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PubMed Conversion Services

Medical journals, articles, manuscripts, etc., must be converted into PubMed to facilitate enhanced storage and distribution of critical medical information. Partner with SunTec India for a suite of PubMed conversion services, aimed at supporting associate association & commercial publishers, and institutional repositories in submitting medical articles and journals to PubMed Central Library, the digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. Authors/Publishers sent their articles to PubMed Central in XML or SGML format, using a variety of article DTDs.

We have a dedicated team of PubMed XML conversion specialists, who efficiently convert medical journals and articles into PubMed-compliant XML format as per the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification.

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Submitting to PubMed Central, an XML-based Archive of Life Sciences Journal Articles

With PubMed XML conversion services, SunTec India assists global clients in converting bio-medical journals/ articles of varied subjects like Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Environment and Public Health, and Science & Biological Sciences into NLM prescribed PubMed XML format. Our experts can convert files in various formats like Word, Text, PDF, SGML, ePub, etc., while complying with JATS specifications.

  • Process PubMed journals DTD or schema
  • Process scientific charts and formulae, and graphics consistent with the standards of PubMed Central Library
  • Convert content in Bookshelf XML for Books, and NLM XMS for Manuscripts and Journals, adhering to JATS Specifications
  • Convert content in PDF, Word, Text or any other format to XML format in compliance with NCBI or PubMed standards
  • Use of cutting-edge applications for the conversion of files and content

Our PubMed conversion experts process complex images and scientific formulae in accordance to the content submission guidelines of the PubMed Central Library. Further, the content is tagged in tune with PubMed DTD/ Schema. Our QA team also carries out quality checks to ensure error-free outcome.

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With our PubMed conversion services, we make sure that the medical journals and articles are accepted and approved by the PubMed Central Library in one go. To find out more, get in touch with us today. You can also send us your project specifications at info@suntecindia.com and get a FREE TRIAL.

"My company makes use of a range of services offered by SunTec Digital. I am impressed with how SunTec is able to negotiate and deliver various different projects with reliable production and attentive customer service."Lindsay D'Andrea, Production, Boston, Massachusetts