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Mortgage Data Entry Services for Authorized Real Estate Consultants & Brokers

The Client

The client is a leading provider of detailed real estate information across counties in United States. The company provides continuously updated databases and customized research information on all open property cases through the authorized access to the respective governing body.

It includes real estate data, collected and maintained with processes consistent with the stringent standards for Mortgage Commercial Transactions, Foreclosure Records and Bankruptcy Records.


As the client's websites provide single source, accurate and easy to use information to all those interested in any kind of real estate transaction, the client needed a vendor who could go over to the official website and extract all the relevant information while carefully matching and verifying it to the provided identifying keys. This included Mortgage Application Data Entry, Foreclosure Data Entry and Bankruptcy Data Entry on their defined online content management application program.

Due to the huge investment amounts involved, the whole exercise needed strong attention to details to carefully extract, check and verify data before being entered on their websites; even the minutest mistake could lead to legal action against the client.


The goal was to promptly create time-based databases while keeping the costs under control. We have extensive knowledge in Mortgage Terminology as data entry related to such subjects need special expressions to be used. Our fully dedicated mortgage data entry team is round the clock operational. We offer:

  • Data Classification & Analysis
  • Online Data Research and Extraction (from official transaction documents like Deed of Trust)
  • Verification of Authorized Signatory
  • Online Data Entry (including Mortgage, Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Records)

Elements of data we collect for our client includes:

  • Owner's Name
  • Property's Address
  • Legal Description (Demands usage of special keywords)
  • Financial Details of the Property (To be written using Special Codes)
  • Document Number
  • Loan Type
  • Loan Amount
  • Expiry date of the Loan

SunTec has been successfully handling this project for over two years now. So far we have compiled millions of foreclosure and bankruptcy documents with great precision.

We have won rave reviews from the client as we offer extensive data management services while assuring the faster turnarounds with the accuracy level of 99.995%.


Since the updated information is promptly and accurately generated on the client' website, they are getting plenty of site visits and registrations from those who wish to avail to their real estate assistance services.

By availing to our outsourcing services, the client has improved preparedness to focus on extending their core business. One of the major benefits derived by the client includes greatly reduced operational costs.

End-to-end solution

Our Mortgage Processing / Mortgage Data Entry Services assist you in managing your entire process very efficiently, helping you reduce your annual expenditure considerably. Our Mortgage Form Processing / Mortgage Data Entry Services include:

  • Lien Release Processing
  • Re-conveyance / Trustee Services
  • Loan Transfer & Assignment
  • Document Recording Services
  • Document Retrieval Services
  • Title Processing Replacement
  • Title Searches
  • Document Imaging & Delivery
  • Foreclosure Collateral Management
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