Client Success Story

SunTec-Managed Marketing Services Drive 84% Revenue Growth

The client

An eCommerce Business Owner Selling Stamps & Seals in the USA

Established in 1964, our client provides tailor-made rubber stamps and notary supplies in the United States. Their company offers a considerable number of seals and stamps designed to meet the needs of engineers, architects, and other professionals. In order to reach a wider audience and scale their business, they are also selling their products on major online marketplaces.


Poorly Optimized Website, Marketplace Listings, and PPC Campaigns

Though our client had a well-established business, it faced significant challenges in terms of visibility and sales growth. After analyzing the client's website and its online presence across marketplaces, we identified the following challenges-

  • Suppressed listings on Amazon and eBay because of failure to meet the marketplaces' guidelines for creating product listings.
  • Several on-page website issues needed immediate attention.
  • Despite having created Google My Business account, it was not properly optimized.
  • The website was not optimized for mobile devices, leading to poor user experience and reduced visibility.
  • Unoptimized pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns resulted in low-quality scores for their ads.
  • Irrelevant keyword targeting led to low search engine visibility and relevancy.

After months of investing significant time and money into our marketing efforts, we had been struggling to see any positive results. That's when we decided to seek professional help. After talking to SunTec India, we felt confident that their team could support us. They provided us with experienced eCommerce marketing experts who are currently handling all our promotional activities. We are thrilled with the results they have achieved so far.

- Client


Driving eCommerce Business Growth with an All-in-One Marketing Solution

After defining the scope of work for the client, we offered the following solutions to the client-


Listing Optimization

While new products were continuously added to the client's website and marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, and eBay), the listings were not optimized. Hence, our experts reviewed and worked on each listing to ensure:

  • Descriptions & titles were well-written and SEO-optimized
  • Listings were created as per platform or marketplace guidelines
  • The right keywords were used.
  • Product pictures met the guidelines & were optimized

Competitor Analysis

Our experts conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client's top competitors to study their online presence, social media presence, marketing strategies, backlink profiles, etc. We further used scraping methods to gain insights into their pricing and performance.


Keyword Selection & Prioritization

We conducted extensive keyword research to find a list of relevant keywords based on search volume, competition, and relevance of keywords. We further prioritized keywords based on their potential to drive targeted traffic and conversions.


On-Page SEO

As the client has several on-page issues, we successfully helped the client overcome their challenges by-

  • Addressing issues highlighted by Google Search Console
  • Working on the website's and structured markup
  • Fixing meta titles and descriptions
  • Using canonical tags at relevant places to resolve any duplicate content issues

Off-Page SEO

To drive referral traffic, our focus was on high-quality backlink building from authoritative websites. Through targeted outreach, we secured guest posting opportunities on relevant platforms to drive relevant traffic back to their website.


PPC Campaigns

As a part of PPC management services, our team focused on targeting the right set of keywords, optimizing bidding strategies, and crafting compelling ad copy that resonated with the target audience to drive better results for the client's Google Ads campaigns.


Amazon Posts and EBC

To maximize the client's presence and opportunities on Amazon, we assigned two dedicated resources to handle Amazon marketing. In addition to our focus on Amazon SEO, our experts guided the client in utilizing and Amazon A+ content for enhanced visibility and conversion rates.


Amazon, eBay, and Etsy Product Listing

To assist the client in expanding its presence on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, we uploaded new products and optimized listings across these marketplaces. We focused on crafting compelling titles and descriptions, incorporating relevant keywords, and using high-quality images to attract potential buyers.

Project Outcomes

Our services led to significant improvement in the client's online presence and sales. Impressed by the outcomes achieved, the client signed a new contract for another website for SEO and paid promotion.

Growth registered in six months


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