f Case Study- AI-Powered Automated Order Processing Solution
Client Success Story

Automated Order Processing System Developing an AI-Powered Automated Order Processing System for a Leading Pool Supplies Provider

The Client

AI-Powered Automated Order Processing for Leading Pool Supplies Provider

Experience a 70% rise in efficiency with 5X faster order processing. AI-powered order processing system developed by SunTec India has simplified and automated order management, order tracking and has also optimized workflows. The system has boosted profit margins, made the entire order placement and delivery process simpler and fast, and thus has taken the user experience to an altogether different level.

A Leading Aquatic & Pool Supplies Provider

The client is one of the top suppliers of pool essentials and other decorative pool items and has over 25 years of experience. The client aims to develop a user-friendly online store, using which the customers can explore and buy from a wide range of pool essentials from the comfort of their homes and all this at affordable rates.

AI-Powered Automated Order Processing System

Realizing our expertise and experience, the client chose us to develop its visionary advanced AI-powered order processing system. The system would easily integrate with multiple sales channels and reconcile the transactions from various channels into a single processing channel.

Project Challenges

The Project Had Various Dimensions and Each Had its Share of Challenges

Our developers created a sound strategy and planning to come out with a system that could completely transform order processing and management.

  • Integrating multiple sales channels into one.
  • Slow order processing due to multiple suppliers which led to confusion.
  • Comparing vendors on parameters like price, product availability, shipping, etc was time taking.
  • Tracking orders and updating shipping details was a manual affair.
  • Lack of data usage to generate meaningful insights for better strategy and planning.
Solution Offered

The Solution and Approach

Developers from SunTec India patiently understood the difficulties and challenges faced by the client in the effective and efficient management of the orders. After analyzing the project requirements, our experts formulated strategies to realize the potential of AI and develop an advanced and smart order management system.

For developing such a system, our developers leveraged powerful technologies like PHP, HTML5, JQuery, and MySQL. This advanced system has fully automated the order processing and easily manages orders from multiple vendors.

This automated order management system has several features like:

  • Manage multiple stores from a single admin dashboard.
  • Easy and effective management of multiple vendors.
  • Enabling area-wise order sorting which helped in faster delivery.
  • Comparison of diverse sellers on parameters like price, shipping time, etc for the best choice.
  • Integrating tools like FTP, e-mail, and API for easy and smooth order management and information availability.
  • Allowing order filtering using various parameters like the seller, location, and prime/non-prime.
  • Providing features like repeating and splitting orders, add comments, manually add orders, easy request acknowledgement, and many others.
  • Easy order tracking, inventory management, automated shipping using FTI / API.


Multiple Supplier Integration

It is a smart data exchange system that allows seamless, fast, and swift integration of multiple suppliers. The most suitable seller can be chosen by comparing multiple sellers on various parameters like delivery time, price, shipping charges, and a lot more.

Order Fulfillment

The platform allows one to choose the most viable order fulfilment method based on various factors such as cost, order fulfilment service provider, cross-dock, and many others.

Order Aggregation

Assemble and manage as many orders as required from multiple channels for drop-shipping and cross-docking with ease.

Fully Automated Purchase Orders

Automatically inform your suppliers about low inventory. Also, automatically generate and send multiple purchase orders to diverse suppliers easily.

Automated Notifications

The platform has an in-built feature of auto-notify which if ON keeps the sellers and customers updated about the order, shipping, and tracking details.


  • Improved the efficiency of order processing to up to 99.99%.
  • Orders processed per hour increased from 2 to 10.
  • Better customer engagement and improved customer retention rates.
  • Better performance monitoring with the availability of insightful data analytics.
  • Five-times increase in order processing speeds.
  • Boost of up to 103.02% in profit margins.
  • The average time spent on processing a single order reduced up to 45%.

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