Web and Mobile Application Development Services

Whether you want to build apps from scratch or upgrade existing ones, our app developers build intuitive applications across various platforms: mobiles (iOS and Android), desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux), web browsers, smart TVs, and wearable devices. We leverage modern application development architectures like cloud computing, microservices, and serverless to deliver solutions within your timeline and budget.

  • Ship apps faster with reduced time-to-market
  • Rapid prototyping and concept validation
  • Seamless integration of apps with legacy systems
  • Expertise in multiple mobile app development platforms/technologies (Android, iOS, PWA, Cross-platform)
  • Agile, Lean, and DevOps development methodologies
  • Scalable architecture for optimal app performance

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Our Application Development Service Offerings

SunTec India specializes in creating websites, applications, and software solutions to improve customer journeys for startups and enterprises alike. Our application development services encompass:

Streamline operations and enhance customer experiences with custom web app solutions. From the initial consultation to deployment, we cover every stage of development with precision. We offer:

  • Expertise in leading frameworks (React, Angular, and Vue.js) to build robust web apps
  • Structured architectural patterns for app scalability and maintainability
  • Utilize advanced web technologies to create PWAs with offline capabilities
  • Integration with databases, CMS, eCommerce platforms, and third-party systems
  • Consistent and visually appealing experience across varied devices

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Make your business accessible with feature-rich mobile applications built with modern frameworks and tools. Our mobile app developers :

  • Build iOS and Android apps for diverse devices and screen sizes
  • Utilize Swift, Flutter, React Native, Java, Kotlin, JetPack, and other frameworks
  • Create cross-platform apps to establish presence across platforms
  • Ensure secure data handling and seamless backend/cloud integrations
  • Leverage device capabilities like GPS, camera, push notifications, or biometrics

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Enhance productivity and efficiency by moving from traditional single-server infrastructures to the cloud environment, providing on-demand resource accessibility. Our development team:

  • Builds cloud-native applications utilizing libraries from AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Implements DevOps approaches (Kubernetes, Docker, GitLab CI/CD)
  • Enables automated management across public, private, and hybrid clouds
  • Leverages container orchestration for efficient resource utilization

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Overcome the challenges of rigid architectures and obsolete technologies to adapt to evolving market demands with legacy app modernization. Our team:

  • Assesses your existing applications to identify bottlenecks and pain points
  • Creates a roadmap to re-architect, re-engineer, and migrate outdated applications
  • Utilizes proven frameworks, containerization, microservices, and DevOps practices
  • Rebuilds applications as modern, cloud-native architectures
  • Migrates legacy applications to modern cloud platforms

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Break down data silos and consolidate disparate systems with API development & integration. We enable real-time data exchange across apps, cloud services, and third-party solutions, along with

  • Developing pre-built connectors, code-free mapping, and custom API portals
  • Architecting REST, GraphQL, and other API architectures
  • Leveraging data transformation processes and secure API gateways
  • Enabling real-time data exchange across various systems and platforms

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Accelerate your time-to-market and reduce development costs with SunTec's full-stack development services, covering:

  • Front-end development using HTML5, CSS3, React, Angular
  • Back-end development utilizing Python, Java, Node.js, and databases
  • Creating cohesive user experiences across the full application stack
  • Building scalable applications using the latest technologies
  • Leveraging a unified development approach for efficient collaboration

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Application Development Services: Our Workflow

Requirement Gathering and Analysis
Design and Prototype Creation
Application Development
Quality Assurance and Testing
Deployment and Launch
Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our Software Application Development Technology Stack

Explore our Application Development Portfolio

We are pleased to highlight our successful collaborations with businesses across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region for application development.



Luxury Sanitary Ware

We built a mobile app for Artize - Jaquar's luxury bathware brand. Our app developers curated an immersive experience, offering users access to product catalogs, room design customization, and showroom location services—all integrated into a single platform.



Home Improvement and Gardening

We created Mawady, an app dedicated to home improvement and gardening needs where consumers, contractors, and manufacturers can shop for tools and source materials, and enjoy effortless shopping.

Powerland Commercial

Powerland Commercial

Power Conversion App

We designed a feature-packed mobile app for Powerland Electronics. Simplifying product exploration with streamlined navigation, it offers effortless checkout and efficient cart management for a seamless shopping experience.

Application Development Services: FAQs

To ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, we take the following steps:

  • Enforce non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for confidentiality
  • Adhere to industry-specific regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, etc
  • Implement secure coding practices and robust data protection
  • Utilize advanced security measures, including firewalls, encryption, and VPN services

Yes. We specialize in seamless integration with existing software and systems, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced functionality.

UX is at the forefront of our development strategy. Our web application development company ensures user-friendly UI/UX aligning with your brand identity and delivers engaging experiences to the end-user.

We follow agile methodologies, ensuring flexibility, adaptability, and iterative development. This approach allows for continuous client feedback, minimizing time to market and optimizing the development process.

We stay abreast of emerging technologies and can seamlessly integrate blockchain, augmented reality, or any other cutting-edge tech into your custom application to enhance its functionality and appeal.

Our process involves requirement analysis, design prototyping, iterative development, rigorous testing, and deployment, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined journey from concept to execution.

Our flexible approach accommodates changes through a transparent change management process, ensuring clear communication, impact assessments, and client approval for any scope modifications.

Our pricing is based on a detailed analysis of project requirements, complexity, and expected features. We provide transparent and itemized cost breakdowns to ensure a clear understanding of the investment needed. Email us at info@suntecindia.com for a free quote.

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