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Data Mining Services

Data mining can be complex, time-taking, and resource-intensive, especially for large datasets. Moreover, identifying the right data sources, setting up effective crawlers, and processing large volumes of data further make the data mining process more challenging. This is where outsourcing data mining to a professional company can help!

As a leading data mining company, we can help you overcome these hurdles and enable you to discover, aggregate, and analyze data from diverse internet sources to provide you with the information and insight you need for business intelligence & strategic decision-making. Our trained data mining resources can effectively sift through multiple data sources (using scripts & APIs), such as social media sites, google, blogs, forums, online publications, business directories, etc., and provide you with relevant information quickly.

Data mining for an eCommerce vendor

Our client, A US-based eCommerce merchant, needed help in mining product data for its 200+ beauty products from competitor websites. We enabled the client to scrape various data points such as product prices, product descriptions, and other attributes to understand their competitors better and optimize their product offerings accordingly.

Data mining

Comprehensive Data Mining Solutions Supporting Diverse Business Needs

We offer an extensive range of B2B data mining services that allows businesses to gather market insights, identify patterns, and discover trends, to maintain a competitive edge and make strategic business decisions. Our service offerings include-

Web Data Mining

Using automated and manual data scraping techniques, our professionals extract relevant data from your different web sources, such as online business directories, news/PR sites, review sites, job portals, competitor websites, etc., to aid businesses in lead generation, price intelligence, news monitoring, market research, and more.

Social Media Mining

We can extract needed data points, such as user profiles, posts & comments, brand mentions, deals & promotions, among others, from several social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to provide you with valuable information about competitors, customers, trends, promotions, and more.

Lead/Contact Mining

Our data mining experts provide you access to hyper-targeted lists of potential customers or candidates by extracting contact information (name, email ids, phone numbers, etc.) from various sources, such as social media platforms, business directories, job portal, and public records, and compile them into a database for effective outreach.

eCommerce Product Data Mining

We support eCommerce merchants by collecting product information like SKUs, product descriptions, pricing data, product reviews, product images, etc., and consolidating this information into a database for easy retrieval. This data can be further used for product launch analysis, pricing research, listing population, and other use cases.

Healthcare Data Mining

We provide data mining solutions to hospitals, researchers, insurance companies, and other medical organizations to facilitate quick collection & management of various types of data, including health insurance data, medical claims, data from public EHRs, etc., to support research, competition analysis, clinical decision making, among others.

Financial Data Mining

Our experts are proficient in extracting valuable information from various pertinent sources, such as financial statements, company balance sheets, cash flow statements, etc. They possess the necessary skills to collect, sort, compile, and analyze voluminous and intricate data sets, enabling you to obtain crucial insights from financial data

From Raw Data to Actionable Intelligence: Our Data Mining Workflow

  • Step 1: Requirement analysis
  • Step 2: Data source Identification
  • Step 3: Data scraping/collection
  • Step 4: Database creation
  • Step 5: Performing data quality check
  • Step 6: Preparing the data for analysis
  • Step 7: Data delivery

Why Outsource Data Mining Services to SunTec India?

With a team of highly skilled data mining professionals, we specialize in managing and extracting relevant information from data from any source and presenting it in the format that you need - all within the agreed timeframe. Our automated and manual approach utilizes advanced tools to streamline the data mining process and help you gain insights from complex data sets.

Our distinctive features:

Flexible hiring models
Quick turnaround time
ISO-certified processes
Scalable solutions
Cost-effective solutions
Skilled resources

Don't wait any longer to unlock the insights hidden in your data - connect with us today!

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Client Speak

Client Speak

As a real estate investment agency, we wanted a team of well-trained professionals that can provide us with real-time data on foreclosure, bankruptcy, sheriff sales, and auctions. SunTec India, not only gave us instant access to such a team but also made sure that we can collaborate with them at our convenience. Our remote resources took no time to become an indispensable part of our in-house team and started delivering more than what we had expected; thanks to their expertise and professionalism. We couldn’t have chosen a better service provider.

CEO of a leading firm in US
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