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Foreclosure data collection and entry for a Texas-based real estate company


A leading provider of foreclosure and distressed property lists

Our client is a Texas-based company that specializes in providing comprehensive foreclosure and distressed property lists to individuals, businesses, and real estate investors. With a powerful online portal, the company offers quick and convenient access to unbeatable real estate deals by researching and providing access to residential and commercial foreclosure properties, government-owned homes, REOs, and distressed properties for a low subscription fee. Whether someone is looking to purchase a home or an investment property, their comprehensive database of properties allows customers to find the perfect property to meet their needs.


Aggregating and standardizing data for foreclosure, bankruptcy, and auctions

To provide its clients with up-to-date and accurate lists, the client is required to consistently research and timely enter real estate investment data related to Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Sheriff Sales, Auctions, etc., to its online portal. To seamlessly execute this process, the client needed a quick resolution to the following challenges:

The client, with a vast customer base of over 95,000 entries, was struggling with declining sales as their marketing efforts were falling flat. Challenges plaguing their marketing efforts included:

  • Access to real estate public records: The client needed to provide their customers with a range of information packages and foreclosure data services that required access to real estate public records in real-time.
  • Complexity in obtaining public records: Obtaining public records is complicated due to the different industry procedures followed by various states, making accessing foreclosure data a time-consuming and challenging task for the client.
  • Difficulty in aggregating & standardizing data: Since diverse data was collected in relation to foreclosure, bankruptcy, auctions, etc., from diverse, multiple sources, the client faced difficulties in accurately sorting, aggregating, and standardizing the data in a timely manner.
  • Building a competent data acquisition team: To maintain a seamless flow of foreclosure data and maintain voluminous databases, the client wanted to build a competent data acquisition team, who had to be well-versed in mandatory industry procedures of acquiring data from different counties and segregating it on various parameters to meet the tailored needs.
  • Managing time & resource-intensive tasks: The client wanted to offload foreclosure data collection, database maintenance, and data entry services to a specialized vendor to achieve operational efficiency, save time, and focus on core business operations.

We were looking for a team with excellent data research and management skills and a quick learning curve to scale up operations quickly and ensure timely and accurate delivery of foreclosure data to its customers. Having come across SunTec's website, I thought this could be our go-to option. And fortunately, we found what we were looking for.

- Client


Achieving data collection proficiency through intensive training sessions

After understanding the challenges, we suggested a 'dedicated' team model that would ensure seamless collaboration and communication of the client with the remote team. The team comprises data research experts, data scraping professionals, and foreclosure data experts who underwent rigorous training sessions on compliance and data collection techniques led by the client.

The training sessions were designed to ensure that the team members were well-versed in mandatory industry procedures for acquiring data from different counties, segregating it based on the provided parameters, and sorting, compiling, and standardizing the data in a timely manner. The training sessions were conducted over a period of one week, enabling the team to work independently.


Surpassing challenges with SunTec's proven foreclosure data support solutions

Data collection and research

To access real estate public records, our research and data collection services providing professionals scrutinize publicly available data of county offices and other government agencies to collect the necessary data (including foreclosure, bankruptcy, sheriff sales, auctions data, etc.) for the client. Our data extraction experts use APIs and scripts to capture relevant data. At present, foreclosure data experts at SunTec are collecting and compiling property data from over 176 counties for the following purpose:

Real estate data entry

This is a critical part of our client's business process, as it involves accurately inputting data related to foreclosed properties, bankruptcies, sheriff sales, auctions, and more into their online portal. we allotted a dedicated team of data entry experts to diligently compile, segregate, and enter data in their respective databases for delivery to the client. We performed data entry for

Data cleaning, standardization & validation

To ensure that the collected and entered data is accurate, our data cleansing experts check the final database to identify and fix errors pertaining to duplicate entries (since capturing data from multiple sources often leads to duplicate entries), data errors, incorrect values, spelling mistakes, and cases & formatting (using data standardization techniques).

Our team of experts meticulously reviews the data to ensure that there are no inconsistencies. We further perform data validation & verification to make sure that the entered data is correct and relevant to the client's needs.

Safeguarding the client's data: Our proactive data security approach

As a certified ISO company, we understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of the client's data and hence have put in place stringent data security protocols.

  • Our network security policy features state-of-the-art firewalls, multi-layer IP address netting, and secure VPN access to ensure secure data transmission.
  • We use encrypted email and FTP to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • All data operations are supervised to maintain the highest level of security.
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect our client's sensitive information.

How we made a difference?

Humans-in-the-loop approach

There is simply no substitute for human intuition and judgment when it comes to ensuring data quality and accuracy. And so, at SunTec India, we combine the use of automated tools and human expertise to deliver excellent results. No matter how advanced software, tools, and automated techniques we use, we employ skilled professionals to check and validate data for quality and accuracy manually. Despite using advanced scraping techniques, our data operators focus on personally validating the relevance of the data collected and further delivering it to the client. This approach indeed sets us apart and helps us keep the promise to deliver unmatchable and accurate data management solutions.

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