Client Success Story

Processing over 30K+ real estate images within stringent 12-hour turnarounds

The client

Leading provider of property photography services

Our client, founded in 2010, is a preeminent residential and commercial real estate photography enterprise. Over the years, the client has been serving thousands of property owners, real estate agencies, brokers, and realtors to deliver top-notch visuals and enable them to captivate potential buyers or tenants.


Complex real estate photo editing within a quick TAT

In 2011, our client approached us to outsource photo editing services so that they could focus on quickly scaling their real estate photography business. As a high-volume real estate business regularly handling numerous property images, our client required a solution for quick, professional, and reliable real estate image retouching. They enlisted our dedicated team to handle crucial editing tasks, including:

  • Single & HDR photo enhancement
  • 2D & 3D floor plans
  • Virtual staging
  • Image retouching

Adapting to subjective client preferences and managing heavy workloads

Our client has precise quality guidelines for editing their large-volume property images, requiring flawless, realistic edits with meticulous detail. While this large-scale photo editing project now operates seamlessly, our team overcame key hurdles in the beginning and evolving stages, including-


High-volume image processing

  • Average of 1,000-1,500 images to be professionally edited daily
  • Workloads spike further during peak seasons
  • Round-the-clock processing critical for maintaining rigid 12-hour turnarounds upon receiving the images

Understanding subjective preferences

  • For virtual staging, European-style furniture settings were mandated
  • Grasping client tastes crucial for alignment on edit directions
  • Performing tailored edits specifically to align with subjective feedback from the client

Leveraging AI tools efficiently

  • AI tools streamline some processes but lack custom refinements
  • Human oversight essential for precise adjustments
  • Balanced workflow integrating AI with manual intervention

Complex 3D visualizations

  • Architectural 3D model and rendering expertise mandatory
  • Advanced software and skilled visualization talent necessitated
  • Added intricacies for realistic spatial environments

Assigning a team of dedicated photo editors for timely retouching & processing

To meet the client's stringent requirements for large batches of high-quality edited images with a 12-hour turnaround, we assembled a 20-member team exclusively assigned to this project. Aligning with the client's upload schedule, our real estate photo editing team works overnight shifts to process and edit raw images from the portal and deliver them on time. Additionally, we have delegated "day-service editors" to swiftly implement feedback/minor revisions for quick and real-time adjustments.

Single & HDR photo editing

Our job was to enhance colors, change dull skies into vibrant skies, lawn retouch, windows cut-out replacement, remove shadows and reflections, eliminate unwanted objects, add fire to fireplaces, TV images replacement, perspective correction, de-clutter interiors or exteriors, and correct under and over-exposure to improve the visual appeal of the property images

2D, 3D floor plans and site plans

Our client provided our team with hand-drawn sketches to convert into 2D/3D floor plans and site plans that accurately depicted their property layouts. Leveraging advanced software tools, we created clear, detailed 2D and 3D floor plans for the client. Impressed with our precision in & 2D and 3D floor plan creation services, our client offered this value-added service to more of his clients thus growing his business a step further.

Virtual staging

The client's customers were facing difficulties in marketing and selling the vacant and poorly furnished properties which hindered their ability to attract potential buyers. Our team offered virtual staging services and added furniture, home decor, and other elements to transform spaces into attractive and fully furnished properties.

However, to meet the client's preferences, our team had to develop a complete set of styles from scratch which was time-consuming. To address this challenge, our experts prepared a set of ready-to-use furniture collections, templates, and models to save time and make easy modifications as per the client's needs.

AI-powered photo editing

As AI photo editing tools have recently emerged as a quick way to for minor fixes, our team now selectively incorporates automation alongside our manual editing skills. While AI technology has helped our team perform small edits quickly, AI photo editing for real estate may not capture your unique artistic style. Also in some cases, AI apps tend to go overboard with edits, resulting in unnatural-looking photos. Hence, by integrating AI with our manual photo editing skills, we ensure detailing and precision in real estate pictures.

Our workflow

  1. Photographers upload high-resolution photographs to the client's portal

  2. Our editors download the image batches and execute customized edits per the client's prescribed specifications

  3. The retouched images are uploaded to the client's DropBox within the mandated 12-hour turnaround time frame

  4. The client Q/A team reviews the edited images and provides feedback if any further adjustments required

  5. Our day service editors immediately implement the requested modifications and refinements

  6. The final images are then re-uploaded to the account

Project outcomes

Processing over 30K+ high-resolution real estate images monthly since 2011 with a 99% on-time delivery rate within stringent 12-hour turnarounds

Expanded the team from 10 to 20 dedicated editors with the capacity to scale further during seasonal spikes

Our professional photo editing services helped the client save almost 50% of its photo editing cost

Achieved over 97% editing accuracy