Image Annotation Services

Rely on a Leading Image Labeling Company to Get High-Quality Training Data to Run your AI/ML-Based Applications & Models Effectively.

Outsource Image Annotation Services

To enable AI applications to recognize objects as humans do, it is important to feed them with training data where each object is precisely labeled. However, accurately labeling a large volume of images is complex, cumbersome, and time-taking. This is where our image annotation services help. Over the years, we have been providing image tagging and annotation services to support our clients across various industries by accurately training their computer vision models and meeting their goals.

As a leading image annotation company, we have a team of qualified and skilled data annotators to accurately label your images and deliver a high-quality training dataset. Our team operates on all types of images (2D and 3D) and delivers accurate outcomes within a quick turnaround time. Regardless of how complex your datasets are, our image labeling services deploy top image annotation techniques that ensure precise and reliable outcomes.

Image Annotation and Labeling Service Offerings

As one of the most prominent providers of image annotation services in India, our team can quickly provide accurate datasets for training your computer vision models using a variety of image annotation techniques, including the following.

2D/3D Bounding Box & Annotation

To enable your AI model to detect objects in pictures, our image annotation company employs 2D & 3D bounding box annotation techniques for various industries and use cases like robotics, self-driven vehicles, eCommerce & retail, agrotech, healthcare, and others. Our experts draw bounding boxes over objects of interest in the images and label them accurately to feed your machine-learning models with the right training data.

Outsource Image Annotation
semantic segmentation annotation

Semantic Segmentation

Our image annotation experts use the semantic segmentation technique to perform pixel-level classification and label image elements with relevant information. We use this approach for segmenting the objects in an image with high accuracy. We can tag elements in your provided images for various applications such as navigation for autonomous vehicles, detecting specific crop types, differentiating healthy cells from tumor cells, etc.

Polygons Annotation

As 2D & 3D bounding boxes fail to annotate objects with irregular shapes, our annotators use the polygon annotation technique to mark the exact borders of the image elements, regardless of their shape or size. Our professionals carefully plot points on objects vertices (covering exact edges) and label them accurately. Polygon image annotation services are used in labeling road sign boards, buildings, trees, human postures in sports, logos, animals, and more.

Keypoint/Landmark Annotation

With the landmark annotation technique, we train your models to detect minute shapes and sizes in any image by plotting and connecting sequential dots at specific locations. Using this technique, our image labeling company creates accurate datasets that can teach deep-learning models to identify postures in athletes for enhanced sports analytics, recognize facial expressions, skeletal features, emotions, & gestures, and track movements of a human body.

Line & Polyline Annotation

To annotate regions like boundaries, where the bounding box and other techniques fail, our image annotation company can accurately define and label the boundaries using line & polyline annotation. This technique enables the ML model to identify linear structures. We use this technique to train robots to recognize differences between parts of a conveyor belt or for autonomous vehicles to recognize lanes.

image annotation - line and splines

Image Annotation Services for Different Industries and Use Cases

Our image annotation company can label a variety of images, based on your specific use case or industry needs, including but not limited to:

Security & Surveillance

Allows security cameras to accurately identify people & objects in the images for threat detection and investigation.


Allows the detection of diseases & anomalies in medical imaging data (X-rays, CT scans, MRI, or ultrasound).

eCommerce & Retail

Enhances product search & discovery, improving visual search capabilities & enabling personalized recommendations.

Autonomous Driving

Enables autonomous vehicles to detect objects, cars, trees, traffic lights, debris, animals, etc., on the streets.


Helps farmers to analyze soil conditions, diagnose crop diseases, and monitor the health & growth of plants.


Enable drones to identify. map, and follow objects of their interest in aerial images, such as people, animals, buildings, etc

Image Annotation Workflow

  • Analyzing Requirements

    On receiving a service query, our annotation experts understand the clients’ annotation requirements and define the scope of work.

  • Preparing Image Dataset

    We receive image datasets from clients and prepare them for annotation. We weed out irrelevant, blurred, or obscured images from the dataset.

  • Specifying Objects

    Once the image dataset is ready, we specify different objects and elements in the images that need to be annotated.

  • Assigning Image Labels

    We assign labels/tags to images, following different image annotation techniques- bounding boxes, keypoint, lines & splines, etc.

  • Exporting Images & Quality Checking

    After labeling the images precisely, we export the images. Further, this data goes through multiple quality checks to ensure high accuracy has been maintained in the labeling process.

  • Delivering Project

    After thoroughly checking the annotated dataset, our image labeling company delivers the final output to the clients in the specified format (ideal for training datasets).

Why Outsource Image Annotation Services to SunTec India?

SunTec India is a leading IT outsourcing company with over 20 years of experience. Over the last few years, we have helped several companies from all around the globe achieve AI excellence with bespoke image labeling services. By outsourcing image annotation services to us, your business can leverage our experience and expertise to drive smarter, more insightful computer vision applications.

Here's What Sets us Apart:

  • ISO-certified processes

  • Customized workflows

  • Flexible hiring models

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Round the clock assistance

  • Competitive pricing

  • 99% accurate outcomes

  • Quick scalability

  • Complete data security

Ready to Fuel your AI/ML Models with High-Quality Training Datasets?

Image Annotation Services: FAQs

Our image annotation services support all major industries, including but not limited to eCommerce & retail, healthcare, finance, logistics, agriculture, automotive companies, transportation, and others, with our image tagging services.

There are multiple benefits of outsourcing image annotation services, such as:-

  • Saving a great deal of time and money.
  • Getting access to the latest annotation tools & techniques.
  • Getting skilled data annotators to work on your project.
  • Scaling your project easily.
  • Getting accurate and high-quality image labeling services.

For AI-based applications and machine learning models to function properly and understand elements the same as humans, image annotation is fundamental. For example, image annotation helps an autonomous car differentiate between a mailbox, pedestrian, red light, people, trees, etc. to make appropriate driving decisions. Hence, the image tagging process enables the image recognition system to process millions of images and precisely understand different objects in a frame.

As an ISO 27001:2022 certified image annotation company for information security, we keep data security at the core of our services. We follow stringent data protection measures to prevent unauthorized data access or leaks. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before commencing the project.

Yes, to gauge our expertise, you can avail of our image annotation services before signing the service agreement. Our experts perform image annotation for a sample dataset and deliver it to you in your specified format.