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Fast, Rapid, and Efficient Conversion of Medical Documents into PubMed-Compliant XML

PubMed Conversion Services

Medical journals, articles, manuscripts, etc., must be converted into PubMed to facilitate enhanced storage and distribution of critical medical information. Partner with SunTec India for a suite of PubMed conversion services, aimed at supporting associate association & commercial publishers, and institutional repositories in submitting medical articles and journals to PubMed Central Library, the digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. Authors/Publishers sent their articles to PubMed Central in XML or SGML format, using a variety of article DTDs.

We have a dedicated team of PubMed XML conversion specialists, who efficiently convert medical journals and articles into PubMed-compliant XML format as per the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification.

Why Should you Go for PubMed XML Conversion Services?

PubMed is a free search engine used for managing the MEDLINE database (containing abstracts and references for biomedical and life sciences streams.) The main goal of PubMed XML conversion services is to format your documents and facilitate easy retrieval, access, and availability of your medical records with improved storage.

Certain benefits of PubMed conversion services are unique to businesses. However, many of them run along a similar track

  • Simplified citation management
  • Individual term translations
  • Easy search for documents with global access
  • The badge of being highly authoritative
  • Operator & formatting independent document access

In addition, when you outsource PubMed conversion services to a well-established vendor, it amplifies your advantage by minimizing any chances of error while ensuring better accuracy, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Submitting to PubMed Central, an XML-Based Archive of Life Sciences Journal Articles

With PubMed XML conversion services, SunTec India assists global clients in converting bio-medical journals/ articles of varied subjects like Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Environment and Public Health, and Science & Biological Sciences into NLM prescribed PubMed XML format. Our experts can convert files in various formats like Word, Text, PDF, SGML, ePub, etc, while complying with JATS specifications.

  • Process PubMed journals DTD or schema
  • Process scientific charts and formulae, and graphics consistent with the standards of PubMed Central Library
  • Convert content in Bookshelf XML for Books, and NLM XMS for Manuscripts and Journals, adhering to JATS Specifications
  • Convert content in PDF, Word, Text or any other format to XML format in compliance with NCBI or PubMed standards
  • Use of cutting-edge applications for the conversion of files and content
  • Content tagging for PubMed specific DTD schemas
  • Thorough content quality checks, error identification, and elimination
  • High-tech data processing techniques for hand-written documents
  • Strict adherence to the PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite
  • Careful conversion of niche-specific, highly personalized medical, biomedical, and life sciences documents

Our PubMed conversion experts process complex images and scientific formulae in accordance with the content submission guidelines of the PubMed Central Library. Further, the content is tagged in tune with PubMed DTD/ Schema. Our QA team also carries out quality checks to ensure the error-free outcomes.

Hire PubMed Conversion Service Providers: Get Access to Experts at SunTec India

Expertise, precision, and commitment- That’s the SunTec India advantage that we provide to all our clients.

We are an established IT and Data outsourcing support company with global operations. Our services comprise several industry verticals, support enterprises across domains, and bring in the expected outcomes at all costs. As a prominent presence in the outsourcing arena worldwide, we have served 8530+ organizations with a team of best-in-class developers, data experts, designers, content engineers, support staff, and process managers.

If you are looking to hire PubMed conversion service providers with a stellar reputation, a knack for perfection, and a consistent workflow that yields results without fail, we are the right choice. Here’s why-

  • Advanced PubMed XML conversion services
  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • ISO-certified processes
  • Integrated, high-quality QA
  • Save up to 50-60% in PubMed conversion
  • Industry’s best project turnaround time
  • Dedicated teams and project manager
  • Enterprise-grade communication systems
  • Encrypted data and IP protection
  • NDA-assured confidentiality
  • Rich technology culture
  • Competitive Pricing

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Transform the way you deal with documents and enhance your operational efficiency as well as brand reputation with our PubMed conversion company. With a comprehensive and multidimensional range of PubMed conversion services, our professionals make sure that your biomedical documents, medical journals, and articles are accepted and approved by the PubMed Central Library in a single go.

If you want to outsource PubMed conversion services to the SunTec India team, discuss your project with our specialists, or resolve a query regarding our PubMed XML conversion process, get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com.

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