Client Success Story

Streamlining Product Catalogs & Image Retouching for a Leading eCommerce Lighting Store

The client

A Premier eCommerce Website for Contemporary Lighting, Furniture & Decor

Founded in 2004 and based in the USA, our client has a large-scale eCommerce store that offers a premium collection of modern lighting, furniture, and decor items from top brands. They cater to distributors as well as individual buyers through their stores. For people who love unique designs, their product assortments feature exclusive pieces with iconic designs.


eCommerce Catalog Management

In 2007, the client approached us to edit their eCommerce product images- remove or alter the image backgrounds, resize images, change color, and crop pictures. Upon seeing the precision in the work delivered, the client scaled the requirements and further assigned us the responsibility of product catalog management, product listing (including Open Box), and producing 'scale images.'


Managing Complex Product Catalogs across 100+ Diverse Brands

As the client had a huge product line along with diverse product catalog management requirements, there were several intricacies and challenges involved in the project, which included-


Ensuring 100% Accuracy in Product Uploading

Our experts had to fill 80+ attributes and fields of each product, map and verify manufacturer details, enter precise dimensions, carefully outline materials and formulations, and comprehensively describe functionalities and features. Maintaining 100% accuracy at each step required immense precision to mitigate errors.


Manually Verifying Data from Manufacturer's Sites

Having a vast product line with hundreds of variants led to discrepancies in the catalog product data. Before entering data into the portal, our team had to manually verify the product details from the manufacturers' site and fix errors.


100% Precision Required in Product Image Scaling

Generating accurate scale images was an intricate task, especially when only side-angle product images were available. Our team had to meticulously create front-angle scale images within specified timelines


Technical Issues and Glitches

To maintain confidentiality, we exclusively accessed the client's portal through an advanced VPN. Technical issues and glitches like lost connection, slow portal, and software failures were to be addressed promptly, without impacting the deadlines.


Acquaintance to the Client's Proprietary Portal

The client was using NetSuite for product data enrichment, syndication, and management of product images and other digital assets. Being a complex portal with several functionalities, our team had to be quick and adept at understanding the software.


Subject Matter Experts across Client's Product Line

The client had an expansive product catalog with 100+ brands and hundreds of thousands of products across different categories. To work on the project, we needed SMEs who had expertise across clients' products and knew intricate differences in attributes.


End-to-End Product Data Enrichment and Management

Having understood the project requirements, we delegated a team of 20 SMEs to the project. These resources were well-versed in lighting, furniture, and decor items products and knew the client's SKUs. After initial training on the client's vast product line and the use of their proprietary product information management tool, we offered the client the following solution-

Product Image Editing & Scale Image Creation

As a part of our product image editing services, we assigned a dedicated team of six photo editing experts to retouch product images and create scale photos. Their tasks included:

  • Precisely removing or replacing image backgrounds with white backgrounds
  • Accurately re-coloring images for product variation listing creation
  • Creating scale photos that depict products in realistic settings to demonstrate dimensions, relative size, and utility
  • Using original side angle product photos to produce front angle scale images

Product Uploading to the Client's Portal

As a part of product attribute development services, our team was responsible for comprehensively uploading new product data into the client's portal to create listings on their website. Our key tasks under product listing services include:

  • Precisely capturing all product details from Excel files, including attributes for both parent products and their variations.
  • Performing product data research and mapping the extensive product data to the 80+ required data fields in the client portal for creating comprehensive product listings.
  • Manually entering complete data for over 50 products per day into the portal to continuously expand their product catalog
  • Verifying product dimensions, values, and other specifications against manufacturer websites to identify and rectify any data discrepancies or missing information

Creation of OpenBox Listings

Open-box products are previously purchased items returned to the retailer and now resold at a discount. For these unique listings, our team handled:

  • Updating and uploading revised product data to the client portal, including changed conditions or package contents
  • Highlighting the open-box status
  • Adjusting/updating prices on a case-by-case basis
  • Adding separate listings for open-box variants where relevant while linking them to original products

Project Outcomes

Scaled team: Initially started with just three members, and has presently grown to 20 members over 16 years.

Minimal error margin: Through process rigor and quality control, our team has maintained an accuracy rate of over 99% in deliverables.

Enhanced productivity: With optimized workflow, our team has improved productivity by 30% for new product listings and professionally edited scale images.

Accelerated catalog growth: Our solutions have enabled the client to accelerate their catalog management and product upload process by 5X over the years.

Robust security: Our technical expertise and prompt troubleshooting ensure no risks of data security breaches or deadline impacts.


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