RPA Consulting and Development Services

Automate Business Processes and Operations to Elevate Customer Value Proposition

Streamline Workflows with Robotic Process Automation

Manual processes often stand as barriers to productivity, draining resources and stalling progress. Our RPA development services offer a strategic solution to streamline and automate these tasks, enabling you to focus on core business activities.

We combine RPA with cognitive technologies, AI, and ML to handle complex tasks, interpret unstructured data, and adapt to changing environments. We make your machines smart and humans independent to simplify complex business operations.

  • Customized RPA bots to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks
  • Implement attended and unattended RPA solutions tailored to your workflow
  • Cutting-edge RPA tools, including UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism
  • End-to-end support - from strategy and implementation to integration and maintenance
  • Compliance and security with robust governance frameworks and best practices

Scalable RPA Solutions for Evolving Needs

Our RPA service company enables businesses to adopt digital workflows, automate processes of any complexity, and enhance RPA bots with intelligence. We provide end-to-end support for:

RPA Consulting and Strategy

Drive efficiency and innovation within your organization through our strategic RPA consulting services, crafted to streamline your operations and maximize ROI. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of current operational workflows
  • Determination of suitable RPA deployment approach
  • Creation of a detailed implementation roadmap
  • Establishment of project milestones and frameworks
  • Deployment of dev methods for successful implementation
  • Selection and integration of leading RPA platforms and tools

RPA Development Services

Hire RPA developers to design and develop intelligent solutions to automate repetitive, rule-based, and time-consuming business tasks. At our RPA development company, we:

  • Design and build RPA bots, workflows, and automation scripts
  • Leverage AI/ML capabilities (computer vision, OCR, NLP) for advanced automation
  • Implement error handling, exception management, logging, and monitoring mechanisms
  • Develop bot management frameworks for versioning, scheduling, and orchestration
  • Code or configure bots for task and process execution
  • Conduct rigorous testing for functional and performance standards

Bot Implementation Services

Seamlessly integrate intelligent automation into your operations with our RPA solutions. We ensure the successful deployment of bots across your enterprise while minimizing disruptions.

  • Integrate bots into software applications, CRM, ERP, and legacy systems
  • Environment setup and configuration (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Citrix, Azure/AWS)
  • Credential management and role-based access control for secure bot operations
  • Integration with enterprise legacy systems (e.g., LDAP, SSO) and apps for interoperability
  • Robust testing and validation in staging environments to identify and resolve issues
  • Monitoring and reporting mechanisms for performance tracking and optimization

AI Virtual Assistant Development

Enhance productivity and efficiency with our AI virtual assistants, developed to handle routine tasks, provide valuable support, and streamline workflows. Hire RPA developers with us to get smart VAs as per your requirements.

  • Develop human-like VAs with advanced conversational AI to handle complex queries
  • Deploy VAs across multiple channels and platforms for an omnichannel experience
  • Implement training and knowledge management systems to improve VA’s performance
  • Incorporate advanced NLP technology for seamless interaction and communication
  • Enforce security measures to protect sensitive data handled by the virtual assistant

RPA Maintenance and Support

Leverage our extensive experience and expertise to maximize the value of your RPA investments. With our dedicated RPA support services, your solutions remain robust and effective over the long run:

  • Continuous monitoring to identify and address issues before they impact operations
  • Timely assistance, troubleshooting guidance, and issue resolution
  • Constant optimization of RPA workflows and processes to enhance performance
  • Software updates and upgrades for up-to-date and secure RPA systems
  • Ensure RPA systems adhere to regulatory compliance and data privacy regulations
  • Maintain and provide reports on RPA system performance and maintenance

Refocus the Efforts of Your Team by Automating Repetitive Tasks for 4X Productivity

Let our RPA consultants develop custom AI and ML-based solutions to optimize your workflow

Why Trust SunTec For RPA Development Services?

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction makes us one of the top-notch RPA consulting firms for businesses seeking transformative RPA solutions. Some of our USPs as a RPA service company are:

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding the unique challenges and objectives of each client, delivering tailored solutions that address their specific needs. Our client-centric approach ensures high levels of satisfaction and success.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Our RPA expertise extends across a wide range of industries, allowing us to develop tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of each sector, from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and retail.

Rapid Deployment and ROI

Our agile approach and ready-to-use automation components allow for quick deployment of RPA solutions. This enables clients to see a significant ROI quickly, speeding up their path to successful automation.

Bot Management and Governance

We offer strong bot management and governance frameworks that ensure compliance, security, and reliability in all automation efforts. This allows organizations to expand their RPA initiatives confidently.

Our RPA Development Capabilities

Hire RPA developers to enhance your business with scalable and flexible RPA solutions built using the latest technologies and scalable & strong architecture. We have expertise in:

Attended RPA

We create interactive bots that assist your employees in real time, seamlessly integrating into daily operations to boost productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. Our attended RPA solutions utilize advanced technologies like computer vision, OCR, and NLP for intuitive human-bot interactions.

Unattended RPA

We develop and manage autonomous bots that automate end-to-end processes without human intervention. Our solutions streamline repetitive tasks with precision and consistency, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. We leverage advanced scheduling, orchestration, and monitoring capabilities to ensure seamless and reliable process automation.

Hybrid RPA

We implement a combined approach that integrates both attended and unattended bots, providing a comprehensive automation solution tailored to your specific business requirements. Our RPA developers leverage the strengths of both modes, allowing for intelligent task allocation and seamless collaboration between human workers and digital workforces.

Our RPA Development Services Have Benefitted Clients in More Than One Ways

Cost Reduction

Up to 50% savings in operational costs

Increased Efficiency

Up to 80% boost in productivity

Enhanced Accuracy

Up to 90% reduction in errors

Improved Customer Experience

Up to 35% increase in satisfaction scores

Faster Processing

Up to 90% reduction in task processing times

The Methodology Behind Our RPA Development Services

From initial consultation to final deployment, our team operates with precision and agility, delivering high-quality RPA solutions within designated timelines.

Discovery and Analysis

Identify, prioritize, and analyze processes for automation, ensuring alignment with business goals and potential ROI.

Design and Planning

Develop a comprehensive automation plan, detailing workflows, bot requirements, and integration points, while establishing clear objectives and timelines.

Development and Testing

Build and configure RPA bots according to the designed workflows, utilizing automation scripts and rigorous testing to ensure functionality and accuracy.

Deployment and Integration

Roll out RPA bots into production, conducting user training and acceptance testing, while seamlessly integrating them with existing systems and processes.

Monitoring and Optimization

Monitor bot performance, process efficiency, and user feedback to identify optimization areas and provide ongoing maintenance and support for reliability.

We Bring Innovation With State-of-the-Art Technology and Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct a thorough analysis of your processes to identify those that are repetitive, rule-based, and time-consuming. We prioritize processes based on complexity, volume, and potential ROI.

Data security and compliance are top priorities for us. We adhere to strict security protocols and ensure compliance with relevant regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Our RPA solutions are designed with robust security measures to protect sensitive data.

Yes, RPA can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and applications. We have expertise in integrating RPA bots with various platforms, including ERP systems, CRM software, and legacy applications.

We proactively identify and mitigate risks during the RPA deployment process. Our team conducts thorough risk assessments and develops mitigation strategies to address potential challenges such as system compatibility issues or process disruptions.

The costs can vary based on the complexity of the processes being automated, the number of bots required, the level of customization needed, and the specific RPA platform or tools chosen. Our team works closely with you to assess your unique requirements and provide transparent pricing estimates. Get in touch for a free quote.

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