Client Success Story

Data cleansing & standardization for eCommerce store of sports and fitness products

The client

The client is an online retailer that offers

a wide assortment of sports and fitness' products to sport lovers across the world. Established in the year 2002, the store deals in sports gear, apparel, footwear, accessories, health and fitness equipment, sports nutrition/supplements as well as event tickets for several sports, namely basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, fishing, cricket, etc.

Project Requirements

As the client's online store provides

a wide range of sports and fitness' products across the globe, the client was looking for a reliable outsourcing partner that would standardize the product data and ensure that it is clean and consistent. The client also wanted us to re-write the product information including descriptions, attributes, reviews, etc.

Project Challenges

The client wanted highly skilled and experienced data management

professionals to work on the project and standardize the product data.

It was a challenging task to match, de-duplicate, standardize and update information of over 50,000 SKUs and ensure that it is clean and of high-quality.

Our Solution

SunTec analyzed the requirements of the client and customized

our solutions pertaining to data standardization to proficiently cater to them. Our professionals worked methodically to cleanse the product information, plug-in the missing gaps, and made sure that the data across the platform was consistent. They recognized product data variables and eliminated discrepancies in the dataset to provide efficient and high-quality information to the visitors.

Our data management professionals:

  • Gathered all the product data, identified duplicate entries, missing records and obsolete information
  • Used techniques like product data scrubbing, data matching and data de-duplication to ensure that the information was clean and consistent
  • Standardized attribute names and product prices by deciding that the pricing will follow a two-decimal point rule that is $450.50 or $88.00 in place of $450 or $88
  • Ensured that the URL of every product page matched SKU and manufacturer's name with hyphen separating the words
  • Updated mailing lists of customers and vendors


Through our Data Cleansing and Standardization Services, we helped our client get clean, reliable data across their eCommerce product database. We have been working on this project for more than 10 years now and have helped the client maintain complete consistency and accuracy, thereby making it easy for them to manage and update product information.


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