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Fixed Layout eBooks Conversion Services

Being a popular format for heavily illustrated eBooks, fixed layout eBooks format is majorly preferred for children's books, cookbooks, travel guides, textbooks and academic publications. To precisely control the layout of the pictures, text and other items on the pages, the Fixed Layout ePUB takes advantage of a pixel-specific page size, in contrast to the standard ePUB format.

Offering a complete suite of fixed layout eBooks conversion services to authors, publishers, libraries, institutions, archives and eBook retailers, SunTec India can help you create fixed-layout eBooks with the same design and layout as their print counterparts along with rich illustrations, graphics and images.

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Our experts are adept at developing graphics-rich fixed-layout eBooks with features like bookmark, text search, read aloud, zooming, thumbnail navigation, background music and dictionary linking for a variety of devices like Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Kobo, Apple, Google and Android devices.

SunTec's Wide Range of Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services: A Quick Glimpse

When you outsource fixed layout eBook conversion services to SunTec India, our team of experts bolster the "Fixed Layout" ePUB with HTML5 and CSS3 to create eBooks with precise design and layout, closely matching the source file. We embed fonts, choose a suitable text size and position the graphics – just as in the print page layout. Furthermore, our experts can also wrap text around images, set a background color, create multi-column text pages as well as superimpose text over images, if required.

As part of fixed layout eBooks conversion services, we incorporate the following features:

Animations and interactivity

With fixed layout eBook conversion services, we help you enhance the book with rich media content, 2D and 3D animations, music, voice-overs, sound effects, puzzles, games and quizzes.

Full-page zoom

With fixed layout eBooks format, we make sure that your readers can zoom in or zoom out the entire page.

Embedded media

Our experts embed audio and video files in eBooks to make them more interesting and interactive for the users.

Annotations, cross references and footnotes

To ensure technical accuracy and placement of citations, our experts add annotations, cross references and footnotes in the eBooks.

Narration overlays

We provide synchronized audio narration, ensuring that the words are highlighted as they are narrated.

Our experts can create the following fixed-layout eBook formats:

  • Fixed-layout ePUB 3 for Apple, Google, (Samsung and other Android devices), Kobo
  • Fixed-layout KF8 for Amazon Kindle
  • PagePerfect PDF for Barnes & Noble

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"Very high quality of the files, deliveries always in times, rush conversions served properly, always available... whereas we are publishing technical ebooks with complex and various layouts for the professional market. Anyway, SunTec can process them easily. So we are very happy to work with the digital publishing services of SunTec. We really appreciate your services."Dominique, France