Client Success Story

BigCommerce Store Management and and Listing Optimization for a Commercial HVAC Equipment Supplier

The client

A Leading eCommerce Store for Commercial HVAC Equipment

The client sells commercial HVAC equipment online and has been in business since 2003. It has established itself as the premier online destination for difficult-to-find parts and complex commercial and industrial HVAC systems. The client's eCommerce store features a wide variety of commercial air conditioning units, heaters, ventilation supplies, and other industrial HVAC parts for top brands in the industry.


BigCommerce Product Listing Optimization and Store Management

The client has an extensive product catalog catering to an array of industries and applications. They faced challenges in managing catalog, sales activities, and inventory, and sought professional eCommerce store management support. After recognizing our expertise across eCommerce solutions, they opted for our Bigcommerce management services, particularly:

  • BigCommerce product listing optimization
  • Competitor price monitoring
  • Product image editing
  • Order processing

Understanding the Client's Product Line for Optimal Store Management

  • Specialized Product Knowledge

    The client has an exceptionally wide product line spanning various complex commercial HVAC categories and components. Our team needed to thoroughly understand the taxonomy and nomenclature of their inventory to ensure accurate, optimized listings.

  • BigCommerce Platform Proficiency

    Managing the client's catalog required skilled resources for the BigCommerce platform. We had to delegate a team of BigCommerce experts who could seamlessly handle product uploads, order management, and more.

  • Image Enhancement

    The product images received from the client were often low quality, with deficiencies like poor lighting or backgrounds. Our creative team had to edit each image precisely to elevate them to meet presentation standards.

  • Responsiveness & Communication

    With catalog updates and order management being time-sensitive, our team needed to communicate promptly with the client. We were required to address inquiries rapidly, facilitate information sharing, and enable smooth collaboration.


Assigning a Dedicated Team of BigCommerce Experts for Back-Office Store Management

To address key project requirements, our approach included:

  • Assembling an 8-person team exclusively dedicated to supporting the client for optimal focus on their expansive product catalog and order volume
  • Tapping specialized subject matter experts from our talent pool who possess strong HVAC and equipment industry knowledge to ensure product understanding
  • Providing rigorous training focused specifically on fully learning the client's wide product lines and details to enable the accuracy and precision needed in areas like product listing

Services offered to client:


BigCommerce Listing Services

Our team receives the source file from the client containing brief details for commercial products listing. To get complete information for product data entry on the client's BigCommerce website, our listing experts perform product data enrichment to research and extract specifications, attributes, and technical details of the products from the manufacturers' sites and other credible HVAC website sources.

With a complete and comprehensive spreadsheet with all pertinent product details, our experts accurately list the items on the client's BigCommerce store and ensure 100% accurate, up-to-date information is presented to customers.


Competitor Price Monitoring Services

We use "Pricemole," an automated pricing tool that tracks competitor websites for every product. For each item, we input the competitor URLs (provided by the client) that the tool monitors. We set maximum and minimum thresholds so pricing remains profitable. By scanning the product listings across these competitor sites, the tool automatically applies and updates the adjusted prices on the client's BigCommerce store if any pricing fluctuations occur based on the rules we have defined.

This automated solution saves our team from the manual effort of checking prices and making the adjustments themselves. More importantly, it ensures the catalog's prices stay competitive for higher sales.


Product Photo Editing Services

We receive batches of product images from the client that require editing and enhancement before they are ready for uploading on the website. Many of the raw images we receive are low resolution or have quality issues like poor lighting, cluttered backgrounds, or skewed perspectives. Our team of professional photo editors performs photo retouching on each image using tools like Photoshop.

As a part of our product photo editing services, we resize and crop the image, remove any distracting background elements and replace it with a white background, and adjust contrast, brightness, temperature, saturation, etc. to draw the eye of the consumer more easily to the distinctive features of that HVAC component or part. We also enhance sharpness and fine details which can be confidently uploaded to the client's online store.


eCommerce Order Management Services

As a part of our eCommerce order processing services, the client sends us their eCommerce order details via email on a daily basis, which requires comprehensive processing into both their BigCommerce store and NetSuite ERP platforms. First, our team thoroughly reviews each order email to validate all pertinent information like customer name, products purchased, quantities, pricing, requested delivery date, special instructions, etc. We scrutinize any unclear or missing data and follow up with the client to fill in the gaps.

On getting the complete details, we enter the complete orders simultaneously into the client's BigCommerce store and NetSuite dashboard using separate processes tailored to each platform.

Project Outcomes

Faster order processing
We have enabled the client to improve their order processing time by 50%.

Improved product listings across the website
With diligent product data enrichment and 100% accurate product listing, the client has complete, accurate, and up-to-date listings on its BigCommerce website.

Enhanced product images
Our team successfully edits over 5000 images monthly enabling higher engagement and sales on the listings.

Higher profit margins
Our real-time, automated competitor price monitoring solution enabled dynamic pricing optimization that improved profit margins by consistently aligning to the best market rates.


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