Client Success Story

Photo Retouching and 3D Product Modeling for an Interior Design Company

The client

Renowned Interior Design Company with Global Reach

Our client is a Netherlands-based interior design company with a global presence. Operating under an exclusive label, they design, produce, and supply antique furniture, lighting, and accessories. Their collections feature imported items from Europe and Asia as well as originally crafted pieces. Primarily serving B2B clients like hotels, restaurants, architects, and interior designers, this company caters to diverse interior styling needs worldwide.


Product Image Enhancement as Per the Client's Brand and Specifications

The client sought professional eCommerce image retouching services to showcase their products in the best light across digital platforms and print materials. As their in-house team was responsible for creating original images, they required a reliable partner to execute complex edits per their guidelines and on tight turnarounds.

The client was seeking support for-

  • Basic image editing and background removal, delivered quickly
  • Exterior/interior products outline creation
  • Product lifestyle image creation
  • Complex product cutout creation
  • 3D product model creation

Executing Complex Product Photo Edits with Quick Turnarounds

  • Multifaceted Cutouts

    The product cutouts on the multifaceted furniture and accessories needed precision due to intricate edges and contours.

  • Flash/Camera Reflection Removal

    Subtle reflections on the client's glass furniture needed careful elimination and mirror replacement so as to remove any reflections shown in the mirror and retain the products' shine and luster.

  • Matching the Client's Preferences

    When creating lifestyle images, our eCommerce photo editors had to understand and align with the client's distinct tastes and preferences.

  • 3D Modeling

    Our photo editors had to work on complex 3D modeling, allowing the client's users to view 3D models of the client's products (furniture) based on selected fabrics and attributes involving multifaceted product views.

  • Managing High Volumes

    We had to process nearly 3,000-4,000 images while maintaining top-notch quality with fast turnarounds.


Human-Powered Photo Retouching and 3D Product Modeling for Enhanced Visuals

After understanding the project requirements and expertise needed, we assessed our photo editing team and picked the best resources for the project. We provided photo editing for this interior design company across various categories, offering the following services:-


Background Removal and Retouching

Our background removal services involved extracting items from their original backgrounds and placing them against clean, white backdrops to draw attention to the products. As part of the furniture photo editing services we provided to this interior design company, our photo editors removed distracting labels, tags, and barcodes from product images and adjusted colors to ensure an accurate and appealing representation of each item. Also, for furniture images containing mirrors, we retouched and replaced reflective surfaces in the images to remove the reflections.

As needed by the client, we exported and delivered the final enhanced images in both PNG and JPEG formats.


Product Outline Creation

Using Adobe Illustrator, our photo editing team created detailed product outlines to best depict the construction details of each item from the client's catalog. Following the client's specifications, we generated the outlines in black and maintained the original image aspect ratios to ensure the outlines accurately represented the proportions and shapes of the real-world products. After creating product-specific outlines, we exported the graphics in both vector EPS and raster PNG formats.


Creating Product Cutouts

This task demanded precise work to cut out products from complex backgrounds using Photoshop. First, we carefully created an outline, then we changed the background to white and removed any camera flashes or reflections. For intricate product images, even advanced AI tools failed to identify the correct objects and made inaccurate selections in parts of the image. To achieve an accurate cutout, we relied entirely on human expertise to carefully examine each complex image to determine the proper selection area needed to meet the desired final result.


Creating 3D Product Models

The client's website allows users to view high-quality 3D product visualizations from different angles. Users can preview customizations in real-time by selecting their preferred fabric and color of furniture items like sofas. This helps them easily visualize and decide on purchases. Users can also view lifestyle images to see how products would integrate into real settings.

As part of 3D model creation, we built a 3D sofa model using the client's provided files and advanced 3D editing software. The key steps we followed were:

  • Product wireframe creation using measurements and dimensions from the client's detailed blueprint specifications.
  • Lighting adjustment on the product to enhance details.
  • Realistic shadows and fabric texture creation.
  • 3D model rendering according to all provided instructions from the client.

Creation of Lifestyle Images

Initially, grasping our client's unique tastes and preferences posed a challenge in complex lifestyle image editing. However, gradually we grasped their vision and delivered images that met their expectations. The lifestyle image creation process involves receiving product images from the client, cutting out the product, selecting an appropriate lifestyle background image, adding realistic shadows and details, color adjusting elements, and performing retouching - all to match the intended look and feel.

We had been struggling to find a perfect partner for our retouching needs. However, SunTec India's team quickly adapted to our preferences and unique needs and delivered the outcomes we'd been looking for. Their team is like an extension of our in-house team. Their accuracy and excellence in photo editing is commendable. They will surely be our lifetime partner.

- Client

Project Outcomes

With continuous support and timely delivery, our team enabled the client to enhance visual elements across their product listings and marketing materials.

Our experts recreated engaging 3D product visualizations, allowing the client's customers to view items from all angles and preview customizations on their website.

Our human-powered photo editing services enabled the client to handle complex edits where AI tools fell short.

With dedicated resources, our team enabled the client to accommodate high-priority requests and process over 4000+ images monthly.


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