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Discover How our Medical Records Indexing & Cleansing Services Helps a Healthcare Consultant Reduce the Claim Denial Rate by 40% for its Clientele

The client

A Prominent US-Based Healthcare Consultant

Our client, a renowned medical consultant in the USA, empowers healthcare institutions and physicians to streamline their medical document preparation for seamless reimbursement from insurance companies. With 95% of Americans possessing medical insurance, our client's services ensure a swift and hassle-free process, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on providing top-quality care to their patients without having to worry about medical procedure reimbursements.


Solution for Managing Large-Volume Medical Records

The client was facing challenges in managing and organizing a large volume of medical records from multiple facilities to facilitate insurance claims and reporting. The client was in need of professional assistance in sorting information, indexing medical records, and creating comprehensive medical logs of patients' documents. The project also required a skilled team of professionals who were experienced in handling confidential medical records, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations, and maintaining the highest level of security.

After teaming up with new hospitals, our workload skyrocketed by 5X. The surge in medical document volumes required accurate medical records cleansing, indexing, and summarization. After consulting with SunTec India and conveying our requirements, we decided to entrust their team with the project. Their expertise and confidence in handling our needs gave us assurance that could successfully resolve our business challenges.

- Client


Tackling the Tedious Task of Sorting and Indexing Medical Documents

  • One of the major challenges of this project is to understand a wide variety of medical documents from different facilities. This requires a deep understanding of the medical field and the ability to navigate different formats and terminology quickly.
  • Another significant challenge is to read and interpret handwritten information in PDFs, including patient names, dates, and healthcare professional signatures. This requires careful attention to detail and the ability to decipher difficult-to-read handwriting.
  • We are required to manually read instructions from the client and then sort, clean, and index voluminous medical documents ranging from 50 to 600 pages which is tedious and time-consuming.
  • Scrutinize large volumes of medical documents to extract relevant data (test results, procedures, impressions, etc.) and prepare comprehensive logs of each document manually.

Streamlining & Organizing Medical Data with Proven Data Support


Medical Data Cleansing

We received medical documents in the form of PDFs within the client's portal. To make sure that the PDF contains only relevant and accurate information, we have assigned a team of five healthcare data experts to the project who review and clean the data stored in PDFs. As a part of data cleansing , our experts remove duplicates, blank sheets, and irrelevant documents (the client provided the list of useful healthcare documentation).


Healthcare Records Indexing

Once we complete the data cleansing stage, we take the next step of sorting documents, re-ordering, and aligning the remaining documents to ensure that the correct sequence is maintained. Our team arranges the documents date-wise and in chronological order, meticulously verifying the accuracy of the information at each stage of the process.

The final step is to create a new PDF document that contains only the most relevant and accurate information. These healthcare documents are then sent to the medical coding team, who forwards them to the insurance claims companies.


Clinical Data Abstraction & Log Creation

In addition to our previous undertaking, we also create medical logs that entail vital information, such as the patient name, date, demographic information, diagnostic and treatment-related information, claim number, document type, test results, etc., consolidated in a single Word file. As a part of our clinical data abstraction services, our team meticulously evaluates each medical document, extracting all pertinent details to prepare a comprehensive summary of all procedure details required for quick medical reimbursement.

Safeguarding our Client's Data against Security Threats

To protect our clients' sensitive medical data, we have implemented the following procedures:

  • We signed an NDA to protect our client's confidential data
  • Being an ISO 27001-certified company for data and information security, we follow the best industry-standard practices for client's data security.
  • As a leading healthcare BPO, we adhere to all relevant regulations, including HIPAA, to ensure our client's data is secure.

HIPAA Compliant Company

SunTec India: A HIPAA-Compliant Medical Data Support Provider

To protect our clients' sensitive medical data, we have implemented the following procedures:

  • Protecting the privacy and security of client's healthcare data
  • Implementing technical safeguards on client's data
  • Ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Training in-house staff on HIPAA compliance
  • Ensuring compliance by associated third-party vendors
  • Conducting data compliance audits and risk assessments
  • Avoiding noncompliance penalties for clients

Project Outcomes

By filing accurate healthcare insurance documents, the client has substantially improved the revenue cycle management of its partnered healthcare institutions.

Scaled up the medical records cleaning & indexing from 2000 pages per day in 2017 to around 6500 pages per day.

Accelerated insurance claim processing speed by 2X.

Achieved a 40% reduction in claim denial by insurance companies across all facilities, with accurate records.

The client signed us as their ongoing medical data support partner


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