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SunTec India Helps Texas Based Real Estate Company Get Timely Foreclosure Data

The Client

The client is a Texas-based real estate services company that helps developers and investors make the most of their investments by giving them updates on Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Sheriff Sales, Auctions, etc. For their array of information packages and a-la-carte foreclosure data services, the client needed real-time access to real estate public records. While public record retrieval rules are similar in most of the counties, it is the variance in procedures that made accessing foreclosure data a rather hectic and labor-intensive task for the client.

Business Need

To maintain a seamless flow of foreclosure data, the client had to invest a lot on the data acquisition team. The team had to be well versed with the mandatory industry procedures of acquiring data from different counties. Then this data had to be segregated on a number of parameters to suit the needs of the client. To achieve operational efficiency and better ROI the client wanted to offload foreclosure data collection and maintenance services to a specialized vendor.

  • Finding foreclosure data experts at an offshore location was difficult
  • Employing a team of such resources locally was a cost-prohibitive proposition
  • The experts at SunTec did not have a full understanding of US compliance laws
  • Extensive and seamless collaboration with the client in real-time was necessary
  • The client wanted the team to scale up the learning curve quickly


The real estate team at SunTec undertook exhaustive discussions with the client to understand their challenges. As the client wanted real-time communication with their remote team, we suggested the 'dedicated' team model. These dedicated foreclosure data experts took training sessions with the client on compliance and data collection techniques. After a week-long training session, the dedicated team was ready to deliver services independently.

At present, foreclosure data experts at SunTec are compiling property data from more than 176 counties. With this data, our client is able to help investors & real estate professionals in Texas who deal in the following transactions:

Commercial transactions - Consist of commercial sales and pricing information from January 1, 1990, through the present.

  • In most cases, transactions are provided with ten working days from their filing dates.
  • In addition to the above, they also include the principals of each transaction along with phone numbers and other pertinent information if possible.

Foreclosure Reporting - Foreclosure postings are available to all 20 days before a scheduled auction, which takes place the first Tuesday of each month. This report shows both residential and commercial properties scheduled to be foreclosed in the upcoming auction. Our services enable the client to be as specific or as general as they want in terms of foreclosure data.

Ownership of real estate - Tax roll records consist of property data provided by the appraisal districts for each county.

At present, a large team of foreclosure data entry professionals is delivering quality real estate data to the client within a quick turnaround time.

Business Outcome

The foreclosure data entry and management project is running successfully and the client intends to scale up the team as their business grows. As a result of our quality services, the client is able to:

  • Reduce time to market by making the most of the time difference
  • Ensure the safety and security of critical data with ISO certified processes
  • Get accurate foreclosure data within a quick turnaround time
  • Maintain their market position of a leading foreclosure data provider

About SunTec India

SunTec India has been a reputed name in the outsourcing arena since 1999 with an experienced pool of 1,500 full-time employees. We offer bespoke services, strict SLAs and auditable processes to industries across the board. We have a proven track record of serving a worldwide clientele of 7,800 organizations, including Fortune 500 brands. All our real estate data collection and management processes are ISO certified for quality and data security.

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