Client Success Story

Product data management for eCommerce store of health and beauty essentials

The client

The Client runs a multi-brand online beauty store

offering a diverse collection of over 30,000 health, beauty and personal care products across 50+ categories. Based in Canada, the client deals in domestic as well as imported products and ships them across the world.


Our client was looking for an outsourcing

partner to proficiently manage the product data and store it in a single, centralized location for easy access. The client wanted us to recognize all the existing sources of product information, identify missing, incomplete, inaccurate and irrelevant entries and clean the database to finally consolidate all the product data into a single location. This information includes SKUs, product titles, descriptions, attributes, images, prices, reviews, etc.


Towards effective consolidation of product information

there were numerous challenges, including identifying all the disparate sources of product information, standardizing the information across all sources, enabling easy update along with radiating that information out to customers via retailer's website, eCommerce marketplaces, etc. The client needed a partner who could manage product data of over 30,000 SKUs at reasonable rates and within a restricted time-frame.

Our Solution

SunTec India helped the client gather and compile product information

stored in multiple sources and in multiple formats. Our professionals further refined the quality of the product data by eliminating inaccurate and irrelevant information, completing missing entries and compiling data from myriad sources. As a part of our data management services, we:

Our data management professionals:

  • Gathered all the required and relevant product information from a multitude of reliable sources including hardcopy catalogs, manufacturer's website and supplier's website
  • Cleaned and standardized the product data to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Consolidated the product information into a single location while ensuring that it can be easily accessed and updated at regular intervals
  • Set user roles and permissions to ensure data security


Through our eCommerce data management services, SunTec India helped the client eliminate errors in the product database, reduce discrepancies and save their time spent in managing the dataset. We efficiently managed the product information, enhanced the quality of product data and consolidated it into a single location that makes it easy for the client to update the product data just in time.


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