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Data Mining Services

The need for relevant data is never-ending for businesses. However, the collection of heterogeneous data via the right scripts and APIs is usually challenging and time-consuming. This is where our data mining outsourcing services help. As one of the leading data mining service providers, we have skilled data extraction experts who can identify the right data sources, set up effective crawlers, and process large volumes of data.

Our data mining services help you extract relevant information from diverse web sources and sort it as per your use case with over 99% accuracy. You can leverage our data extraction services to expedite insight analysis without the need to invest in technology, infrastructure, or resources. Whether you want to extract lead information, financial data, product data, social media data, or any other data, our B2B data mining services cover it all!

Data Mining Services for Diverse Enterprise Needs

As a leading web data mining company, we have been supporting businesses across multiple industries and niches with business data mining solutions. Our services primarily include:

Web Data Mining Services

By combining the use of automated scrapers, APIs, and manual data mining techniques, our data mining company can scrape information from any of your preferred sources- websites, online directories, research papers, portals, competitor sites, etc. You can further use this data for various purposes, including market research, sentiment analysis, customer behavior analysis, and so on.

Social Media Data Mining

As part of social media data mining services, we perform data mining from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Based on your requirements, our data mining specialists collect several multi-format data points, like user profiles, posts & comments, brand mentions, images, videos, contact details, etc. You can analyze this data to get valuable information about competitors, customers, trends, and more.

The growing competitiveness has put pressure on companies to improve their customer relationship management strategies. Where mass marketing techniques prove inadequate, lead management provides a customized approach to customer acquisition. Lead management depends on the correct selection of potential leads from massive volumes of prospects and customers. Trust SunTec India, one of the leading web data mining companies, for lead generation and prospect discovery services to get highly relevant prospect data for better sales.

eCommerce Product Information Research

Our data mining outsourcing services can help you quickly scrape product information from manufacturer sites, competitor sites, marketplaces, etc. Our experts can extract SKUs, product descriptions, prices, images & other product data and consolidate this information into a database for easy retrieval. You can further use this data for product launch analysis, competitor research, product listing, etc.

Healthcare Data Mining

With our data mining services, you can get access to relevant healthcare data from diverse medical organizations, medical journals, publications, hospital websites, databases, online EHRs, and other sources. Our HIPAA-certified data mining company can scrape numerous data points in a quick turnaround time and provide you with a sorted and standardized database for research and development, fraud detection, and other applications.

As a part of business data mining services, we can support your competitor analysis by collecting relevant information about your competitors from their websites, b2b listing sites, social media, industry reports, etc. Our professionals can scrape any publicly available information- eCommerce product pricing, financial data, promotions, marketing strategies, product offerings, customer reviews, etc. and compile the information in a consolidated database.

Our data mining experts have experience in working with diverse types of financial data, including stock prices, company financial statements, customer transactions, and more. We can effectively gather relevant financial data from various sources, like financial institutions, regulatory bodies, public databases, etc., to support your goals- investment strategies, fraud detection, credit risk management, etc.

As a significant amount of information is stored in PDF documents and images, our data extraction services can help you capture information from large PDF documents & scanned images. Since image files may contain several elements (like text, numbers, or figures), our business data mining services also include data processing and formatting, so you can easily analyze the final dataset.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

A Study conducted by SunTec India on 50+ clients.

Data Mining Workflow

  • Requirement analysis

    We establish contact and understand your specific business needs.

  • Data source identification

    If the sources are not specified, we discover relevant data sources for web data mining.

  • Data scraping/collection

    We perform data mining using APIs, scripts, crawlers, or manual techniques.

  • Database creation

    The collected data is compiled into a consolidated database.

  • Data processing

    We transform the data into a structured format for analysis or pattern discovery.

  • Data delivery

    We deliver the data in your preferred format via encrypted email or secured FTP server.

Why Outsource Data Mining Services to us?

You can experience time and cost savings by outsourcing data mining services to our team. It will also eliminate the need to set-up an in-house team for business data mining while giving you more time to focus on unlocking valuable data insights.

Other benefits of partnering with SunTec India include:

Quick turnaround time

We have the capacity to build custom crawlers quickly and even perform manual data mining to provide you with the necessary information within a quick turnaround time.

Multi-time zone support

Our teams work in shifts 24*6 to work in your preferred time zone and provide you with uninterrupted services & customer support at all times.

Complete data security

We are ISO-certified. Furthermore, we sign NDAs, use encrypted data transmission, & have supervised operations for uncompromised data security.

Free sample

Before you sign a contract with us, to help you gauge our expertise, we perform data mining for a sample dataset and provide you with the required data in your desired format.

Skilled resources

We have a team of subject matter experts and skilled resources who have extensive experience in performing data mining for diverse niches and industries.

Use of best tools & practices

As one of the leading data mining service providers, we use the best tools and techniques to perform data mining to meet your business needs.

Data Heterogeneity & Ambiguity Making your Data Mining Process Complicated? Not Anymore!

Turn to our business data mining services and get a complete solution for all your data mining challenges. To discuss your project, request a sample, or get a free quotation, reach out to our team at info@suntecindia.com.

Data Mining Services: FAQs

Data mining service is the process of extracting valuable data from large sets of data (databases, websites, social media, web portals, etc.) to uncover patterns, predict future trends, segment customers, detect fraud, optimize processes, and support decision-making.

Data mining outsourcing can help businesses in several ways, including:

  • Access to skilled professionals who are experienced in data mining & analysis techniques.
  • Cost-effective option compared to hiring resources & building an in-house team for business data mining.
  • Quick scaling up or down your data mining needs based on the project requirements.
  • Allows you to focus on core business operations and competencies.
  • Data mining service providers are dedicated to delivering timely and efficient results.

Yes, data mining is legal as long as it complies with relevant laws and regulations governing data mining practices for data privacy and protection. At SunTec India, we ensure to adhere to data protection laws and function within legal boundaries only.

Our data mining services cover different industries and verticals, including real estate, healthcare, advertising, finance, academics, legal, eCommerce, etc.

Being ISO 27001:2022 certified for data security, we follow stringent data protection measures, including:

  • Round-the-clock data security monitoring
  • Secure data transfer via FTP and VPN
  • Data backup management
  • NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for every project.

At SunTec India, we can extract data from any of your specified sources. Common sources of our data collection services include websites, PDFs, online portals, documents, social media, online databases, excel files, enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, etc.), business reports, and marketplaces, among others.

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As a real estate investment agency, we wanted a team of well-trained professionals that can provide us with real-time data on foreclosure, bankruptcy, sheriff sales, and auctions. SunTec India, not only gave us instant access to such a team but also made sure that we can collaborate with them at our convenience. Our remote resources took no time to become an indispensable part of our in-house team and started delivering more than what we had expected; thanks to their expertise and professionalism. We couldn’t have chosen a better service provider.

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