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Discover how our Amazon marketing services helps a client grow sales volume with low ACoS budgeted ad spend

The client

Growing Sales Volume on Amazon

Growing Sales Volume on Amazon with Low ACoS & Budgeted Ad Spend Visibility, Credibility, and Utility are the key to becoming successful as a seller on Amazon- the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world. That’s primarily because, despite its minimal entry barrier, Amazon demands a great deal from its sellers to ensure high-quality service for its consumers.

SunTec India has helped numerous clients across the globe with a wide range of Amazon-related marketing, branding, and selling services. This time, we assisted a client in driving their sales volume up while keeping their ad spend within budget and maintaining a low ACoS(Advertising Cost of Sale.)

The Client’s Business Problem

When the client first came to us, they were facing issues with product visibility on the Amazon platforms. They were running an eCommerce store on the giant online marketplace but kept running into obstacles in their attempt to scale sales. Their most significant issues were related to improving the click-through rate, enhancing the SERP ranking for their bestselling products, and increasing the overall sales. At the same time, the client also wanted to maintain a cap on the ACoS(Advertising Cost of Sale.)

Creating more sales with limitations on ad-spending is never easy, regardless of the multitude of options and opportunities that Amazon provides. Plus, eSellers have to employ and upgrade content and SEO strategies constantly to boost their product listing’s visibility on Amazon’s search results.

Luckily, the client realized early on that using professional Amazon advertising services would help them strike the right balance between their eCommerce goals and Amazon’s constraints & competition.

Challenge Identification

The SunTec India team conducted an exhaustive audit for the client’s eCommerce store. It helped us get a holistic overview of the client’s ad spend, sales, and the impact of one on another. The analysis also revealed vulnerabilities that needed to be fixed.

The areas suitable for improvement included-

  • Account optimization
  • FBA management
  • Backend search term fields (secondary level keywords)
  • Advertisement targeting
  • Campaign construction

Product Content

Advertising the client’s product-type posed the risk of using certain keywords that violated Amazon’s list of restricted/prohibited items in the UK. The copywriter(s) assigned to this client was instructed to create a content solution that steered clear of such terms as well as verbiage and redundancy while maintaining clarity.

Listing Optimization

The client’s Amazon store needed a fair amount of listing optimization-

  • Data migration
  • Cleansing redundant listings
  • Proofreading product details
  • Changin compromised/unfit product images
  • Keyword insertion in the product title

ACoS Capping

In the initial conversation, the client had stated sales velocity as their primary goal. Keeping that in mind, we also needed to define an ACoS goal for the client without overstepping their budget restrictions.

Proposed Solution

Starting with listing optimization, we deployed product data entry, description writing, and image editing specialists to the task. We also got a graphic designer to work on Amazon EBC(Enhanced Brand Content), giving the client’s listing an added advantage of visually-rich graphics and immersive banners. A backend search term research initiative was launched to enhance the listing’s SEO-friendliness.

To drive branding, we created a Storefront page that stimulated more brand-specific search queries. Then, we started creating campaigns and optimizing them to ensure better ad targeting in manual campaigns and invite clicks from a wider demographic.

We also enhanced the product listing engagement by applying EBC content and inserting relevant keywords to match a broader range of queries, including long-tail search terms. Our online advertising efforts and client-focussed utilization of Amazon’s Marketing Services helped achieve an ACoS below 15, thus promoting profitability and ad campaign efficiency.

Processing Positive Outcomes

For this client, the SunTec India team exceeded the expectations and drove favorable results in record time.

  • A spike in clicks across most Amazon listings, as observed on a week-on-week and month-on-month basis.
  • A boost in sales
  • Increased order volume
  • Better conversion rates
  • A reduced requirement of discount offers
  • Higher product visibility
  • Higher click-through rates

Following this achievement, the client trusted us with more backend management jobs, such as replying to buyer emails, creating stock alerts, and identifying products for price reductions. We won the client’s confidence to set-up online stores on social channels and hence, were involved in several social selling initiatives for this client.

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