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Google Ads Full-Spectrum Google Ads Campaign Increases Client's Revenue by 74%

The client

Full-Spectrum Google Ads Campaign Increases Client’s Revenue by 74%

Ad campaigns are a useful tool for enterprises looking to get noticed online. Creating and successfully managing them can help increase website traffic, enhance brand awareness, and positively impact sales.

For eCommerce businesses, the right Ad strategy directly translates into favorable conversion and revenue figures. That’s what occupied our minds when SunTec India designed and implemented a Google Ads Campaign for one of its clients, revamping their existing campaign and boosting their revenue by a stellar 74%.

The client is a prominent brand name that manufactures tire covers and accessories for prominent automobile brands, including Jeep, Hummer, Ford, Toyota, and Land Rover. This US-based company is a GM(General Motors) Licensed, Hummer Licensed, and Land Rover Authorized manufacturer of tire covers, armrests, arm pads, and other vehicular accessories, in business since 1995.

Business Problem

The client approached us at the beginning of 2020 to finetune its eCommerce website through a holistic strategy that could boost sales and performance. However, with the fierce competition posed by other renowned players in the client’s domain, i.e., Quadratec, Extreme Terrain, CarId, The Drive, and Tire-Covers, this endeavor was far from being a cakewalk.

The client’s previous Google Ads experience and outcome had been disappointing. The campaigns were poorly optimized and required an overhaul that could escalate the performance of overall retail sales, drive higher user engagement, invite more traffic, and increase conversion rates.


Challenge Identification

For an eCommerce website with a vast, frequently updated inventory, our client was in dire need of a boost in its online popularity in dire need of a boost in its online popularity. The website’s high bounce rate (66.30%*) and a reduced conversion rate (1.35%*) indicated how poorly the previous campaigns were managed. Therefore, recovering the dwindling paid traffic became the major challenge and foremost goal for this project.

Additionally, we needed to increase the coverage of keyword research and create ad copies that could directly appeal to the target consumer. The goal also extended to providing consumers with relevant information at the right time, i.e., the moment they begin a search.

Considering everything, the final objective for this project was to rebuild and run a full-spectrum Google Ads campaign designed to boost the sales on the website of our client.


The Solution and Approach

Before starting work on the new full-spectrum campaign, we audited the previous campaigns and reviewed their flaws. Our digital marketing professionals also analyzed the client’s competitors and noted finer nuances regarding traffic distribution and user behavior.

We split the account into meaningful campaigns. Splitting entails segregation of the audience into several MECI (mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive) grids, which we did for this account. The advantage of segregating the audience into grids against a large number of variations is to create strategies that determine the best possible stimuli for each section. This, in simple terms, also means personalizing the campaigns according to the target audience. So, splitting the audience base into MECI grids improved the conversion rates considerably, which was our primary focus.

Additionally, our copywriters created catchy headlines and ad content that resonated with the client’s offerings. We dealt with keyword rot by eliminating low-quality search terms and adding high-quality ones to the list. The project ran for another month, where we worked to refine the goals using various indicators and metrics of Google Ads.

Project Outcomes

After we took over for this client’s eCommerce website, the Google Ads campaign performed handsomely and above the expectations of the client.

  • The revenue increased by 74.57%* — from $10,891.90* to $19,014.28* — within a month.
  • The number of users climbed to 4121, and new users also increased from 2903* to 3884*, which is a surge of 33.79%*.
  • The conversion rate also increased by 3.91%*.

Overall, an outstanding performance by our digital marketing team!

Google Ads Metrics (4 Jan 2020-28 Feb 2020)

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