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Fuel your AI/ML models with precise data, relevant contexts,
and meticulous domain-specific semantics.

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Data Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Smart AI/ML-driven computer vision models have become an essential enterprise priority. Their current and potential applications span a wide range of industry domains. However, designing a working AI model is much more complicated in practice since it needs to be trained using supervised learning. That’s where the need for data annotation services arises.

AI & machine learning projects require a secure and constant flow of precise training data to learn, grow, and create value. But efforts to develop enhanced training data sets are often impeded by challenges like-

To train machine-learning algorithms, businesses need the right combination of specialty, time, and skills. That’s why it makes more sense to rely on data annotation services to receive high-volume, high-quality, structured data that can fuel worthwhile AI models. By outsourcing data annotation services and bringing in third-party experts, you can not only enhance the quality of your AI algorithm’s predictions but also free up time and resources to focus on other critical tasks.

Partner with SunTec India for Extensive Data Labeling and Annotation Services

Accelerate your AI/ML projects with SunTec India- a prominent global data annotation service provider. With world-class workflows, proven operational techniques, a diverse team of accredited experts, and multi-dimensional perspectives, our data annotation company stands in a unique position to help companies with comprehensive data annotation services.

At SunTec India, our clients get the advantage of best-in-class quality, internationally compliant data management, efficient processing, security regulations, and high standards of data confidentiality.

With the right tools and data entry services experts, our data labeling company can process massive volumes of raw data, removing biases & errors, thus creating a constant stream of a structured and usable training data set. Our data annotators identify the problem statement, relevant domain vocabulary, semantic concerns, and use cases before starting the data labeling process. Depending on your project requirements, we establish benchmarks and address the related security and privacy concerns.

Data Annotation Services for Machine Learning - Which Is The Right Type for You

Considering the expensive and time-taking nature of data annotation services for machine learning & artificial intelligence models, we conduct multi-tier cost-benefit analysis before locking on the data annotation techniques your project needs. When you outsource data annotation to SunTec India, you transfer the stress of such a high-risk decision to industry specialists and save money and time in the process.

Data Annotation Services: Our Technology Stack

Languages C | C++ | Python
AI/ML TensorFlow | Scikit-Learn
Database SQL Server | PostgreSQL
Libraries Pandas | APScheduler | FFN | FBProphet | Numpy | NLTK | Scipy | Pyodbc
ETL Python | AirFlow
Hosting Azure | Heroku

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Outsource Data Annotation Services: The SunTec India Advantage

When you outsource data annotation to SunTec India, we help you deliver excellent AI/ML models by providing the most relevant data sets of high quality.

In addition to a wide variety of data annotation services, we also provide entity annotation, wherein we utilize a client’s predefined criteria to establish relevant relationships between the annotated data elements. This helps a multilayered deep learning system better recognize pictures, products, names, people, etc. and grasp the context in their natural learning environment.

Additionally, as one of the leading data annotation companies, we also offer a volley of strategic advantages to our clients.

data annotation services

Discuss Your Data Labeling Services Requirements With Us

At SunTec India, we understand that the level of detail applied during data annotation directly impacts the overall accuracy and quality of the resultant AI algorithm’s predictions. That’s why our professional annotators and data specialists tailor our operational approach to your use cases, thus ensuring the best outcomes.

To know more about how our data annotation services can help your AI/ML model grow, get in touch at