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Outsource Image Labeling Services

High-quality training data is a critical prerequisite for a successful Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning model. But, alongside quality, the caliber of an AI/ML training data set is also determined by the scale and speed of annotation, data security, and mitigation of bias. Employing accurate image annotation for Machine Learning/AI projects while incorporating all these elements can help create a data set that’s appropriate for any particular planned project.

However, in the absence of professional annotators, businesses often face one or more of the following challenges-

  • Capturing the precise context of any image
  • Careful comprehension and attention to detail
  • Face recognition and subsequent analysis(identifying gender, classifying emotions, etc.)
  • Analyzing large databases while preserving accuracy
  • Sorting classifiers for any given image
  • Maintaining security compliances for the data
  • Maintaining consistency in subjective data sets

Altogether, this time-consuming process claims more effort and investment than reasonable when attempted in-house. That’s why it makes more business sense to outsource image annotation services to a reliable partner.

Outsource Image Annotation Services to SunTec India: Get Extensive Data Support for AI/ML Projects

SunTec India is a 20+ years old platform that keeps adapting to technological advancements and assists enterprises across various industries with the right support to launch ambitious projects. Backed by a competent team of data experts, annotators, and technical specialists, we offer image annotation services for computer vision models of a wide variety and volume.

At SunTec India, every client’s requirements are met with an optimized team, clear deliverables, and collaborative workflow. Working as an extension to your in-house team, our professional annotators take into account the typical as well as edge cases and create datasets that reflect the environment where your model will be used.

With the latest tools, best industry practices, and a project-specific plan of execution, we strive for excellence in all our image annotation endeavors.

A Complete Range of Image Annotation Services for Machine Learning

image annotation services

2D Bounding Boxes & 3D Cuboids

Perception models trained on our 2D bounding box annotation data sets can enhance your model’s visual search abilities by detecting different objects from most complex images. Our annotators employ the 2D bounding box & 3D bounding box annotation techniques for projects across various domains, including healthcare, agriculture, autonomous vehicles, eCommerce, traffic control, etc., that require the training data to:-

  • Teach self-driving cars to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, footpaths, traffic lights, and other obstacles on the road- to simplify navigation
  • Teach retail and eCommerce models to recognize clothes, accessories, furniture, groceries, etc.- to simplify the checkout process or generate automatic billing
  • Teach computer vision models to recognize damage on objects, i.e., vehicles, buildings, etc. - to estimate the level of assistance required, to estimate insurance damages, etc.
  • Recognize objects, humans, pathways, etc. from satellite imagery or drone footage

Aided by precise image labeling services, we model our bounding box annotation workflow with your custom requirements to locate objects of interest.

Outsource Image Annotation
semantic segmentation annotation

Semantic Segmentation

With semantic segmentation, we enhance the quality of your training data set by detecting, classifying, and localizing objects in a particular area inside any image. It is a powerful tool that we utilize for image annotation in deep learning projects. Through color-coded, pixel-level annotation in images, we employ client-specific semantic labeling to help you solve problems like:-

  • Navigation for autonomous vehicles, robots, and drones
  • Detection of specific crop types, weeds, or land-types in a field
  • Differentiating healthy cells from tumor cells, analyzing blood flow, recognizing broken bones, etc. in medical diagnosis
  • Monitoring ecosystem damage using satellite imagery for large areas


By plotting points on an object’s vertices through polygon annotation, we can define its exact edges and ensure concentrated tagging and labeling.

  • Detecting water features
  • Recognizing asymmetrical objects, like logos, street signs, buildings, trees, etc.
  • Detailed recognition of facial features
  • To capture the shape and sizes of distant images in an object

Lines & Splines

We train our annotators on creative methods to define and label lines and boundaries of a wide variety in any image accurately. With our accurate line annotation services, we have fueled several vehicle perception models with accurate lane navigation learnings by:-

  • Annotating footpaths and sidewalks
  • Detecting different lanes on the road to simplify navigation for self-driving vehicles
image annotation - line and splines

Text Annotation

To make text strings and keywords comprehensible to ML and AI models, we offer multi-language text annotation services with metadata labeling. In addition to tagging text from different images into predetermined classifiers, our professional annotators also add a suitable description along with the annotated text to facilitate a faster and precise data visualization model.

This service can help train a computer vision model on accurate natural language interpretations. While businesses have several usages for text annotation, i.e., automated customer service, the most prominent use case is to teach ML/AI models to carry out a meaningful conversation with humans.

Video Annotation

With frame-by-frame annotation for videos of varying lengths, we equip your training data sets with information on the simple classification of moving objects. Every video is converted into a sum of short clips by our processing experts, who apply a combination of different annotation techniques to glean the vital information from each frame with precision. The resultant data set can help your AI/ML models in various ways:-

  • Teach autonomous vehicles to track moving objects
  • Track human activities and interpret poses and facial expressions
  • Estimation of motion for autonomous vehicles, drones, etc.
video annotation

Point/Landmark Annotation

With the landmark annotation services from SunTec India, you can train your model to detect minute shapes and sizes in any image or video with appropriate precision. By plotting sequential dots at specific locations in an image, we create accurate data sets that can teach deep learning models about the trajectory of moving objects in an image and estimating the same with increased precision.

Its most popular use-cases involve:-

  • Face recognition
  • Identifying postures in athletes for enhanced sports analytics
  • Recognizing facial expressions, features, and emotions
  • Precise gesture detection
Point / Landmark annotation

Image Tagging and Labeling Services

At SunTec India, we generate high-quality training data sets by labeling and tagging data efficiently and comprehensively. After extracting the semantic information from images, we design a customized approach to uncover sufficient significant labels and provide metadata that maximizes the value of the training data set.

Our novel approach to image labeling and tagging after annotation saves the execution time for businesses while preserving valuable information and maintaining operational efficiency.

Image Annotation Outsourcing with The Right Pricing

In addition to being accurate, fast, secure, and scalable, the image annotation services at SunTec India are also optimized for cost.

We follow competitive pricing modules and offer our services at a rate determined by the work-hours, complexity, and volume of your project. Additionally, enterprises outsourcing image annotation services to us can save on recruitment and training costs while receiving the guarantee of quality and precision, timely delivery, and utmost confidentiality through NDA agreements.

Image Annotation Workflow

Our teams of professional annotators start by understanding your project specifications and adapting to your existing annotation dashboard and vocabulary. Through a combination of manual and automatic image annotation services and multi-tier quality checks, we optimize and execute a workflow with swift, accurate, and reliable results at an unparalleled quality.

The final deliverables are dispatched to you via secure means, as per your convenience. Our teams follow a strict NDA agreement, and any data sets post-completion of a project are removed from our records.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Our Leading Image Labeling Company

By outsourcing image recognition services to SunTec India, your business can leverage our experience and expertise to drive smarter, more insightful ML & AI computer vision models.

  • Unparalleled Quality
  • Complete Accuracy
  • Customized Workflows
  • Comprehensive Label Support
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Flexible Pricing Model
  • Multi-Tier Data Security
  • High-Speed Processing Of Large Volumes of Data
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified For Data Quality
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified For Information Security
  • Around-the-Clock Assistance
  • The Best Turnaround Time In The Industry

To know more about the image annotation services of SunTec India, or how they can enhance the performance of your computer vision model, get in touch with us at