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With its Data Quality Management, SunTec brings in direct improvements to the bottom line of a German-Based Automobile-parts Manufacturer

The Client

Our client is a German-based automobile-parts manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes automobile parts across the globe. Founded in the year 1960, the company manufactures parts for luxury sports cars, SUVs and sedans, and is known worldwide for innovation, exclusive designs and quality. The firm's guiding principle is to maintain pace with the ever-evolving world with knowledge, creativity and competence.

Project Details

Our client maintains a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps in addressing marketing concerns, evaluating customer interactions and managing data throughout the customer lifecycle in order to increase sales by enriching terms with the customers. Aiming to maintain effective customer communications while delivering quality marketing and sales support, the client needs to ensure uncompromising data quality.

The client's CRM is the customer information hub, with data being collected from several sources such as applications, website, customer service, roadside assistance, marketing data, etc. As information is captured, processed and entered from a multitude of sources, the data needs to be accurate and up-to-date.

Client Requirements

Our client was looking for a reliable outsourcing partner to match, de-duplicate, standardize and merge its dispersed customer records into a Single Customer View (SCV). Considering the meticulousness required to manage large-volume data, our client wanted to assign the task to a dedicated team of professionals that would work day-in and day-out to complete the project within stipulated time-frame. In brief, our client wanted the experts to

  • Append customer data with correct name, contact number and address details, in the right language and for every country of its operations across the globe
  • Manage name and address structures – ensuring that the entries are standardized and normalized
  • Update the database to make sure that the information is current


Given the multiple sources from which data had been collected, it was a challenging task to match customer's multiple entries, do away with redundancies and merge the information to ensure that the system contains accurate, unique and de-duplicated data – providing single view of each customer. Also, another significant challenge was to consolidate customer records in the right language to make sure that the CRM can be used by worldwide dealers and partners.

Solutions Offered by SunTec

SunTec deployed an expert team of 12 professionals, working with a Project Manager, to append customer records and ensure that the information is current and correct to the last detail. Working in shifts, our experts:


Within three weeks, the data management professionals at SunTec could append nearly 1,80,000 customer records and deliver uncompromising data quality, thus helping the automobile-parts manufacturer in improving support for worldwide dealers and partners, ensuring effective customer interactions, improvements in the bottom line and securing brand loyalty.

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