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Empower your Business Decisions & Marketing Efforts with Professional Data Scrubbing Services

Data Cleansing/Scrubbing Services

Get rid of inconsistent, duplicate, and inaccurate information and keep your company data up-to-date with data cleansing services from SunTec India.

As a leading data cleaning company, we have helped numerous clients create a robust data infrastructure & gain tangible results at the most cost-effective prices. With 25+ years of experience in providing data scrubbing services, we are equipped to help you discover valuable insights by sorting and fixing dirty data that comes from diverse sources. Furthermore, our data experts help in making your company data actionable using the best data cleansing methods.

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Data Scrubbing Services

Grow your Business with Consistent & Coherent Data

  • Amplify marketing efforts
  • Improve customer acquisition efforts
  • Build accurate machine learning models
  • Get better email response rate
  • Enhance the decision making process
  • Target the right audience

Our Database Cleaning Service Offerings

Record Correction

Well-maintained and up-to-date company data is an absolute must for you to stay competitive. As a part of our database cleansing services, we validate & correct your records meticulously to eradicate unwanted and irrelevant entries. By doing this, we equip you with a complete dataset that can be used for multiple purposes, like enhanced customer communication, better targeting, or improved email campaign ROIs.

Your huge database is of little value if the information contained in the entries is incomplete. We add value to your data by using multiple data enrichment techniques to identify missing values & update your data files for complete information. Our seasoned data experts append and collect relevant data from different sources to give you up-to-date and comprehensive information within your dataset.

Our database cleanup services also involve cleaning mailing lists in which our data professionals identify and remove inactive, obsolete, and invalid email ids of your customers. This boosts your email marketing efforts & drives a better response rate for your campaigns.

In almost all databases, similar data attributes are often registered in different formats. For example, 'Mister' may be entered as Mr., mr., or mister. Our database cleaning services are focused on providing a well-formatted database & fix these issues in your data, thereby giving you coherent and sorted datasets.

Data collected from different sources can be heterogeneous, and so, with data standardization, we ensure to make it uniform and consistent across platforms. Under this process, we bring data into a standard format to make sure that your data is easy-to-access and retrieve.

Duplicate data can hamper productivity and make retrieval of the required information a cumbersome task. Database ambiguity also impacts decision-making and insight discovery negatively. As a part of our data hygiene services, we remove duplicate information from your data to make it an agile source of pertinent information.

At the final step in information cleansing, we add value to your data by validating all the information stored in source files or datasets. Our data experts ensure that all the entries are correct. This verified and enriched data enables you to make well-informed decisions.

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Why Do You Need Professional Data Cleansing Services?

Data cleansing is crucial for overall data management and indispensable to accurate data analysis and insight discovery.

However, cleansing your company's data on your own or developing an in-house team is not feasible for everyone. It is time taking, resource-intensive, and may require significant investment (in infrastructure) if attempted in-house. Plus, to get the desired results, you need competent resources, an enhanced understanding of data management, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced tools.

Outsourcing professional data cleansing services to an experienced and reputed data scrubbing company is a cost-effective way to access enterprise-grade solutions and skilled data professionals.

  • Quicker decision-making process

  • Dedicated team engagement

  • Access to talented data experts

  • High-volume data processing capability

  • Accurate and high-quality services

  • Increased team efficiency

Why Outsource Data Scrubbing Services to SunTec India?

If you want to outsource data scrubbing services to a trusted service provider, SunTec India can be the right choice for you.

As one of the most experienced data cleaning companies, we have 1500+ skilled resources, ISO-certified processes, and advanced tools to help you get quality services in a quick turnaround time.

At SunTec India, we provide high-quality data scrubbing services at cost-effective prices to diverse industry domains, including but not limited to banking, retail, real estate, insurance, healthcare, education, transportation, travel, etc. With an optimum blend of competent professionals and advanced technology, we help you maintain a clean and up-to-date database.

Data Hygiene Process Workflow

  • Collect & analyze data to check for errors, anomalies, and inconsistent entries.
  • Erase irrelevant data and add missing information to your data.
  • Identify duplicate entries & remove them to resolve redundancy issues.
  • Standardize & normalize data to present it in a uniform & consistent manner.
  • Perform integrity checks to further ensure data accuracy and quality.

Get Better Value from your Data: Turn to our Data Cleansing Services

Turn your business data into a competitive market advantage with our data scrubbing services. Leverage our expertise, rich technology culture, and advanced practices to deliver a targeted and tangible ROI from your data points.

By simply outsourcing data scrubbing services to our specialists, you can save time, money, and effort. In addition, we also offer CRM data cleansing services to help you cleanse your CRM data and get reliable customer data for improved communication & better targeting.

At SunTec India, cleaning data is just the first step to creating a smooth inflow of insights. Our data specialists take care of it and provide you with valid prospect information, a high-quality data set, enhanced communications, and a higher likelihood of ROI.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

A Study conducted by SunTec India on 50+ clients.

Advantages of Partnering with SunTec India: A Leading Data Cleansing Company

  • 25+ years of industry experience

  • 100% client satisfaction

  • 99.95% data accuracy

  • ISO-certified processes

  • Up to 60-70% cost savings

  • NDA-secured data confidentiality

  • Data and IP protection

  • Encrypted transmission mediums

  • 24*7 support availability

Let us Help you Overcome Your Biggest Data Cleaning Challenges

Need help with data scrubbing? Leverage our data cleansing services & maximize your ROI.

To discuss your requirements, request a free quote, or place a service inquiry, write to us at info@suntecindia.com. If you would like to test our expertise before making a decision, please write to us for a free trial.

Outsource Data Cleansing Services: FAQs

Data cleansing is the process of removing incorrect, duplicate, irrelevant or incomplete data within a database. As data combined from different sources may have errors, duplicate entries, or inaccurate information, the data scrubbing process ensures that the data is accurate and up-to-date.

Yes, data cleansing & data scrubbing are the same thing and are often used interchangeably.

At SunTec India, we promise to deliver cost-effective data cleansing services. However, the final cost may vary depending upon your unique requirements and other factors like project complexity, data volume, etc.

To share your requirements & get a free quote, you can write to us at info@suntecindia.com

Today, clean data acts as the foundation for business decision-making. Furthermore, data cleansing practices help you to:

  • Improve data quality
  • Save money
  • Boost marketing efforts
  • Minimize compliance risks
  • Lead to better sales prospecting
  • Increases productivity
  • Make data ready for analysis
  • Saves time & effort

Cleaning email lists is a proven way to boost your email marketing efforts. It helps in-

  • Improving your click rates
  • Increasing email deliverability
  • Replacing invalid email ids with accurate ids
  • Saving you from spam traps
  • Reducing your email bounce rate

Our data cleansing services primarily involve the following steps:

  • Identifying and checking for errors
  • Validating & verifying data accuracy
  • Standardizing records
  • Adding missing information
  • Checking for duplicate entries & removing them
  • Presenting data in a uniform format

Once your database is deduplicated, verified, validated, formatted, and cleansed, we send you the file in your preferred format including Excel, CSV, PDF, SQL database, XML, TIFF, etc.

Most part of data cleansing is done using advanced data cleansing & scrubbing tools. These tools help in identifying loopholes, incorrect data, and duplicate data. While some aspects require human intervention to further ensure data accuracy. At SunTec India, we use both automated and manual data cleansing practices.

Clean data allows you to strategize and implement your marketing campaigns with accuracy in customer records. Furthermore, clean data from data scrubbing processes helps in:

  • Creating personalized marketing campaigns
  • Segmenting your customers' email lists
  • Boosting email marketing efforts
  • Targeting customers precisely
  • Getting accurate details of potential & existing customers
  • Measuring marketing results more effectively
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