Healthcare BPO Services

Streamline non-clinical tasks, reduce operational costs, and enhance patient care quality with medical business process outsourcing (BPO) services

Medical Business Process Outsourcing Services

Individual practices, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and insurance providers quickly become burdened with handling patient care and administrative tasks simultaneously. However, any lapse in non-clinical activities like medical billing, coding, revenue cycle management, or medical record indexing can cause severe disturbances and disrupt revenue flow.

Delegating such non-core operations to a reliable BPO service provider enables you to refocus on patient outcomes effectively. Our HIPAA-compliant healthcare business process outsourcing services help large healthcare institutions, independent clinics, pharmacies, health insurance companies, mental health facilities, and other organizations -

  • Focus more on patient care and clinical services
  • Reduce turnaround times for tasks like claim management
  • Improve cash flow with faster bill and claim processing
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties
  • Protect sensitive patient data against breaches
  • Easily scale operations without significant investment in infrastructure or workforce

Our Healthcare BPO Service Offerings

As a healthcare BPO company with 25+ years of experience and skilled subject matter experts (SMEs), we are equipped to meet every requirement with ease and efficiency. Here are our primary medical process outsourcing service offerings.

Medical Data Entry & Processing Service

Our medical data entry experts input accurate data, such as patient demographics, medical history, diagnosis and treatment details, lab results, and billing and insurance information from diverse sources, into electronic health records. We employ data cleansing, validation, and enrichment techniques to ensure complete, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Medical Coding (CPT and ICD 9 Coding) Service

Healthcare reimbursements happen quickly with accurately coded documents. We ensure appropriate medical coding using standard medical coding systems like CPT (current procedural terminology) and ICD 9 (international classification of diseases). Our team also manages data matching and validation if your documents are coded incorrectly or have any data integrity issues.

Medical Records Indexing Service

Streamline the organization and retrieval of patient records with our medical record indexing service. We make your database more accessible by arranging the data as needed (as per chronology, alphabet, number, or any other sorting parameter preferred) and make it easier to navigate databases and retrieve records.

Medical Invoice Processing Service

We assist healthcare providers in efficiently managing invoices for their services. We verify invoice details, match them with corresponding service records, enter details in the accounts payable system, and resolve discrepancies. Our invoice processing services facilitate timely payment processing, streamline financial operations, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

We capture claim details, record them in the healthcare firm's database, and evaluate the claims based on the firm's and insurance payer's guidelines. For hospitals, our team verifies claims before submitting them. For healthcare insurance firms, we verify the accuracy and completeness of claims data to help them pass/deny the claim quickly.

Reduce the time to deal with denied medical claims. We help with effective claim denial management by identifying the root cause of denials, including erroneous data or partial documentation. Once we identify and resolve the issues, we file claims according to the payer's required format and guidelines for optimal reimbursement.

Our medical data experts accurately record and update payments received from insurance companies and patients in clients' systems. We precisely enter payment data from diverse sources (printed and scanned documents, electronic records, etc.) and verify details with corresponding invoices to avoid discrepancies, ensuring timely and accurate financial tracking and reporting.

We securely enter charges for patients' medical services, procedures, and treatments into the clients' billing system. Our team ensures that the charges are accurately recorded on time to reduce claim rejections, minimize errors, and streamline financial operations for healthcare providers.

Our clients can hire a dedicated team or an independent virtual assistant. For organizations with a large number of tasks but average data volume, a VA is more suitable for sharing the load. They act as the extension of your team, handling remote tasks such as scheduling and managing appointments, answering patient questions, transcribing medical records, processing data for medical research, providing administrative support, and managing social media.

Get a round-the-clock inquiry addressal system for your firm's patients, payers, vendors, and suppliers. We offer email support to handle patient queries, reach out to insurance payers, handle vendor issues, and offer outgoing support wherever needed. If you have an AI chatbot integrated into your website or mobile application, our team will act as the humans-in-the-loop, taking over escalated issues wherever the chatbot fails to offer satisfactory responses.

Get Support for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Streamlined revenue cycles and efficient account receivable (A/R) management significantly reduce payment collection time, resulting in faster revenue realization, smoother cash flow, and greater financial stability for the healthcare firm. Considering that, SunTec India offers a consolidated set of services for medical revenue cycle management. This includes patient registration, insurance eligibility verification, medical record indexing, medical billing and coding, charge entry, claim compilation and submission, claim denial management, A/R follow-up, and all related backend activities.

Reduce your Burden of Healthcare Financial Management with SunTec

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Our Workflow

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  • Evaluate our services through a sample task

  • We help you choose a suitable pricing option based on project size and complexity

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) before project initiation

  • Securely share your data with our team

  • Get regular updates via Skype, Slack, Teams, or Google Meet

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Healthcare BPO Services: FAQs

Healthcare process outsourcing is the act of hiring a third-party service provider by medical organizations to outsource their non-critical activities such as data management, invoice processing, claim management, etc. By outsourcing healthcare BPO services, organizations can streamline their operations, improve their efficiency and save operational costs on hiring and training additional staff to handle these tasks.

We have over 25 years of experience in various areas of healthcare business process outsourcing, such as medical coding, medical billing, claims processing, medical data entry, and claims denial management.

We follow a multi-level quality assurance process to identify and fix errors by combining advanced data cleansing and validation techniques. We also use AI tools with a human-in-the-loop approach for utmost data accuracy and process efficiency.

You can share the relevant data with our team in multiple ways:

  • By providing authorized access to your medical billing management system
  • By scanning and uploading documents to our portal
  • Via encrypted emails, cloud, or secure FTP servers

We sign NDA with each client to protect their confidential details along with using updated firewalls, multi-layer IP address netting, and secure VPN.

Yes. We offer denial management services for medical claims, where our team analyzes the denied claims, identifies issue areas, and fixes the same.

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