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SunTec Helps Client Cleanse and Enrich Inaccurate and Invalid Records

The Client

The client is a global provider of magnetic interchange sunglass collection created for runners, skiers, bikers, hikers, climbers, kayakers, golfers, and tennis players as well as active weekend warriors. Located in USA and Canada, the company deals with frames, lenses, switch kits, prescription suns, sun readers and accessories.

Project Details

With the rise of undelivered emails, duplicate mail deliveries and failure to reach customers by phone, the client decided to clean and update company and customer records. The contact details of more than 95,000 users also had to be cleansed, verified and validated. This included rectifying spelling errors, de-duplicating the data and conducting intense Google search to verify and validate details of each user. Furthermore, the entries had to be normalized and standardized to ensure consistency across the enterprise.

Client Requirements

The project involved:

  • Checking all mailing addresses
  • Rectifying incorrect residential and official addresses
  • Verifying customers' email addresses and phone numbers
  • Identifying and removing duplicate entries in customer database
  • Eliminating outdated entries
  • Correctly formatting and updating customers' contact details


The major challenge was to perform intense Google search on finding the given contact details of each user, verifying and updating them to help the client boost marketing efforts and target the right set of customers.


Considering the restricted time-frame and the client's budget, we tailored our solutions to exactly match client's requirements, pace up the data cleansing process and deliver optimum accuracy in the final outcome. So, we appointed a team of 25 skilled professionals who hold experience of manually cleansing and enriching customer records to assist them improve efficiency and control measures while lowering costs. Our experts analyzed client's requirements and identified the areas for improvement.

As part of our Data Cleansing Services, we:


With focus on accuracy, completeness, uniformity and consistency, our data experts delivered clean and updated company and customer database, having over 95000 entries. We helped the client:

Increase Efficiency of Marketing Campaigns: With accurate and updated customer records, the client can target the right set of customers, thus boost their marketing campaigns and drive maximum benefit out of them.

Gain Easy Access to Validated and Updated Data: As our experts organized the data in a suitable digital file format, it helped the client easily access and retrieve all the required information just in time.

Reduce Cost and Need For Physical Storage Space: With the digital files available to all the users, it helped the client save company's cost and physical storage space, required to manage and store customer files and company documents.

About SunTec

SunTec holds a wealth of experience in delivering technology-driven IT / BPO services, tailored to meet the client's specific business needs. With the focus of improving customer's business results, we provide solutions to diverse industry verticals such as government agencies, legal firms, universities, real estate firms, etc.

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