Client Success Story

Discover How we Helped a Client Develop a Robust Commercial Order Management App


An Australian Commercial Supplies Company

The client offers a wide array of products and services at competitive rates to businesses across Australia, catering to real estate agents, strata bodies, property dealers, designers, builders, and more. They specialize in high-quality household electronic appliances, including ovens, cooktops, range hoods, dishwashers, and various white goods.

Project Requirements

Develop a Robust Mobility Solution to keep Track of All the Orders

The client, aiming to transition their business online, sought a reliable mobile app development company to create a robust solution for tracking orders. The primary objective was to efficiently manage orders for heavy electronic house fittings. After discovering SunTec India's services, the client inquired about customized app development. Once the expectations and requirements were discussed with one of our project managers, the client hired dedicated mobile app developers to start the project. They wanted advanced features such as order placement, order tracking, and price management, utilizing the latest technology and tools.

Project Challenges

Integrating Complex Search and Filter Functionalities to Handle Diverse Electronic Appliance Categories

After understanding the intricacies of this project, our mobile app development team identified major challenges, including:

  • Developing a robust mobile application for iOS and Android users packed with modern features and functionalities
  • Add features like order management, search options, track shipment, ratings, pending orders, among others
  • Keep the users informed and up-to-date with all the commercial orders
  • Facilitate users to track their orders in real-time
  • Developing a user-friendly interface that provides a great customer experience
  • Keep the navigation easy and simple through the application, so as to enable users to browse through different app screens without any hustle.
  • Follow high-quality coding practices that are flexible and bug-free.
  • Filter and sort results based on user’s search queries.
  • Sort different categories of electronic appliances within the app to help users find respective orders
Solution Offered

Comprehensive App Development and Deployment Strategy

After understanding the product requirements and challenges, we assembled a dedicated app development team comprising mobile app developers, coders, quality analysts, graphic designers, and others. Keeping the objectives in mind, our team devised a robust strategy to achieve the desired outcomes and developed an app to manage all store orders. The agile approach was followed throughout the development process to ensure optimal coding quality and meet the client’s expectations.

Our developers conducted thorough app testing to ensure the app was free from bugs and errors. We integrated a secure payment gateway and an advanced tracking system to facilitate easy order tracking and management.


Some notable features of the app are as follows:

  • Track & trace order in real-time
  • Order management
  • Easy app navigation
  • Advanced search option
  • Job summary for orders
  • Product category sorting & classification
  • UI & UX consistency through the app
  • Embed location


The result was a feature-rich mobile application that enabled users to easily track and manage their commercial orders. This aligned with the client’s motto of providing fast, reliable, and friendly delivery Australia-wide.

  • The app users can manage commercial orders effortlessly
  • The users were able to track and monitor the process of the orders in real-time
  • Easy access to order status, including completed and pending orders, and job summaries
  • Enhanced productivity and streamlined workflow within the client’s organization

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