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Resolve Amazon Account Issues Quickly with Effective Case Management Services

Case Management Services for Amazon

Amazon is known for offering excellent customer support. However, the same level of support is not extended to Amazon sellers and vendors. Resolving issues by reaching out to the Amazon support team through 'creating and managing cases' can be time-consuming and frustrating due to the following reasons-

  • The support team might provide canned answers
  • It can close your case without properly resolving them
  • There is a need to open cases repeatedly for inappropriate responses
  • For complex cases, it may take longer to resolve issues

This can be best handled with our professional Amazon case management services. Our experts are well-versed in Amazon's case management guidelines & can manage your cases end-to-end through timely and appropriate follow-up. By providing comprehensive information/documentation, responding timely, and staying engaged, we ensure to help you close cases quickly and effectively manage your business on the marketplace.

Fully-Managed Case Management Services for Amazon

Over the years, we have assisted 800+ Amazon sellers and vendors streamline their accounts and manage a wide range of support needs. We act as an extension to your team and support you with:

Vendor Central Case Management

Registered vendors often struggle with deleting a product listing, re-activating a blocked or inactive listing due to restricted products, revoking the suspension of an account, changing/updating product-related information, correcting listing errors, managing shipment problems, creating product variations, and managing other issues. This is mainly because every key action in vendor central is performed by opening a case for assistance.

Our services help vendors manage Vendor Central cases for all such issues and requests. As a part of our case management services, we open a Vendor Central case, clearly communicate your issue or change request to Amazon's support team, follow up in a timely manner, and provide appropriate responses to facilitate quick resolution and case closure.

Seller Central Case Management

Our experts open Seller Central cases when you need to report a problem or request support from Amazon. We clearly explain the issue in detail to ensure Amazon understands what needs to be addressed. Furthermore, we follow up on your open cases to check their status and provide any additional information required. When appropriate actions are taken, we close the case. However, if Amazon closes a case without fully addressing your issue, we reopen the case until a satisfactory resolution is provided.

Walkthrough of our Case Creation Process

  • Case creation

    We initiate a new case by contacting Amazon support through your Seller Central or Vendor Central platform.

  • Case follow up

    We keep ourselves updated on all the case details and follow up with Amazon's support team until a satisfactory resolution is provided.

  • Documentation & record keeping

    Our experts maintain complete case records (initial issue, ASINs, SKUs, case details) to provide a reference for future interactions & keep track of case progress.

  • Case escalation

    For complex cases that require more support from Amazon, we follow the escalation procedures & reach out to Amazon's support representatives for assistance.

  • Case closing

    The Amazon support team closes resolved cases. If the resolution is unsatisfactory, we reopen the case and repeat the process.

Why Choose us for Amazon Case Support?

Case management can be one of the most challenging aspects of managing your seller central or vendor central account. Our dedicated team helps relieve that burden through diligent case management services tailored to your needs. We follow up relentlessly and provide appropriate responses, aiming to resolve cases quickly and efficiently.

Our clients have witnessed proven results, so can you!

50X faster case resolution

99% case closure rate

24/7 case monitoring

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Amazon Case Management Services: FAQs

A new case can be opened by clicking on "Help" > "Get Support" on your Amazon Seller Central page. You can further check all the case details under "Case log."

To create a new case, click "Help" in the corner of your Vendor Central page. Then click on "Contact Us" at the button of the pop-up. Select the issue and describe your request to create a new case.

Several issues can be resolved through case management including item suppression, issues with product pages, fulfillment issues, billing issues, product data updates, service changes, etc.

Amazon responds to cases within 24-48 hours. However, it may sometimes take longer or provide unsatisfactory answers if the case is complex or there are multiple requests.