B2B List Building Services

Find New Prospects and Increase Conversions with Reliable B2B Database Creation.

Custom List Building Services

A complete & up-to-date contact list is critical for upselling, reselling, and getting references. As a trusted B2B list building company, we help you with B2B database creation to compile important details of your existing customers as well as new prospects.

At SunTec India, we combine automated tools and manual intervention to ensure accurate results & provide a high-quality customer data list that improves your marketing efforts and brings you higher ROI.

Our B2B contact database creation services are aimed at:

  • Getting hands-on-information on target customers
  • Providing access to updated and accurate contact information
  • Getting customers to return
  • Getting your emails & messages delivered right to customers' inboxes
  • Reducing customer acquisition cost
  • Improving your marketing efforts with better targeting
  • Reaching out to new and diverse customer groups
  • Getting qualified leads for business

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B2B List Building Services

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

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Our B2B Database Creation & List Building Service Offerings

B2B Contacts Mining

As a part of our B2B list building services, we extract relevant business accounts and contact data from a variety of sources. Our data experts locate, collect, compile, and organize them to form a list. While adhering to client parameters and required fields, we mine and manage data for clear comprehension. We also thoroughly validate the data for authenticity and correctness.

B2B Database Creation

Using the best tools & resources, we combine contacts from various sources and assemble them into your main database sheet. For clients who do not have an existing database, our professionals create a B2B database from scratch and fill necessary details of your customers. As a part of list building services, we also constantly merge new customer data and add details of your target prospects in the customer database.

LinkedIn Contact Discovery

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect and meet your ideal customers and hence, a critical part of our B2B listing services. We help you discover accounts pertinent to specific marketing campaigns and extract important contact details from LinkedIn. Our data professionals create a comprehensive prospect list (to whom you can pitch your products/services) using the best data mining tools and techniques.

Email Address Discovery

To help you make the most out of your email marketing campaigns, we find and validate email addresses of your clients and new prospects before entering them into the database. Furthermore, we access your old database and validate the email addresses of your existing customers. We replace obsolete IDs with new email addresses, thereby ensuring a better email delivery rate, CTR, and ROI from the email marketing strategy.

For better decision-making and fruitful marketing efforts, having clean and accurate customer information is necessary. And so, when you outsource list building services to us, we cleanse your database to remove or fix any abnormalities, redundancies, duplicate entries, missing fields, and obsolete customer information. Also, by using data enrichment techniques, we update your database with relevant and up-to-date customer information.

CRM and Excel/CSV Data Entry

To ensure that all your customer data is stored and well-organized in one place, our data entry professionals perform CRM or Excel data entry with 100% accuracy. Our team combines data from different sources and stores it in a centralized sheet for easy access, retrieval, and sharing of customer data. Furthermore, our experts constantly validate this data to ensure that you have up-to-date information about your customers.

Outsource List Building: What Do we Add to your B2B List?

When you outsource list building service to us, our data experts build a customized list covering the following details:

  • Industry
  • Company name
  • Company professional
  • Job title/role
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Email address
  • Phone/mobile number

However, depending on custom requirements, we can insert as many fields as you want.

Additionally, we create detailed customer account profiles to identify the best sales opportunities for your business.

Expand your Customer Base with Dependable & Affordable List Building Services

For over 25 years, SunTec India has been provisioning top-notch B2B database creation & list building services. We have helped numerous organizations optimize their marketing budget and increase ROI.

As building & validating contacts can take enormous time & effort, our outsourcing services come in handy to get quick access to accurate and up-to-date customer or prospect information. Whether you want data cleansing for your existing lists or want to create a customer database from scratch, our team can give you the desired outcome.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing B2B list building services to SunTec India:

  • ISO 27001 certification for "Information Security Management" ensures the safety of critical data.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification for our "Quality Management System".
  • Cost-effective and efficient solutions within a quick turnaround time.
  • Flexible hiring models e.g., hourly basis, monthly basis, etc.
  • Customized list-building solutions, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Upto 60-70% cost-saving compared to in-house list building.
  • A talented pool of resources who are adept at delivering quality data solutions.
  • Access to top tools & technologies for better outcomes.

Benefits of List Building Services from SunTec India

Verified contact list

People change their companies, phone numbers, and email addresses all the time. To keep a tab on your clients' latest information, our data experts verify and validate your B2B list regularly, giving you reliable, usable information.

Boost in marketing directives

With a proper list building strategy in place, you can have verified email IDs of your prospects that boost your email marketing efforts and ensure that your message reaches directly to your prospects' inbox.

Qualified leads

Our data mining experts help you extract data of your potential leads. We extract data from different sources like social media, business directories, and other online/offline platforms and get the most qualified leads for your business.

Better business decision

Quality data is the foundation of strategic business decisions. When you outsource B2B list building services to us, we make sure that you get clean & accurate data that strengthens your internal business decisions & marketing strategies.

At SunTec India, we make sure we find only those contacts that are relevant to your business. By closely understanding your objectives, we research and put forward new prospects that can add value to your customer base.

Collaborate with SunTec India & Accurately Keep Tabs on B2B Prospects!

Still have doubts? Speak to our data experts for any queries related to B2B list building services or database creation.

To get in touch with us, share your requirements, request a sample task, or ask for a free quote or consultation, write at info@suntecindia.com.

List Building Services: FAQs

B2B list building is the process of creating a list of business contacts who you can connect and potentially convert into clients. The list contains updated information about your prospects, including their email addresses, phone numbers, company names, locations, etc.

Yes, we can! If you have a niche target market segment or are looking to build a B2B list with specific criteria, we provide custom list building services which are tailored to match your requirements.

Our data experts find & extract suitable B2B contacts from multiple sources like search engines, company websites, LinkedIn, social media channels, business directories and professional networking websites.

As a part of our B2B contact database creation services, we help you find customers from multiple sources, including directories, networking sites and social media. Furthermore, we help you cleanse and organize your existing database to help you create an actionable customer list.

Yes, we do. We carry out extensive research and data mining procedures to help you find new leads relevant to your business.

For B2B database creation, we first determine your target market segment. Then, we find effective lead sources, segment your prospects and organize them in a structural manner. We further validate this data to ensure 100% accuracy in the final database delivered to you.

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