Client Success Story

Securing 45% Higher Prospect Enquiries for a Client with a Web-Compatible 3D Model of an Analyzer Shelter


A Leading System Integration Company in the Energy Industry

Our client is a prominent name in the energy field with 30+ years of experience. They offer exploration, development, and production (E&P) services and related turnkey solutions to companies operating in the fields of oil and gas, petroleum, chemicals, and energy.

Project Requirements

An Easily Accessible Way to Showcase Their Analyzer Shelter

The client's cutting-edge analyzer shelter (a controlled environment for sampling of petroleum, natural gas, etc.) is designed for sampling, pre-treatment, and sample processing. They needed to showcase this impressive structure to potential clients, both at events and on their website. The aim was to offer an immersive and detailed view of the analyzer shelter, effectively highlighting its unique features and functionality.

The client shared several potential solutions that they had considered, including VR headsets, traditional 3D models, and AR showcases. However, each option presented unique challenges and was not a viable solution.

  • High cost and logistical challenges in transporting VR headsets to various events
  • Compatibility issues with different VR headset models
  • Complexity in setting up and calibrating VR headsets for each user and optimal viewing experience
  • Traditional 3D models limited engagement and lacked interactivity
  • High resource consumption and slow loading times for 3D assets led to poor user experience on lower-end devices
  • Traditional AR showcases require fairly powerful devices and a stable internet connection, limiting the audience
  • AR showcases needed to be seamlessly integrated with existing web platforms

Combining the Best of AR, VR, and 3D Technologies in an Accessible and Engaging Solution

We proposed a web-compatible 3D model with AR compatibility and text annotations. This approach aimed to offer an interactive and detailed presentation that could be easily accessed via web browsers on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The prospect presented the following challenges.

  • Ensuring high-quality, detailed 3D models while maintaining a small file size for web compatibility
  • Balancing model detail and performance to prevent lag and slow loading times
  • Achieving realistic textures using real-world images which requires precise mapping and optimization
  • Ensuring compatibility and performance across multiple mobile devices

Representing the Analyzer Shelter as a Web 3D Model


3D Model Creation

The process began with creating highly detailed 3D models of the analyzer shelter. We utilized reference images provided by the client, which were shot using both DSLR and iPhone cameras, ensuring accurate representation.


Modeling and Texturing

Using 3Ds Max and Blender, we meticulously modeled the analyzer shelter, capturing every intricate detail. The texturing & shading process in Blender involved using real-world images shared by the client, which added a layer of realism to the models.


Format Conversion

To ensure web compatibility, we converted the 3D models into GLB format. GLB (GL Transmission Format) is a file format for 3D scenes and models that is easily loadable by web browsers. It supports the efficient transmission and loading of 3D content, making it ideal for web applications. This format also allowed us to create an extremely efficient compressed 3D model by reducing the file size from 600MB to 13MB.


Web Integration

Our team of web developers researched and modified a Three.JS library to create a 3D model viewer for displaying the models in web browsers. This viewer was optimized to run at 60 frames per second (fps), ensuring a smooth and responsive experience across various devices, including older Android and iPhone models from five years ago.

Project Outcomes

The final solution successfully met the client's objectives and overcame the initial challenges. Key outcomes included:

The interactive 3D model with AR compatibility resulted in a 50% increase in user interaction

Prospects spent an average of 35% more time exploring the analyzer shelter's 3D model

The solution maintained smooth performance across 95% of tested devices

As per client feedback, the 3D model contributed to a 45% increase in prospect inquiries and follow-ups

The client was delighted with the final product, noting its effectiveness in showcasing their state-of-the-art analyzer shelter at events and on their website. The interactive elements and realistic details helped better communicate their products' value and functionality to prospects. As a result, our team was handed an extension of this project wherein we are working to create 3D models of other products for this client.


Achieve More for your Business with Powerful 3D and AR Visualizations

By creating web 3D models and AR integrations, we provide a solution for businesses to offer detailed, immersive views of their products, allowing potential clients to explore and understand their unique features easily. This approach not only improves engagement but also is an ideal choice for presentations both online and at events.

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