Client Success Story

Enhancing Product Photos for a Premium eStore of International Luxury Brands

The client

A Leading eCommerce Store for the Best International Luxury Brands

Founded in 2001, our client is a leading Italian luxury fashion eCommerce store. Initially focused on footwear and leather goods, the client expanded in 2007 to launch an additional online store dedicated to men's and women's luxury clothing and accessories.

The client operates a premium online store that features best-in-class selections from top international designers across categories including clothing, accessories, bags, and footwear. Known for carrying exclusive labels/brands, our client has established itself as a go-to destination for luxury online shopping.


High-End Photo Retouching for Branded Products

As a premium luxury fashion eCommerce store, our client requires faultless product images to properly showcase its extensive offerings from high-end designers. However, editing the large volume of product photos across categories like clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes was proving challenging internally.

Seeking eCommerce photo editing services, the client approached us in 2013 to edit product images across all luxury categories, maintain strict quality, and follow detailed guidelines for each product type. Starting with an initial focus on clothing images, the client delegated us all the different product categories.


High Perfection Needed in Luxury Brands' Image Editing Despite Complexity, Language Barriers, Volume & Platform Hurdles

  • High Image Quality Standards

    To showcase luxury brand products, image quality standards were extremely high with no tolerance for errors or imperfections. Even minor issues resulted in rejected images. Thus, close precision and high-zoom stumping were required in our product photo editing services when editing intricate product photos.

  • Unique Editing Guidelines for Each Category

    Detailed and unique editing instructions were provided by the client across the extensive product categories covering clothing, accessories, bags, and footwear. Our team needed to understand and follow guidelines for each product type.

  • Language Barriers

    Operating within the client's Italian-language portal posed initial translation difficulties when understanding editing directions. Our team had to diligently understand the instructions and follow them without fail.

  • Higher Workload with Quick TAT

    Our team had to edit over 20,000 new high-resolution product images on a monthly basis for the client. Even the images with re-working or feedback had to be re-edited in real time to ensure no delay or backlog.

  • Familiarity with the Client's Proprietary Platform

    Our team had to familiarize ourselves with the client's proprietary portal for uploading & downloading images, we found it somewhat complex to navigate and operate efficiently, especially as it was in the Italian language.


Addressing Precise Photo Editing Needs across Different Product Segments

To meet the project's editing requirements, we assembled a dedicated team of 15 photo editors to handle fluctuating daily workloads and process images promptly. The client conducted training sessions to familiarize our team with their portal and guidelines. Once equipped with the necessary portal and guideline training, we provided the client tailored solutions for each product segment:


Photo Editing for the Clothing Segment

As the luxury segment is very demanding, for clothing products, our experts performed the following tasks-

  • Edge-to-edge cutouts- We use advanced clipping path techniques to carefully remove backgrounds to provide a clean, transparent background showcasing the apparel clearly against a pure white backdrop.
  • Wrinkles removal of products- Even minor wrinkles or folds can detract from luxury clothing. Our photo editors carefully examine images and smoothen any visible wrinkles in the fabric or threads for a smooth appearance.
  • Skin retouching services- We retouch the clothing model's skin as needed. Our experts remove temporary blemishes while keeping the result realistic. We also edit neck and facial hair if required by the guidelines.
  • Product straightening- As the luxury market demands perfection, we use advanced photo editing tools to refine the garments so that they hang precisely straight.
  • Image cropping- Following the guidelines provided by the client, we crop images precisely to highlight the product and comply with the client's image specifications
  • Tag removal- Our photo editing experts are responsible for removing any visible branding tags, embroidery, or markings on the apparel unless otherwise directed.
image alignment and smoothening
Cloth photo editing
photo editing for apparel
blemish removal

Photo Editing for Accessories & Bag Segment

Compared to other segments, editing these products was challenging as the instructions for editing these images were stringent and the images were intricate.

  • Image cutout and background removal- We perform precise edge-to-edge clipping path cutouts and place them against a pure white background to highlight the client's accessory/bags.
  • Perspective correction of products- Our experts are required to correct the angles of originally provided product images of bags and accessories and carefully reposition the products to best display the product.
  • Surface enhancement- To show subtle textures of leather goods, bags, and other accessories, our editors enhance surface properties to enrich the textures and details according to the product's look.
  • Image cropping & maintaining aspect ratio- We receive canvas guide grids indicating the correct model and product placement and deliver photos exactly to client specifications. We further ensure proper vertical/horizontal product alignment within the composition grids.
  • Belt/strap refinement- Our editors meticulously straighten or thicken the bag and accessory straps to make them appear perfect. If belt end tips, corners, or other small details are obscured or missing in the source images, we recreate them realistically.
product refinement perspective correction for luxury brand
product straightening
product belt/strap refinement
perspective correction services for luxury brand
perspective correction

Photo Editing for the Footwear Segment

As a part of photo editing services for premium brands, we also edited footwear images and performed the following tasks-

  • Product photo cutouts: We perform expert clipping path cutouts, showing footwear items against a pure white backdrop. We further extract original product shadows that add depth and embed them onto the white backdrop.
  • Recreation of product gaps: Missing elements obscured from view or lost in the background removal (shoe heels, sole edges, or lace tips) are realistically re-created by our photo editing professionals to complete the image.
  • Product retouching: Any threads, logos, tags, or debris not part of the product are digitally removed by our experts. We further adjust the alignment of all footwear details including logos, stitching, and laces.
product photo retouching
photo retouching for luxury brand

Our Workflow

  1. Our team receives photos directly from the client's photography team who upload images simultaneously on the client's portal.

  2. Our team downloads 20 images at a time and creates folders as per the image naming convention.

  3. We receive detailed editing guidelines provided in PDF format by the client. Our editors thoroughly review these instructions before editing each new batch.

  4. We follow guidelines, edit images within a 24-hour turnaround, create a bulk folder, and upload them back to the portal in their assigned category.

  5. The client's portal automatically generates automated email notifications to both our team and the client, confirming the successful completion of the upload.

Project Outcomes

With our dedicated support and solutions, we helped the client to achieve-

Streamlined operations

Our editors rapidly overcame language and became adept at navigating the proprietary Italian-language client portal, ensuring an efficient ongoing workflow.

Expanded partnership

Recognizing our dedication and high editing quality, the client scaled our photo work volumes and made us their only retouching partner.

Quick image retouching

By delegating photo editing to our team, the client increased their image editing speed by 5X. Outsourcing our premium products photo editing services empowered them to redirect focus to core operations.

Negligible rejection rate

Our photo editing services for luxury brands ensure extremely accurate results. So far, the rework and rejection rates are just 2% and 0.5% respectively over years of service.


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