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eBook Creation and Conversion Services

Give your eBooks the perfect platform to succeed with eBook creation services and eBook conversion services from SunTec India.

eBooks are challenging for anyone in the field of designing and publishing, be it an author, publisher, university, or corporate organization. The only guaranteed way to simplify this process- while maintaining profits and without stretching your budget -is to invest in the right eBook formatting and design services.

At SunTec India, eBook creation and conversion services are designed to bring your visions to life without losing productivity, ROI, or performance.

  • Bespoke eBook Solutions
  • Multi-Format eBook Conversion
  • Up to 60% Cost Savings
  • Fast Project Turnaround
  • Interactive eBook Designs
  • 24*7 Client Assistance
eBook Creation And Conversion Services
eBook Creation And Conversion Services

Explore our Comprehensive Range of eBook Creation and Conversion Services

Our professional eBook formatting and design services cover custom client requirements as well as standard enhancements. With exceptional timeline adherence, industry-leading processes, and an unmatched commitment to quality, we empower your business to reach millions across the globe.

Cross-Compatible eBook Creation Services

We create and convert books to eBooks while keeping cross-compatibility in mind, thus ensuring a stellar reading experience across different devices, like iPads, Kindle, Kobo, etc.

Original Code Authentication

When you leverage our eBook creation and conversion services, we also offer you the original files for each conversion. It makes editing easier and gives you the rights over your products.

Simultaneous eBook Conversion Services

Our professional eBook conversion services are aligned to ensure that any single eBook can be turned into multiple output formats for different publishing platforms with ease.

No Hidden Royalty Charges

Outsource eBook conversion services to SunTec India and get billed only for the work that you requested and we delivered to you. No hidden charges. No ambiguous royalty expenses.

Our multilingual eBook formatting and design services are specifically designed to help authors and publishers convert their target audiences. eBook conversion experts at SunTec India can translate, localize, modify, and upgrade conventional books in the language of your choice. Our workforce is conversant in the major languages, including English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Arabic, and a few others.

Complete eBook Formatting Services & eBook Conversion Package

As one of the leading eBook conversion companies, we equip our clients with the capability to target multiple reader segments at once. Every digital book processed by our professionals is enhanced to invite interaction across devices, platforms, and formats.

eBook Creation Services: Multiple eBook Formats and Device Compatibility in One Place

  • ePub
  • PDF
  • AZW
  • Comic Book Archive
  • Microsoft LIT
  • KF8
  • eReader
  • AZW3
  • iBook
  • Sony Readers
  • Mobi
  • TXT
  • Open Book
  • Kindle
  • Nook

Over the years, we have earned our reputation as a significant enabler for organizations that seek to digitize their content. Our professional eBook conversion services have successfully delivered stellar solutions for various devices, including Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Nook Tablet, Nook Color, and other prominent eReader systems from Apple, Google, Android, and others. We also specialize in creating digital content for marketing collaterals and training purposes that the users can easily access on their smartphones, tablets, and eReaders.

In addition to our multivariate eBook formatting services, we ensure better performance and reader experience by embedding your eBooks with high-quality features.

eBook Conversion Services: Amplify your Reader's Experiences with Exceptional Features

  • Cover Design
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Quizzes
  • Links
  • Day/Night Reading Modes
  • Notes
  • Headers and Footers
  • Embedded Fonts
  • Clickable Table of Content
  • DRM Protection
  • Universal Search
  • Bookmark
  • Slideshows

As a leading eBook conversion services company, we do much more than converting books to eBooks. We take your vision for a particular type of digital content and perfect it with our advanced tools, techniques, and expertise to get the right results. When you outsource eBook formatting services to SunTec India, we translate your visions into products capable of extracting tangible ROIs.

eBook Creation Services: Types of eBooks we Create

eBook Formatting and Design Services- Our Process & Approach

Our eBook formatting services follow a tested approach that revolves around end-to-end eBook design. Through this approach, we ensure timely delivery of the right products and solutions while keeping up with client requirements and objectives.

  • Project Evaluation

    For all eBook creation & conversion services calls, we assess client requirements, input project data, budget, and deadlines before commencing development.

  • Data Cleansing

    The incoming data/manuscript from the client is evaluated for errors, quality loopholes, etc., and cleaned and converted to a format that can be worked upon.

  • Digitization

    We convert your book to an eBook, create cover designs, integrate modules, animations, simulations, etc. while ensuring that the final reading experience matches client expectations.

  • Quality Check

    Our eBook creation services include an integrated QA system that enforces best practices throughout the development and conversion cycle and checks the final product for excellence.

  • Delivery

    The client is given the converted outcome and any incoming feedback is recorded, discussed, rectified, and resent until we reach the final solution.

Professional eBook Creation and Conversion Services- The SunTec India Advantage

Refine your brand presence, attract better conversions, and expose your business to new and improved opportunities with SunTec India. Access our paper books to eBook conversion services and eBook creation services and publish worldwide without any hassle.

We draw on our 25+ years of experience and in-depth editorial expertise to deliver premium eBook creation and conversion services engineered to maximize the value of your content. From utilizing XML workflows to designing book covers and interactive modules, we use every advanced technique to repurpose your content for enhanced reading. The resultant, multi-format eBooks can be published across multiple channels and platforms.

Why Choose SunTec India for eBook Conversion Services

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Dedicated ePublishing Experts
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Risk-Free Trial
  • Clean Designs
  • Remote Teams
  • Rich Technical Infrastructure
  • Zero Billing Guarantee

Outsource eBook formatting services to our team and leverage our collective expertise to strengthen your market presence. Reach out to info@suntecindia.com with your eBook creation and conversion service requirements, queries, or any other custom issues, and we’ll be happy to help!

eBook Creation & Conversion Services: FAQs

The time it usually takes to convert books to eBooks varies by the party responsible for the task and the job’s complexity. A basic eBook formatting service may take hours, whereas high-quality eBook creation services can take a few days. Make your time constraints, eBook design requirements, and budget clear before hiring any eBook conversion companies to get a close time estimate. You may also send those specifications to us at info@suntecindia.com, and we shall revert with a ballpark figure immediately.

Whether you need paper books to eBooks conversion services or require a 360-degree eReader solution, finding the right eBook conversion services company is necessary to attain those results. Here’s how you do that!

  • Define your product requirements and expectations
  • Assess every prospect’s work based on acute criteria
  • Research eBook creation services on a global level
  • Discuss budget, deadlines, and resource allocation
  • Prioritize experience and expertise
  • Conduct virtual interviews for 100% satisfaction
  • Ask for portfolio or samples

We are one of the best eBook conversion companies with a global presence, thousands of successful projects, and an impressive track record of delivering excellence. Our professional eBook formatting and design services cover a wide array and offer outstanding support through-

  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Virtual Interviews
  • 95% Retention Rate
  • Strict NDA for Confidentiality
  • Up to 60-70% Cost Savings
  • Advanced eBook Creation Services
  • Risk-free Trial

You can easily outsource eBook conversion services and eBook creation services to SunTec India for multiple industry-related requirements. We cover sales, publishing, technology, marketing, education, real estate, finance, electronics, fashion, social media, photography, and many other domains.


We convert books to eBooks, design the cover, proofread, help you launch the product online, and then handle distribution as well as customer support for our clients. As a leading eBook conversion services company, we tackle every issue on your behalf to ensure successful market penetration and better ROI for your business.

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SunTec India has transformed for our Association - fifty of our titles in Epub and Mobi in 52 languages starting from very simple English, German to very complex Mandarian, Hebrew, Arabic and many more. The services are good, inexpensive and very fast! The contact with the employees was very friendly and we are very thankful..."

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