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Data Management Services

Quality data is a prerequisite to every business process, market penetration, customer relationship, business investment, and for virtually better decision making across all levels of the organization. Therefore, organizations need to invest in consolidating their master data assets.

Fortified with deep industry knowledge and expertise in managing data through its entire lifecycle, coupled with comprehensive service offerings and proven track record, SunTec India delivers business value to several of world's leading companies, helping them competently leverage their data in key business decisions and processes.

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SunTec's Array of Data Management Services

Indexing / Scanning Services

To ease the process of document management, archiving and information retrieval, SunTec offers Indexing Services. We are experienced in indexing a variety of documents including invoices, vouchers, purchases orders, etc. SunTec India specializes in scanning of high volume documents with strict quality control, enabling our clients to integrate documents directly into their electronic workflows.

List Building Services

SunTec offers List Building and Data Mining Services to support the clients in building a current and effective database. We identify and extract data records from relevant data universe and key-in the information as per a prescribed format in any standard or customized database.

Data Cleansing, Enrichment & Standardization

SunTec India works towards making your business processes and applications more efficient by cleaning and making your data consistent and accessible through our Data Standardization Services.

Data Abstraction Services

With our Data Abstraction Services, SunTec India assists you in distilling down your crucial data. Our extensive Data Abstraction Services include Research and Academic Data Abstraction, SEC Filing Abstraction Services, Lease Abstraction Services, etc.

Data Analytics Services

Through our Data Analytics Services, SunTec India helps businesses discover new ways to drive revenue and increase profits by converting your data into useful, perceptive and accessible information to decision-makers.

Why Choose SunTec For Data Management Services?

We are committed to provide high quality Data Management Services to our clients. We can be a viable business process outsourcing partner with apt credentials and capability.


SunTec agrees to provide 99.9% input accuracy, ensuring all our input data matches to the original legible visual source data, and is placed in the appropriate fields. In case, the text is unclear because of poor quality source, such items will be collected in a separate file and marked Problem Inputs and sent to the client for advice. The items on this problem inputs will be excluded from the error rate calculation.

Robust Team

A workforce of more than 600 experienced professionals Complete Spectrum of Data Management Services: Our comprehensive deliveries include Data Entry/ Data Capture, List Building & Data Mining, Data Cleansing, Enrichment & Standardization, Web Research, Indexing / Scanning, Data Abstraction, and Data Analytics Services.

Project Management

A project manager is assigned for every project. Our quality control team ensures that we meet the highest standards of client service.

Free Sample Service

To help us better understand your requirements, and helps you judge the quality of our work before awarding the contract

Flexible Pricing Models

Depending on the nature of the job, we offer a choice of pricing models - hourly, fixed and dedicated

Complete Data Security

Encrypted information transfer and Non-Disclosure Agreement

24/7 Availability

Round the clock customer support

Discuss Your Project With Us

To know more on how our comprehensive Data Management Services can help you overcome your challenges of maintaining accurate, consistent, and reliable data, please contact us or write to us at

"Our subscriber base has increased by 40 % in the last 10 days, this is directly related to obviously the great input as well as having advertised. Believe me you will be the first to know when I need a next data capturer for GAJ as well as new productions."

Gabriel Clark-Brown,
GAI (Global Art Information)

"SunTec made my first experience with off-shore data entry a successful process which I plan to repeat many times in the future. The work SunTec produced alleviated any concerns I had about whether a company half-way around the globe could meet my data entry needs."

David Barrs, President
VisionSpan Corporate Communications, Inc., USA

"I just wanted to let you know also how lucky I am to have found a vendor as professional and dedicated as SunTec to help me with this project. I know that I am very demanding and a perfectionist, but my clients expect this from me. Thank you for making the web design and data entry side of my business much more manageable."

Richard Goldman, CEO,
a U.S. based Market Research company