Client Success Story

Mortgage data entry for an online portal delivering the most current and accurate public record data

The client

Online real estate marketplace offering quick access to property assessment and listings for sale

Founded in 1993, our client is based in the US and provides customers with the most current and accurate public record data. The company provides continuously updated databases and customized research information on all open property cases by accessing the respective governing body's authorized data. The company supports brokers, buyers, and sellers by offering the most current public record and marketing information available, including databases of new homeowners, new businesses, new and previously recorded mortgages, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.


A closer look at early obstacles in managing mortgage data

Since the client is committed to providing accurate and current public record data, they are constantly under pressure to sift through diverse sources, extract relevant information, and enter it into their database. This prompted several challenges, including-

  • Information overload

    The client was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of real estate data available in public records. Hence they faced difficulty filtering out irrelevant information from government record PDFs and entering it into their portal.
  • Managing time and resource-intensive tasks

    A great deal of time and resources were needed to gather, extract key data, and enter mortgage data from multiple sources for 96 counties.
  • Difficulty in aggregating data

    Since diverse data was collected in relation to foreclosure, bankruptcy, auctions, etc., from diverse, multiple sources, the client faced difficulties in accurately sorting, aggregating, and standardizing the data in a timely manner.

We were dealing with large-volume mortgage records that needed to be promptly entered into our portal. We needed quick, professional help in extracting relevant data, verifying details, and preparing an accurate dataset timely for streamlining our operations.

- Client


From overwhelming to empowering: Providing the client with reliable real estate data support

This project involves online data entry of real estate public record data into a database for a client's online portal. The PDF images of public records are constantly added to the client's software, wherein our data entry team is required to capture and enter the relevant information into a consolidated database. With our real estate data support services, we are currently working on 95 US counties, with single-user logins provided for each county. For quick data updation on the client's portal, we prioritize daily uploaded PDF documents and then promptly address any pending backlogs.


Data review & abstraction

Our data professionals review and meticulously abstract relevant data from PDFs obtained from various county websites. As a part of data abstraction, we sift through the information in the PDFs of real estate official public record documents and extract numerous data points (contract data, company title, buyer & seller name, deed date, property type, and much more) from the following records:

  • Deed documents
  • Mortgage documents
  • Mortgage assignment documents
  • Mortgage releases documents

Mortgage data entry

Our mortgage data entry experts carefully enter the abstracted information into MS Access database forms in offline mode with complete accuracy. Since this is a time-sensitive project, our data entry experts work in shifts to provide quick and effective data entry services, enabling the client to display accurate and up-to-date information on its portal. We further convert these MDB files into TXT file formats for final data delivery.

There is no room for errors in this project as our team is responsible for managing large amounts of critical real estate mortgage data that involves significant investments. Any inaccuracies in the data can have serious legal consequences. Therefore, our team understands the importance of paying close attention to even the smallest details throughout the data abstraction and entry process for our client's website and is committed to delivering 100% accurate results.

- Project manager

Ensuring data security with proven measures

As an ISO-certified company, we understand the criticality of maintaining the confidentiality of government official records and thus implement rigorous data security measures.

  • Network security policy with updated firewalls, multi-layer IP address netting, and secure VPN access for safe data transmission.
  • Use encrypted email and FTP to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Secure facility with rigorous security measures and supervised data operations.
  • NDA (non-confidentiality agreement) to protect client's sensitive information.

Results achieved underway

We prioritize daily uploaded PDF documents and promptly address any pending backlogs. This helped the client to reduce its backlog by 75% and display accurate & up-to-date information on its portal.

Data entry errors have now been reduced by 99.9% due to our team's meticulous data validation and verification, resulting in accurate and reliable public record data on the client's portal.

Impressed by the high-quality work delivered by our team, the client has signed a long-term contract with us, making us their ongoing data support partner.

Human-in-the-loop approach

Our team of data quality management attentively reviewed the abstracted data to ensure its accuracy, relevance, and completeness. As a part of our 'human-in-the-loop approach,' our experts manually review and abstract relevant data, perform data quality checks, and match from the original source (PDFs of public records uploaded to the client's software) file to ensure its integrity.


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