Maximize Scalability, Minimize Costs with Our Cloud Management Expertise

SunTec India offers a co-managed service to help you maximize the potential of the cloud. We work as an extension of your IT team, minimizing operational costs and optimizing resource utilization.

Leveraging expertise across various cloud and open-source platforms, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, and GitLab, we handle infrastructure management (servers, storage, and networking), application modernization, data migration, and security setup across hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

Our team optimizes cloud platforms for both performance and cost, implementing best practices in cloud capacity management. Partner with us for secure and agile cloud-native application development, deployment, and maintenance.

Ready to Move your Business to the Cloud?

Let our experts seamlessly migrate your workloads and applications to the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition.

Expertise Across Leading Cloud Platforms

We empower our clients with the latest cloud solutions through strategic partnerships with leading providers.

From Development to Migration: Your Trusted Partner for Cloud Adoption

We offer a full spectrum of cloud managed services, making it simple & efficient for businesses to migrate, optimize, and manage their applications & IT infrastructure on the cloud for scalability.

Get strategic guidance for cloud adoption by discussing your business goals, infrastructure requirements, and performance expectations with our consultants. We can:

  • Develop a customized cloud strategy and roadmap
  • Conduct a cloud readiness assessment and plan your migration
  • Select the optimal cloud platform (e.g., AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google Cloud)
  • Implement cloud cost optimization and governance

Ensure a seamless and complete transition of your on-premise applications and data to the cloud with minimal disruption and downtime. Our cloud migration service experts assist you with:

  • Rehosting and re-platforming of applications to the cloud
  • Compliance and security adherence during migration
  • Performance testing of migrated applications
  • Post-migration monitoring and support

Minimize your costs and maximize the value of your cloud infrastructure investment with us. We optimize the efficiency and reliability of cloud computing resources by:

  • Identifying idle or underutilized resources
  • Cloud architecture review and refactoring
  • Cloud cost optimization and spending analysis
  • Cloud performance monitoring and tuning

Troubleshoot performance issues of applications running on the cloud for maximum uptime and ensure optimal infrastructure usage. Utilizing advanced cloud monitoring tools such as Amazon CloudWatch, DataDog, AppDynamics, Azure Monitor, etc., we perform:

  • Cloud infrastructure health assessment
  • Real-time performance monitoring (based on response times, CPU usage, memory utilization, and other metrics)
  • Log management and analysis
  • Cloud security monitoring and threat detection

Tools and Technologies we Work with for Managing Cloud Capabilities

Our Portfolio of Cloud Engineering Services

Thousands of clients have trusted SunTec for cloud application development and management. Explore how we've helped them achieve their goals:

Powerland Commercial

Developed a mobile app for Powerland Electronics that allows customers to easily browse products, make purchases, and manage their shopping cart efficiently.


Developed an eCommerce website for the leading international Bath & Fittings brand with a state–of–the–art AI-powered product discovery engine.

One Read

Developed a white-label cloud platform that streamlines digital publishing, distribution, and monetization for publishers, institutions, and corporations, supporting interactive rich media content.

Cloud Development Services: FAQs

The cost of our cloud managed services varies by the project scope and complexity. We offer flexible engagement models to cater to diverse business and budget requirements. For exact quote estimation, you can share your project details with us at

We prioritize secure coding practices from the start, with well-documented, maintainable code built on a secure software architecture. We leverage secure cloud development practices recommended by the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) to adhere to industry compliance. Additionally, we maintain immutable infrastructure-as-code templates, ensuring consistent and secure deployments across environments.

You can expect 24/7 monitoring, regular maintenance, and quick resolution from our cloud platform optimization team. Our team is flexible to work across time zones, ensuring critical problems are addressed promptly before they can disrupt application functionality.

Our cloud application development process involves comprehensive requirements analysis, architecture design, and custom solution development on a preferred cloud platform (leveraging modern tech stacks and tools). We implement robust security measures throughout the lifecycle. Post-deployment, we provide ongoing maintenance, proactive monitoring, and timely issue resolution to ensure seamless functionality and optimal performance of your cloud applications.

How Can You Save Up To 70% In Cloud Development Costs?

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