Client Success Story

Email List Cleaning Services Help a Client Boost its Conversion Rate by 40%

The client

A Leading Global Provider of High-Quality Magnetic Interchange Sunglass Collections Designed for Athletes and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Based in USA and Canada, our client operates both physical stores and an online website, offering a wide range of magnetic sunglass collections and accessories. From stunning frames and lenses to switch kits and sun readers, our client's products are designed to enhance the outdoor experience and complement the active lifestyle of its customers.


Uncovering the root cause of declining sales & failed marketing efforts

The client, with a vast customer base of over 95,000 entries, was struggling with declining sales as their marketing efforts were falling flat. Challenges plaguing their marketing efforts included:

  • Rise of undelivered emails resulting in waste of email marketing budget
  • Duplicate mail deliveries leading to brand damage and customer frustration
  • Old customer records turning obsolete (as many customers changed their phone numbers or email ids)
  • Missing out on opportunities to upsell or cross-sell to existing customers due to incomplete or inaccurate records, resulting in lost revenue potential
  • Difficulty reaching customers due to incorrect contact information

Despite boasting an extensive customer base, the client found themselves struggling to communicate with their customers and maximize their marketing budget effectively. Recognizing the urgent need for a potent and streamlined solution to surmount these challenges, the client decided to look for a professional solution.

Working on our marketing campaigns had become a constant struggle, even though we had invested thousands of dollars in advertising. It was only after conducting a thorough analysis of our customer list that we realized our database and email list were filled with incorrect, incomplete, and duplicate entries due to data from various sources. This hindered our ability to communicate with our customers and achieve our desired results. It became clear that we needed professional assistance to address these challenges, and that's when we reached out to SunTec India for help.

- Client


Assisting the Client with Reliable Data Cleaning and Email List Cleanup Services

Having understood the client's challenges, we provided the client with the following database cleansing solution:


Database Cleansing

The first step we took was to thoroughly cleanse the client's database by identifying and eliminating incorrect entries, standardizing values and ensuring up-to-date contact information. This process involved using specialized software and human intervention to identify discrepancies, clean the database, and ensure that it was up-to-date and accurate for effective future marketing campaigns.


Data De-Duplication

Since the customer data was being entered into the central database from various sources- website, physical sales invoices, social media, PPC campaigns, etc. the database got siloed with duplicate entries. Using effective tools, our experts identified and removed duplicate entries, preventing the client from sending multiple emails to the same customer.


Data Appending

We appended the database with new and accurate information, such as email addresses and phone numbers of the clients' customers, which were missing or incomplete in the database. This process helped to improve the client's chances of reaching out to customers with relevant and timely marketing messages.


Data Validation & Verification

To ensure that the customers' contact information was relevant and up-to-date, we validated all the information stored in source files and the client's database. We checked and validated the customers' email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and other details for accuracy. For details that turned obsolete or were incorrect, we further found relevant contact information from the web and enriched the database.


Email List Cleanup

The client maintained a separate database for its email marketing campaigns. With our database cleanup services, we enabled the client to identify and remove their customers' inactive, obsolete, and invalid email ids. We further used our research techniques to find the customers' relevant email ids for an up-to-date email marketing database.

We realized that nearly 55% of email ids were either incorrect, had typo mistakes, or had turned obsolete. This has been the major reason for declining client sales and waste of the marketing budget. To address this, we allotted a dedicated team of 5 data experts to find, extract and enter the right email ids to the client database.

- Project Manager

Project outcomes

From Declining Sales to Exponential Growth

Having an up-to-date and cleansed database enabled the client to witness a boost in response rate by 60% and sales by 40% from its email marketing campaign.

Mapping the result obtained from analytics, the client saw a 48% reduction in marketing budget wastage due to undelivered emails and duplicate mail deliveries.

With accurate and up-to-date contact information, the client could engage with its customers more effectively, provide better customer service, and pitch new products or offers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and engagement.

By cleaning and appending the database, the client was able to identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to its existing customers.

Humans-in-the-Loop Approach

While several data cleansing tools are available in the market, they also have a few limitations, including limited accuracy, inability to fetch real-time data from the web and append the database, and limited ability to deal with unstructured data. This is where our professionals help. Following a perfect blend of tools and human intervention, we are capable of delivering clean and updated databases with accuracy close to 100%. Our data quality analysts manually review and validate the database to ensure it is free from errors and inconsistencies, providing you with a high-quality, accurate database.


Dealing with Wasted Marketing Budget? Let us Help you Upgrade your Database!

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