Product Data Management

The quality and accuracy of data on an eCommerce website has the potential to "make or break" the business as quality and up-to-date data ensures that your customers are provided with meaningful product information while shopping on your site.

SunTec India offers a comprehensive range of services pertaining to product data management. No matter what you sell – apparel, furniture, computer peripherals, sports goods or healthcare products, etc. We can perform product data management for you competently and within a remarkably fast turnaround time.

Classify your product data, develop its taxonomy and enrich it along with periodic cleansing and normalization and matching and deduplication through our product data management services.

We could not have done it without SunTec! With a commitment to quality and excellent project management skills, your dedicated web team takes care of our most valuable asset - a virtual inventory of over 150,000 SKUs and a quarter million images. The challenge of keeping pace with a burgeoning web business is one that SunTec embraces and because of that, we at Lumens rest comfortably at night and wake in the morning with fresh expectations for growth.

- May Yeh, California

Our Product Data Management Service Offerings

Product Data Management

SunTec India helps you come up with a good classification system, ensuring that products are properly and consistently recognized.

Better taxonomy leads to faster shopping, lending your customers a complete view and speedy navigation to the product information they need.

SunTec India helps you identify matching products or SKUs across multiple eCommerce catalogs to de-duplicate or reconcile your master product list.

SunTec India specializes in eCommerce product data migration. With our experience of over 2 decades, we ensure consistent quality with zero data loss.

Clean product data invariably leads to higher profits, while erratic data might make you lose your customers.

Allow SunTec to help you enrich your product data, and inspire your customers to move from search to buying.

SunTec India specializes in normalizing eCommerce data from multiple sources, adhering to defined requirements, and ensuring correct alignment and definitions.

Offering data support to eCommerce stores globally for over 2 decades, PDM professionals at SunTec India have successfully worked on virtually all kinds of data standardization tasks.

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Our product data management professionals are highly trained and experienced and can work equally skillfully on all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Please get in touch with us to know more about product data management services.