. Our dedicated HTML5 developers have a proven track record of delivering customized web and mobile experiences. They work as an extension of your team and collaborate with you in real-time to develop highly interactive, engaging and functional mobile and web solutions that suit your unique business needs.

SunTec India's HTML5 Development Services at a Glance

Our HTML5 app development services include, but are not limited to the following:-

HTML5 Website Development

Our developers make sure that your site reaps the benefits of all the features that HTML5 has to offer such as multimedia and animation support, audio/video streaming, geolocation tagging, and more. When you partner with us for HTML5 website development we ensure you get the best solution tailored to your needs at competitive rates.

HTML5 Responsive Website Development

We have a team of experienced HTML5 developers who are adept at creating robust, engaging, feature-rich and mobile-optimized websites that offer a great user experience, easy navigation and improved load time. Our developers have hands-on expertise in transforming your existing website into a highly responsive one, using jQuery mobile, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

HTML5 Mobile App Development

We are backed by a resource pool of highly skilled developers who are proficient in working with technologies such as SenchaTouch, jQuery Mobile and JavaScriptMVC. When you hire HTML5 app developers from us, we make sure that you get a robust, scalable and power-packed app that performs consistently well across diverse platforms and devices.

HTML5 Game Development

Our HTML5 game development team is proficient in creating single/multi-player, 2D/3D/HD and motion sensor games that work without a glitch across all major mobile platforms. As an experienced game development company, we possess a comprehensive knowledge of current market trends, game development architecture and optimization parameters, which helps us in creating immersive gaming experiences.

Flash to HTML5 Migration

We help migrate your existing Flash content to HTML5 while making sure the code performs seamlessly across all platforms. Give your Flash-based legacy apps, games, etc., a major uplift while retaining the original essence. We have proven migration strategies in place and adhere to global standards so as to ensure that you have a smooth conversion experience.

HTML5 Rich Internet Applications Development

Rich internet application (RIA) is a web-based app that delivers similar functionalities and features usually found in desktop apps. RIAs offer users a more immersive and engaging experience. If you are looking for RIA development we can help. Our experts are adept are developing integrated, client-focused, rich internet apps using open platforms such as HTML5, CSS, etc.

Why choose HTML5 over other programming languages?

Well, cross-platform compatibility is one such reason- your website will function flawlessly across all devices. Apart from this, some other benefits include:


With HTML5 Geolocation API you can now detect user location, which can help in dispersing relevant content specific to a location.

No add-ons required

Display multimedia content on the webpage without having to add any add-ons such as Shockwave, Flash, etc.

Mobile phone compatibility

Build responsive websites with HTML5 and expand the reach of your business. Connect with mobile users across the globe with mobile-optimized websites.

Offline database

Maintain an offline database with SQL database on HTML5 that allows client-side users to store data on their computers.

Offline applications

HTML5 provides you with an offline application cache that allows you to run apps even when not online.

Cleaner codes

The new markup language allows you to write descriptive and cleaner semantic codes and also distinguish styles from the content without putting in any special effort.

Responsive Web Design Services

Internet usage on smartphones and tablets is growing by the day. There are, in a rough estimate, more than a billion of them out there. A lion's share of internet searches, thus, is now performed on handheld devices. Their screen sizes and resolutions differ greatly. This in turn necessitates that websites be developed in a manner that their content can be browsed with ease, regardless of the device and its screen size. An apparently difficult goal, it can be attained easily with skillful responsive web design.

More about Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design or RWD is a fast evolving web designing trend which aims to develop websites optimized for devices with different resolutions and screen widths. This technology allows web designers to code the style sheets of a website in a way that it automatically customizes its layout, images, navigation and text to comfortably fit the users' hand held device to look just as it will on laptops and desktops.

RWD development eliminates the need to develop separate versions of a website for desktops and mobiles thereby saving time and money. This approach assures that your customers enjoy a seamless experience and have an ease of access to the same information virtually over multiple devices. It removes the headache of maintaining content on multiple sites and keeps your brand message and web presence consistent. Other advantages include :-

  • Increased reach to mobile device audiences
  • Increased visibility on search engines
  • Reduced maintenance cost and time
  • Increased sales and conversion rates

Why Choose Us for Responsive Web Development?

At SunTec India, our highly skilled developers have been able to break a lot of fresh ground in responsive web design by applying advanced technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Our designer's in-depth understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 assures you the best responsive web design which will look equally good across devices.

We strongly believe that responsive website design is the future. Our team of designers keeps the preferences of the end users in mind and designs a website accordingly. Besides using this advanced technology in developing a site right from scratch, we can also employ it to modify an existing site and make it responsive to a variety of devices and screens.

We know how to create a fully functioning and the best responsive design with the essential features - media queries, fluid grid concept and flexible images and media - to make sure that screen sizes and pixels do not obstruct your site's performance. Our developers can easily create a responsive web design using 1200 grid system and further extend it with media queries. They are also adept at building responsive websites using twitter bootstrap.

Key Offerings at SunTec India, a premium responsive web design company:

  • Analysis of current website
  • Implementation of responsive design
  • Assessment of websites compatibility across browsers and devices
  • Conversion of a static website into a responsive website
  • Better loading website

Hire Web Designers

All our professionals are vastly experienced. You can also interview our resources before hiring them as per your project requirements. Our expert developers will be available to provide you round the clock support. For any further queries, please email us at

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Client Speak

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Simple - just contact us - and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to get the process started. Consider your search for the ideal HTML5 development company OVER!


We determine HTML5 development cost by factors like the scope, complexity, required number of resources, and related technology stacks for the game. If you need a better estimate for the cost, please share your requirements with our team at

Depending upon the design intricacy and development layers, an HTML5 app or game can take anywhere between a few weeks to months.

Please share your project specifications with us to get a more exact timeline.

In our 20+ years of industry experience, we have developed HTML5 applications for a wide range of genres, including-

  • Puzzles
  • Real-money
  • Arcade
  • Adventure
  • Racing
  • Sports
  • Card
  • Action
  • Multiplayer role-players (MMORPG)

Our HTML5 app & game development services come with numerous advantages-

  • Free product quotes and consultations
  • Competitive rates & up to 60% cost savings
  • Complete support (from development to publication )
  • Installation flexibility
  • Flexible hiring models
  • 100% on-time delivery and deployment


Once you share your project specifications, we will revert with a list of resources that best fit your needs. Then, you can assess all those developers via virtual interviews or sample tasks and choose professionals who will work on your project.


While the assigned project manager will conduct frequent & routine demonstrations, you can demand the same whenever you want to see how the game or app is progressing.

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