Client Success Story

Discover How our eCommerce Product Taxonomy Development Services Reduced Product Upload Time by 60% for a Client

The client

An Organization Creating an Inclusive eCommerce Platform for Thousands of Sellers

Our client is creating a user-friendly, large-scale marketplace to facilitate seamless connections between buyers and sellers. Their primary objective is to attract online sellers, particularly small and mid-sized businesses, by enabling them to register and sell on the platform without paying heavy commissions. So far, the client has successfully onboarded thousands of sellers.


A Universal, Detailed Taxonomy Structure Applicable to Various Product Lines

The client approached us to develop a logical and unique taxonomy for products falling into different categories. The taxonomy had to be detailed enabling every seller to list their products within the right categories. Our taxonomy development experts had to study Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, and other eCommerce stores and marketplaces as a part of preliminary research and then prepare a taxonomy structure.

However, the initial challenges for our team were:

  • Create a unique taxonomy that could fit all products from different sellers
  • Create categories that can be applied to multiple product lines
  • Maintain high-level keyword searching throughout
  • Manage a large number of product attributes and variations within the taxonomy
  • Prepare attributes as per product line and search for maximum valid values for each attribute

We wanted to develop a comprehensive taxonomy for our marketplace. As we have thousands of sellers registered within our platform and are also planning to expand our reach, we wanted to create a common taxonomy that could incorporate all product categories of our sellers. All thanks to SunTec India's team who took this project and helped us get a complete taxonomy structure in such a short time span.

- Client


Product Taxonomy Development and Product Attribute Creation

Considering the above challenges, we allotted a team of six dedicated professionals to perform the following tasks-


Define & Create a Taxonomy Structure

Taking reference from the taxonomy developed by other marketplace giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and understanding the client's product line & industry, we prepared a complete and detailed hierarchical structure with appropriate categories and tags up to 4 levels (main category- sub-category 1, sub-category 1.1, and product type 1.1.1). We worked on finalizing the taxonomy design structure, content inclusion, nomenclature, and labeling. Our experts also created the code for every category for the backend system of the client.


Product Attributes Creation

Once the taxonomy was defined and approved by the client, we moved on to the next step of creating and defining product attributes from scratch. This involved setting up 'global attributes' (like product name, brand, manufacturer, price, product quality, etc.) 'general attributes' (such as gender, recommended age, color, size, etc.), and 'specific' attributes (including skin type, usage, ingredients, hair type, etc, based on specific products).


Catalog Management and Product Upload

After establishing a clear taxonomy for the client and defining product attributes, our team is currently engaged in managing product catalogs and uploading products (of the client's clientele) into the backend system of the client. Our team constantly updates and maintains product catalogs to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

Project Outcomes

We delivered a comprehensive taxonomy ready to be imported into the client's system in just two months.

The client is now able to successfully onboard its sellers and allow them to categorize their products in the appropriate categories

Our solutions have ensured speedy navigation and easy product discoverability, ensuring a better customer experience and easy checkout.

We reduced the product upload time by 60%, resulting in more efficient operations for sellers registered with the client.


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