Client Success Story

SunTec India Helps e-Tailer Achieve 40% Marketing Lift, 99% Data Accuracy & 38% Higher Conversions with eCommerce Data Standardization Services

The client

An eCommerce Store Owner of Consumer Electronics Products

Our client is an eCommerce store owner with an extensive product catalog of 1 Million+ products who deals in consumer electronics in a variety of categories such as televisions, portable audio devices & headphones, kitchen automation & home surveillance, telephones, batteries & power accessories, etc. Besides a brick-and-mortar showroom, the client has been running an eCommerce store for the last 6 years.


Product Data Management and Standardization for a Large Catalog

Our client was struggling to manage their large and growing product catalog and fix issues like missing information, inaccurate data, and inconsistencies across the catalog. This made it difficult for the client to effectively merchandise products online, ensure pricing accuracy, run promotional offers, and scale eCommerce operations.

To address these challenges, the client collaborated with us to:

  • Categorize and sort products in the relevant categories
  • Standardize product attributes to enable optimal online merchandising and accurate product data
  • Review and fix product descriptions, pricing, discounts, and promotional information
  • Convert the catalog data into a standardized format to ensure consistency

Managing a Large, Inconsistent Catalog with 1M+ Products

Our team had to manage a catalog of approximately 1,200,000 products which presented several challenges. The discrepancies in product catalog data led to inconsistencies on the website, hampered marketing efforts, and delayed time to market. The major challenges involved in the project were:

  • Manually Checking and Fixing Inaccurate Product Categorization and Attributes

    Many products in the client's catalog were incorrectly assigned to the non-specific "General" product type with default attributes rather than properly categorized. Moreover, for a large portion of the catalog, attribute fields were not even enabled to display meaningful data.

  • Limited Merchandising Capabilities Due to Data Discrepancies

    Incorrect categorization, and inconsistent or missing data (incorrect taxonomy terms, color options, and other textual information) severely restricted merchandising initiatives such as guided/faceted navigation based on attributes like color, price range, etc.

  • Subject Matter Expertise Required

    We needed dedicated subject matter experts who were familiar with the client's extensive product line to most effectively restructure product taxonomy and assignment of attributes and identify data gaps and inaccuracies requiring correction.


Implementing a Comprehensive eCommerce Data Management & Optimization Strategy

To tackle the project challenges, we assembled a dedicated 10-member team of eCommerce data specialists. The client conducted an initial training focused on product and industry terminology, their product data management system, and structure and guidelines for data entry (within the portal), and attribution.

Upon receiving the training, we helped the client with the following solutions-


Product Data Cleansing

We streamlined the product attribution process by first analyzing discrepancies and cleansing the database. We employed product data matching techniques to identify any duplicates present in the database. We further identified and took corrective measures to fix issues like incorrect information, and spelling & variations mistakes.


Product Data Standardization

Our experts consolidated all product listing data within the client's system and ensured unified components across the database (descriptions, titles, measurement units, etc.) we further standardized product data (brought to a common format) spellings, terminology, numerical data, and abbreviations across the entries.

For example, we standardized different spelling variations like "colour", "color", and "clr" that were being inconsistently used across various product pages by establishing the uniform spelling "color" to be used consistently throughout the entire website and catalog.


Product Data Enrichment

The client's database was full of missing and incomplete information. Thus, we delegated dedicated product data enrichment resources to extract relevant product data from different sources: catalogs, and manufacturer's sites and enabled the database with accurate and complete information to be reflected on the client's website listings.


Product Sorting and Categorization

We designed a structured taxonomy to organize their products across clear parent, child, and sub-categories. Our team then worked on accurately classifying product data and standardizing UPCs (Universal Product Code) to ensure smooth workflow between retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Our experts sorted items and assigned correct attributes to each product to boost product discoverability on the website.

Project Outcomes

With our dedicated support and solutions, we helped the client to achieve-

The implementation of an accurate product taxonomy and categorization system led to a 38% increase in site search conversions. Moreover, the client saw a significant improvement in their user experience and product discoverability.

By consolidating complete, consistent, and accurate product details on the website, client marketing initiatives saw a 40% lift in campaign performance.

We successfully cleansed, matched, and standardized data across the entire 120,000 product item catalog, achieving over 99% accuracy.


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