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Amazon Product Description Writing

Engaging content on a product page can transform a casual browser into a buyer! While the impact of a creative & compelling product description is largely understood, many business owners might not realize the challenges associated with creating product descriptions for a highly organized marketplace like Amazon. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Amazon presents many guidelines for content that shows on its product listings. Similarly, Amazon’s search algorithms require a different type of content optimization approach. When done correctly, and by following Amazon’s copywriting guidelines, the right product copy can boost traffic and raise conversion rates—this is why investing in an Amazon content writer is a wise business decision!

Amazon Product Description Writing

What is included in our standard Amazon copywriting services?

We understand the challenges of creating Amazon product descriptions that can inspire sales. Shoppers have a short attention span. One glimpse at the product listing should be able to make a great first impression. The content on display should keep the prospective buyer hooked on for a few minutes, increasing the chances of a sale. Our Amazon copywriters are trained to write for such a demanding ecosystem. Factual, logical, and persuasive, our Amazon marketplace content has the right mix of words that is needed across a buyer’s journey. This includes:

  • Product Title: created in a format specified by Amazon, it should provide a shopper all basic product identifying information like the color, size, style, or material apart from the brand name. Using strategically located keywords here impacts the SEO performance and not following the recommended title structure can cause repeated callouts or even suppression of a listing.
  • Bullet Points: provide the maximum scope to detail a product’s feature and the range of applications. However, lengthy sentences can turn away interested buyers. This is also the space to insert and optimize for the maximum range of keywords. We ensure the content is informational, interesting, and still, deeply optimized for better SEO performance.
  • Long Form Description: is useful for detailing your product. It takes the product copy beyond the perspective of its bulleted features, talking in detail about different functionalities. There is also room to minimally format and include a bit of brand-specific information.
  • Backend Keywords: just about 250-bytes long, this string is different from the primary keywords found in the published copy. These hidden keywords amplify the relevance of a product listing for a search term. This string cannot have any repetitions and it makes the listing more discoverable.
  • Revising Listings: you might already own active listings where the content needs a revision. We undertake revisions for recreating a copy with better researched keywords. We also work on listings suppressed due to content publishing conflicts.

Need to Control Your Expenditures?
Try Amazon Copywriting Services that Save Money!

Amazon is an opportunistic marketplace where retailers need to outperform each other. It is difficult to always be at the top the pricing game or constantly invest more in Amazon ads. You need to find a way to stay ahead of the curve by making your product listing stand apart from the rest to create organic traffic. Yes, using high-resolution images is an integral part of doing so but product listings that educate, engage, and enthrall a shopper with persuasive content are equally vital.

A compelling description has every chance of gaining more visibility on the search result pages. This means reduced expenditure on activities like Amazon advertising campaigns as high-quality, SEO-friendly content has a higher probability of gaining organic visibility.

Our team of Amazon content developers knows how to upsell a product’s exclusive features and to make simple functionalities look special. Inherently rich with contextual keywords, these product copies can be emotive, purely information, or as we recommend, a blend of both, ensuring that they appeal to all types of buyers’ demographics.

Hire Amazon Content Writers for Every Inventory & Industry

Our content developers have written across a wide range of Amazon’s product categories and sub-categories. They have the skills to create descriptions with limited product details, ensuring the content is always enriched with relevant keywords and complies with Amazon’s best copywriting practices. We also have niche-specific copywriters. You get the assurance of finding a relevant Amazon content writer whether you are vendor of automobile accessories or a reseller of gardening supplies. Sometimes, the content needs to be peppered with native expressions and industry terms. Our eCommerce content writers are ready for such challenges, delivering smartly crafted product copies that appeal to all types of shopping preferences.

Negligible Product Information?
Get Amazon Content Writers for Every Challenge!

We often see Amazon sellers wary of trying Amazon copywriting services because they believe their product lacks sufficient information to create a compelling product description. However, this is where we are different from other Amazon copywriting service providers. Our team of content writers can conduct online research to find more details for creating a product copy that inspires more buying confidence. If this means processing raw information like product notes shared by your marketing team or extracting technical specifications from a product user guide, trust our Amazon content writers to get the job done.

Challenges that Underline the Need to Hire Specialist Amazon Content Writers

The typical content writer is not likely to be updated about the changes in content publishing standards that we often spot in Seller Central support pages. Some regulations differ across Amazon’s regional marketplaces. The same rules might work slightly differently across the US, UK, or Australian storefronts. This is particularly true for some words/verbiages that are barred in sensitive product categories. Similarly, some products need to be written about very carefully to avoid being deemed as offensive or overtly promotional nature.

More Reasons Why Amazon Copywriting Needs a Specialist

To be effective in terms of fueling more sales, a product description should perform, and it needs to follow multiple Amazon guidelines. The writing challenge is not about being a grammar guru or possessing a novelist-type writing style. As a brand creator & owner, you might feel you are the best person to write about your product. While that might be true, creating Amazon product descriptions comes with many unique challenges, such as:

  • Limitations for using special characters, symbols, and formatting across the copy
  • Limitations for character length of the product title, bullet points, and description
  • Certain prohibited words across different product categories/sub-categories
  • Make quality-related claims that might warrant verifications and approval
  • Mentioning information related to warranties, discounts, or freebies
  • Trying to cross-sell other items from your storefront
  • Keyword density across the product copy
  • Mentioning certifications or global standards
  • Using words that seem like a call-to-action

Outsource Amazon Copywriting to the Real Experts

Our Amazon copywriters habitually write in an optimized manner that goes beyond the scope of inserting keywords. When writers understand digital marketing strategies and buying mindsets, they are more likely to create a description that makes the product feel relevant, a good fit into different lifestyles. These product copies rank higher not just on Amazon’s search result pages, but thorough optimization also prepares the product page to perform better on global search engines like Google and Bing, bringing in clicks apart from Amazon shoppers.

More Reasons to Choose SunTec India for
Amazon Content Writing Services

Along with the promise of 100% unique content, you get the assurance of product descriptions that are:

  • Created by educated writers with close-to-native level of English language proficiency and professional writing skills
  • Optimized with Amazon-specific keywords that we extract using premium, paid tools
  • Drafted in a persuasive tone to bring more clicks, purchases, and recommendations
  • High on explaining a product’s most engaging, boutique features or highlights
  • Industry-best, first attempt approval rate since we adhere to Amazon’s publishing standards
  • Informational but without being too wordy or exhaustive, ensuring high readability and ease of understanding
  • In-sync with a brand’s particular tone or nomenclature and industry-specific terminology
  • High on research using product literature, catalog, marketing copies, website information, etc.
  • Submitted with quick turnarounds, ensuring your Amazon storefront operations are not disrupted

Outsource Amazon Description Writing to SunTec India & Get the Assurance of:

  • 100% business data protection
  • 99.95% data accuracy
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • Secure data transmission & sharing mediums
  • Room to hire multiple writers together to create your dedicated eCommerce writing team
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly service analysis/feedback
  • Ease of integrating other Amazon project specialists, if needed, like data entry operators, marketplace marketers, or storefront managers

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