Web scraping services

Quickly extract and get well-structured data with our professional web data scraping services.

Data scraping services

Need quick and ready-to-use data scraped from thousands of web sources? Our web scraping services can help! As a leading data scraping company, our team is well-versed in extracting data (files, text, images, etc.) from multiple online sources in a quick turnaround time. We use industry-best APIs like Scraperapi, ready-made scripts, customized scripts (developed by our in-house team), crawlers, and manual techniques to extract raw data from the web and turn it into well-structured data, making it actionable and easy for analysis.

Depending on your business requirements, our web data scraping services help you identify, extract, clean, filter, and standardize data and deliver it to you in your desired format, ensuring accurate, error-proof results. Whether you need data for lead generation, price monitoring, competitor analysis, or research, our services can meet your custom goals and provide you accurate dataset as per your use case.

Our web scraping company comprises of specialists that can help you overcome data extraction challenges:

  • Complex web page structures

  • Different privacy policies of websites

  • Heterogeneous data

  • Captchas

  • IP blocking

  • User authentication

Our data scraping service offerings

Our web scraping services are backed by data specialists with rich domain expertise. When you outsource data scraping services to us, our experts compile the data into valuable datasets to give you the relevant information you need. Our end-to-end data scraping services include-

eCommerce price & product data scraping

Our eCommerce data scraping services can help you extract data from leading marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.) and websites. Hire our web scraping services to extract customer reviews, product prices, inventory, descriptions, images, ratings, etc., enabling you to carry out product/competitor research and uncover rich market insights.

Financial data scraping

With our custom web scraping services, you can capture several financial data points, such as company annual reports, retained earnings, turnover, stock rate data, etc., from multiple sources like news websites, online financial reports, stock exchanges, etc. to predict risks, make wise financial decisions, carry out market research, or access competition.

Real estate data scraping

We can effectively crawl and extract real estate data from numerous sources, such as brokers' contact details, real estate listings, mortgage data, foreclosure data, realtor information, property details, etc. As a part of our website scraping services, we also consolidate this data and provide you with a cleansed and sorted database for easy data retrieval.

Social media data scraping

We perform social media scraping to capture data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, among others. Using multiple scripts and search criteria, our experts can help you collect profile data, contact information, hashtags, keywords, posts, etc., for sentiment analysis, brand monitoring, competitor social media presence, or any other use case.

As a part of web scraping services, we extract various data points such as open vacancies, talents in demand, candidate lists, company profiles, job descriptions, etc., from various job portals and recruitment websites. Our data scraping company can help your recruitment firm to source candidates, analyze competition, or carry out market trend research.

Healthcare data scraping

Our web data scraping services can identify relevant sources and collect medical data such as new medications, hospital details, vaccines, equipment, or any other custom data fields. This can assist you in the development of new drugs, test the effectiveness of medicines, carry out healthcare market research, or enhance your marketing efforts.

Sales & marketing data scraping

Getting a hyper-targeted list of prospects can be difficult. As one of the best web scraping services companies, we offer custom list-building support to give you access to qualified leads, ensuring that your sales team spends time on the right leads. After understanding your target audience, we use scraping methods to extract phone numbers, email ids, job titles, and other details from relevant sources.

Travel & hospitality data scraping

Our website data scraping services support your travel business/portal by capturing relevant data about pricing, hotel reviews, flight fares, room accessibility, ratings, and more from your specified sources. With this vetted information, you can carry out competitive analysis, price monitoring, get updated itineraries, destinations, and much more.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

A Study conducted by SunTec India on 50+ clients.

Sources and data points that we can scrape

With our website scraping services, our professionals can scrape any type of data from numerous sources, including but not limited to:

Contact information

PDF data

Online files & documents

Website data

Data from business directories

Image data

Social media data

eCommerce stores & marketplaces

Product/service pricing data

Online job portals

Public records

Reviews and ratings

News articles

Financial reports

Government data archives

Online course material

Research papers

Custom data points

Our workflow for web scraping services

  • Requirement analysis

    We analyze your business requirements, including targeted websites, desired data points, format preferences, and scraping frequency. If needed, we also provide consultation for discovering the right data sources.

  • API and scripts development

    Our web scraping company develops customized scripts based on the website's legal limitations and terms of service for easy data extraction.

  • Data extraction

    We identify the relevant data fields as per your requirements and extract the desired data from the targeted websites.

  • Data cleaning and standardization

    After extraction, we further consolidate this data, filter out irrelevant or duplicate content, and perform rigorous data cleaning and standardization processes to remove errors and ensure consistent formatting.

  • Dataset delivery

    The final dataset is delivered to you in your desired format ( CSV, XML, etc.) via a secure FTP server, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other medium of your choice, ensuring no data breach.

Why outsource data scraping services to us?

As a leading web scraping service provider in India, we have assisted numerous clients worldwide in meeting their goals with comprehensive data extraction services. By outsourcing web scraping services to us, we ensure quick data scraping at scale without compromising on data accuracy. We follow a collaborative and transparent operational approach to give you complete control of your outsourced processes.

Our distinctive features:

Quick turnaround time

Regardless of the data complexity or volume that needs to be scraped, we offer a quick TAT and deliver the project in the committed time frame.

ISO-certified processes

Our web scraping company is ISO 9001:2015 and 27001 certified for its information security management and quality management systems.

20+ years of experience

With over two decades of industry experience and expertise, we have established ourselves as one of the top data scraping companies.

Competent team

We have a skilled and experienced data scraping team who use industry-best scraping tools, APIs, and customized scripts to give you the data you need.

Our team works 24*6 in shifts to offer you uninterrupted web scraping services, thereby supporting your time zone for easy collaboration.

Free sample

To help you gauge our expertise, we offer a free demo before getting down to signing to the final project, wherein our experts can scrape your specified data and provide you with a sample dataset.

Let's connect!

Write to us at info@suntecindia.com to learn more about our services, get a free trial, or a service quotation.

Frequently asked questions

Scraping publicly available data from websites that allow APIs & crawlers is legal as long as it does not violate any terms of service, copyrights, or privacy laws. Extracting data from websites that prohibit web scraping for unauthorized purposes such as spamming or phishing is illegal. At our web scraping company, we make sure that scraping activities are conducted in a compliant and responsible manner to mitigate any potential risks associated with unauthorized data scraping.

Absolutely. We provide custom data scraping services as per your use case. You can specify the data fields, data extraction sources, and required data formats, and our team will ensure that your dataset aligns precisely with your business requirements.

We can deliver the data in any format you prefer, including CSV, JSON, XML, and more.

Being an ISO-certified company, we ensure to keep your data completely secure by implementing rigorous data protection measures such as:

  • Signing NDA for data confidentiality
  • High-security system passwords
  • Supervised operations
  • Updated and advanced firewall system
  • Authorized data access

There are multiple benefits of outsourcing data scraping services to India, such as

  • Cost-effectiveness: Finding a data scraping company in India is often more affordable than hiring an in-house team or outsourcing to other countries.
  • Access to skilled professionals: India has a vast pool of highly skilled and experienced data scraping professionals who can deliver high-quality work.
  • Time-zone advantage: India has a significant time-zone advantage over other countries, making it easier to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.
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