Client Success Story

SunTec India Helps a Brand Reduce Case Resolution Time by 45% with Effective Amazon Vendor Central Case Management Solutions

The client

A Popular Beauty Brand Operating in 50+ Countries

Our client is a well-known cosmetics company with a global presence. They provide a range of hair color, skincare, make-up, perfume, and hair care products. Their brand is popularly known for delivering quality products at affordable pricing. As an established company, the client has a prominent presence on Amazon and utilizes Amazon's Vendor Central platform for selling its products.


Effective & Prompt Vendor Central Case Management

As a leading beauty brand on Amazon, our client was struggling to manage their vendor account efficiently. Issues like order cancellations, product returns, pricing errors, listing mistakes, shipping problems, and customer inquiries were proving difficult to handle. This needed immediate attention and quick resolution for case creation and management.

On Amazon Vendor Central, each case type has specific requirements and procedures that must be followed to ensure a quick and positive resolution. Our client needed help streamlining this complex case management process & thus turned to our Amazon Vendor Central management services for assistance.

We Created Cases for the following Issues/Requests

  • Product data update
  • Variation creation
  • Brand link to store page
  • Brand name change/update
  • SKU/UPC update
  • Merge or remove ASINs
  • Category update
  • Item suppression
  • Attribute update
  • Image upload
  • Aggregate reviews
  • Item reinstate

Managing Complex Case Issues on Amazon Vendor Central

Before the client reached out to SunTec India, they had an internal team for case management. However, they were facing constant delays and persisting issues in resolving account-related problems. Hence, they decided to outsource this task to us.

A few challenges involved in this project were:

  • Amazon does not offer live support for vendors. All issues are only addressed through support cases.
  • Amazon prioritizes customer experience and follows a customer-centric approach. However, it does not offer the same level of support to vendors.
  • At times, the cases may be closed without satisfactory resolution or timely feedback. They must be re-opened or new cases filed.
  • Creating more than one case for an issue could result in account suspension. Every case must be carefully evaluated before submission.
  • Complex cases may require escalation (to the appropriate department at Amazon), causing delay by default and requiring prompt follow-up from the vendor to prevent further unnecessary delays.
  • Cases that contain multiple issues may be closed without all problems being fully resolved. This requires opening separate cases for each unresolved issue.
  • Assigning resources that were well-versed with Amazon's case management guidelines and Vendor Central policies.

Create Cases and Troubleshoot Issues/Requests in Vendor Central Directly with Amazon

We delegated a team of four dedicated Amazon Vendor Central experts for the project. The client provided our team with rigorous training on its product line and expected prompt and quick resolution.


Case Creation

To initiate vendor support cases, our team accesses the client's Vendor Central account. We contact Amazon either by selecting "Support" in the Vendor Central account or following the quick link "Review support cases" on the homepage to land on the case overview page, where we place a new query.


Case Follow Up

Our experts prioritize timeliness when managing vendor support cases. We stay up-to-date on the case details to enable prompt, informed responses. As soon as we receive a response from Amazon's team, we immediately evaluate their answer. If needed, we provide them with further information or supporting documents to get the fastest possible resolution.


Documentation & Record Keeping

Records of all case-related information, including dates, timelines, detail of conversations, etc., are maintained in detail. This provides reference material to revisit unresolved cases. It also helps us analyze case trends, feedback, and areas for improvement to prevent similar issues from arising in the future.


Escalation Procedures

For complex cases with multiple needs, simply creating a case doesn't help. In such instances, we utilize Vendor Central's escalation protocols as required. This primarily involves reaching out to Amazon's support representatives or other departments for assistance, as needed.

Ever since we signed the product in 2017, SunTec India has taken away all the hassles of Vendor support operations. By taking over our complex case management, they've significantly improved issue resolution times, account stability, and enabled my in-house team to focus on core business operations.

- Client

Project Outcomes: Achieving Transformative Results


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